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November 16, 2013

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Though in Jump City things are slightly going, in Steel City, the Titans East weren't aware of the threat. In fact, they were a bit busy themselves with their troubles, usually thieves and the local villains.

They just finished their work and are now back in their tower, trying to relax a bit. Odd thing is that they found the item the thieves stolen yet couldn't figure out where it belonged to. So they brought it back with them. Bumblebee already put it in a safe place.

"Ah...finally." Aqualad said as he laid down. Most of the team relaxed but Bumblebee felt like checking one last time on the monitors before resting. It's her usual act right before they turn in. Bumblebee got to the map and looked around Steel City. So far there was pretty much nothing aside from the people walking around, minding their own business. She kept switching monitors and everything seemed normal enough.

"Okay then. Steel City's all good," she thought. She went and was about to close the monitors when the last panel showed something a bit off. The screen showed apart of a street in Jump City, with a dark alleyway. In that alleyway though, she noticed an odd figure standing there. She couldn't make out though who or what it is. No one else seemed to notice though on screen as it just stood there for about 10 minutes so she didn't worry too much about it. It was getting late and she needed her sleep, despite her attribute as a hero. So without giving a second thought about the figure, she went on, turned the monitors off, and went off to her room to sleep.


Later on that night, the whole team is fast asleep. The whole city seemed so in a way but the Titans East were getting theirs. For that night, something walked up to their door. With only some slight hacking it managed to get in without detection or alarms going off. It began looking around the place, unafraid of getting caught. The steps echoed throughout the tower, it was that quiet. It wasn't enough to wake up anybody though.

It kept on peeking into the other rooms where the Titans are sleeping. It first walked into Speedy's room. Speedy had his assorted arrows and bow by his side in case they had to run off immediately. It walked over and, as quietly as he could, took one arrow and left the room. It went over to AquaLad next, and then Mas y Menos. They both didn't have any real weapons so it left them alone...then it went to Bumblebee's room. Its shadow loomed overhead as the Titans East leader slept. It took step by step as it walked closer and closer. Soon it was right at her bed. It saw her electronic weapons but she's holding them in her sleep. This could be a problem.

It isn't no ordinary thief though. To prevent any noise from leaving the room, it summoned a type of barrier by the door. This dark barrier prevented any sound just in case Bumblebee woke up. It tried getting its finger around the weapon but each time it got close, she would ether turn or grip the item a bit more. It looked around for a bit but still kept trying. The hand kept missing as Bumblebee became more and more a point, just for the heck of yanked it out of her hands. A grip proved not much as it nearly ripped off her fingers to get it. Bumblebee of course woke up but suddenly her mouth was covered by a large hand. Bumblebee tried her best to get free (flaring her arms or beating her wings to fly) but the strength was overwhelming as she was picked up with almost no effort on the danger's part. Bumblebee can feel she was running outta breath but was slammed to the wall, knocking her out.


It took a little bit, but the next morning Bumblebee managed to wake up. Maybe it was a dream?... Well it wasn't when she found out not only her, but her team, were tied up. Bumblebee was the only one awake right now and noticed that same person standing there. The odd thing is though is that there was green smog all around the room.

"About time one of you woke up. I was getting bored," he said. Bumblebee angled herself to see its face.

"Who are you?" Bumblebee asked.

"Name's Terror Blade. I'm surprised you are actually up from the gas."

"Doesn't matter. What do you want?"

"What I want now is you all to come quietly. That includes you." Bumblebee grew annoyed.

"Don't think for a second I'm coming. No boy alive can tell me what to do," Bumblebee said. Suddenly though she felt a blade on the back of her head. She saw a larger, muscular version of Terror Blade right there, as one of Terror Blade's metal men.

"No boy can tell ya what to do eh?" Terror Blade laughed. Bumblebee is now stuck, and couldn't do anything. She heard a few more footsteps and saw someone else stop in front of her. It was in a large black robe, holding what appeared to be a shower head attached to a box on its back.

"Go to sleep..." it said. The shower head sprayed some more of the odd gas at her face. It hovered around her as she breathed it in...her vision started to haze and it became very hard to stay awake...then it's lights out.

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