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Team Avatar had now started their own look around for the third piece of this tri. The search was going rather quick, since they already have one piece yesterday thanks to Smellerbee. She and the Freedom Fighters can chill since they found the first piece as the rest of the team looked in the barren wasteland where they first came in. although the Titans didn't come, they agreed to keep an eye on them just in case something came up. the group split up to gain more area to search around, but so far no luck.

"Anything yet?" Aang asked.

"No not yet. It's a lot harder than it looks." Katara replied. She then tried a waterbending trick and removed the top soil in a small wave but no luck. Just then Aang got a call from his communicator. Robin gave one to them so they can keep in touch with each other. Aang didn't know exactly how it worked but he can figure it out rather fast.

"Aang? Can you hear me?" Robin asked from the communicator.

"Yeah I can. Anything showing up?"

"No not yet. Did you find that piece?"

"No. Thank you Robin." Aang then turned off the communicator and continued looking.

While they were still looking around it gave Aang time to think, something they didn't get much of. To start off, the S.C.P group was doing a lot of havoc on their worlds but for unknown reasons. To start, they were thrown into the Cooper World to bide them time. Toph was thrown into the TT World by mistake and then lost Toube. They tricked Azula into becoming another worker under the name Harlem. Their powers were taken just to have them come back again. What was this all about? Sure Hounddoom gave them the idea that their turning their world into a mutant playground, but then again, Hounddoom attacked Smile Dog and Ghost, whom were members of the SCP. So he can easily just be a troublemaker and not involved with the SCP in anyway. They can't be too sure.

Too far away, Toph was thinking too. Mostly it was on the plant she had meant with Geo-Force. She thought back to her dream she had in the colossi world, where a figure of a boy she seemingly knew kissed her. Then she thought of the sirens incident right before the fight with Raviente, which she saw the same figure again. Then she thought of what that plant had said, about how he and Geo-Force were destined for this. How can that be? She only truly saw him (literally) when the sirens tricked her in her ultimate form...her ultimate form...then a thought crossed her mind. She got up and concentrated. It had been a very long time since she last did this, not needing to. She focused more and more until...

"You find anything?"

Suddenly Ty Lee jumped in. That completely ruined Toph's concentration.

"No. I. Didn't." Toph groaned.

"Oh okay. Have you tried just sensing for where it is?" Ty asked. Toph didn't think of that, too focused on the plant from earlier. She concentrated on her senses this time and stomped on the ground. She focused on the vibrations it left off but after a bit she did pick up something...but it released its own vibes that made Toph jump.

"You find anything?"

"I dunno. Let me try again." Toph said, again stomping on the ground. She waited again and got the vibration but this time it literally shocked her! She landed backwards, gripping her feet.

"Toph! You hurt?" Sokka asked, rushing over.

"Only when I say ouch. I think it's over there." Toph said, pointing off into the distance away from the city. Ty rushed off to get it as the communicator started going off again. Aang got a hold of it and saw Robin again.

"Aang. You there? Hurry back please, we're-" Robin said, sounding like a plea. But before Robin can finish, the screen went to static. Aang tried to get them back but nothing worked. To add to the surprises, it suddenly shockedAaang's hand, forcing him to let go. The communicator started to shake, shiver and warp as Ty came back with the piece. It kept warping and shaking more and more violently until...


The final main surprise, something literally jumped out of the communicator! This gave the whole group quite a shock as they landed in front of him. And what could you guess to show up, it was the dynamic duo. Smile Dog and Ghost!

"So we meet again?" Smile Dog said.

"You two again? now what?" Zuko groaned.

"You know what. Come back with us and all that, I'm getting tired of this constant reminder."

"Just go away. You caused enough trouble." Azula sighed. Smile Dog and Ghost was rather annoyed with the lack of respect. But then again, they failed each time they showed up during the Cooper World act.

"Look, I don't care what you think right now. You somehow kept on getting outta it but now you idiots have nowhere to go. " Ghost said.

"What are you talking about? It's two of you against all of us."

"So? We're prepared this time, and we're not losing you this time!"

"You just tell your foundation we're not interested and save the trouble." Azula said, not exactly worried. The duo was surprised, how did they know about the foundation? Smile Dog and Ghost looked back to them.

"You're coming back right now! I'm sick and tired of all of this nonsense and Slenderman is losing his patience!"

Before the conversation can continue, the whole team and duo heard a loud howl coming from the city. When they turned, someone was starting to run over to them. At first he was unrecognizable but as he got closer, it was clear who it was...HoundDoom! But that's not the only surprise they got. It's who was with him. He was a very tall man...with no face on him...Slenderman. they stopped in front of them as Smile Dog and Ghost got confused but first the man quickly went for the team!

"Stay back!" Aang shouted.

"Why? what can you do?"

"And what can YOU do?"

"Funny you should ask," he said. He gave a powerful demonstration as Smile Dog, Ghost and HoundDoom stood back. Team Avatar attacked it but the "fight" went so fast, it only took one quick minute! Slenderman used his tentacles to subdue and pin down every single team member as he tied them down good and tight.

"Boss? what are you doing here?" Smile Dog asked.

"I got bored and my patience ran out. Don't worry Smile Dog. You're not in trouble." Smile dog was relieved but ghost asked, "why is he here?!" and pointing at HoundDoom.

"I'll tell you later. Right now we have test subjects to take back." Slenderman said, turning to them. He examined them a bit, looking them over.

"So these are the teams? Team Avatar, Freedom Fighters, and a few extras to boot. I'm impressed all of you made it this far." Slenderman said.

'Well they are rather strong. want me to negate their bending powers yet?" HoundDoom asked.

"We're still here you know." Zuko said from the floor.

"I know. You have the right to remain silent until we get back to the foundation, okay? Besides, it's not like you can do anything anyway."

"You just wait for the Titans to get here."

"Titans? you mean those kids in that tower? They weren't any better than you are. They should be back at the foundation by now, were just waiting on the rest of the cargo." Slenderman then pulled out a teleporter, like the one Azula had, and programmed it to take them back to the foundation.

"Who...who are you?" Zuko asked. Slenderman expected this so almost immediately my took out his ID and showed it to him, with the word "Slenderman" written big and bold letters.

"But you can't! Our world will fall apart without us!" Aang yelled.

"No, it's not. Your plot line ended since you left, nothing bad will happen while you gone. I don't destroy worlds, I alternate them so for right now, it's like you're still there. Now if you don't mind..." Slenderman then walked over to Ty, whom had the tri piece with her. He grabbed it from her. He brought out the other two piece he gained through the past two days and they combined together into one piece.

"Give that back!" Ty demanded. Slenderman oddly chuckled.

"You still think this can stop me are you?"

"It will stop you!" This made Slenderman laugh.

"Come on, you didn't really think I'd give that kind of information away like that did you?! This thing is powerless against me! I just gave you that false clue so you can get it for me. Now that's done we all can go back." Slenderman said, putting the tri pieces in his pocket. With some help from the three, he gathers each one of the Avatar gang members and began to go through the portal. The Avatar gang couldn't get out of this one by any means. They are now going through the portal to their foundation...and there's nothing they can do about it.

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