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Gaining the Tri PT2

Both teams went on back to the TitanTower after that thing attacked them. They didn't have any clue what that thing was, nor how it knew so much. Right now though they need to figure out these items mentioned by it.

Beast Boy was a bit impressed so many were here this time. Team Avatar plus the Freedom Fighters plus the Fire Nation trio...that about, Man up to 12 different faces! Add that with the Titans and that's 19 completely. There was a bit of an odd moment between Geo-Force and Toph though. That thing pretty much said it was fate bringing them together. How can that beast know that? There's more time later. Right now there's the matter at hand.

Robin was alone, trying to look over the monitors while everyone else was trying to recover. He needed to figure out a few things, from what Toph, Terra and Geo-Force got, this is serious.

"Come on...I need something. Anything." Robin said to himself. He didn't find much clues on what action to do. His other-universal friends are back, they were trapped temporary by some plant. That, adding to their encounter with the SCP leader Slenderman, just makes things more difficult to figure out. Starfire came in to see him.

"Robin. You okay?" Starfire asked, floating over to him.

"Not really. I can't figure anything out, no clue, nor anyone on the monitors."

"Maybe they left town?"

"No Star. Anyone who goes through that much trouble is bad news all its own. They wouldn't attack us and just run off like that."


"Ghosts? No. First of all, ghosts don't exist, and second, Even if they did, it would have picked it up on the monitors already. And besides, what kind of ghost is a giant plant anyway? (notices the monitor map detecting something) about time. Let's see..." Robin and Starfire looked up at it but then Katara came in, kind pf looking around.

"Hello friend Katara." Starfire said.

"Uh. Hi Starfire. What are you guys doing?" Katara asked. Katara isn't exactly used to the place just yet, let along the flying girl Starfire.

"We just picked something up on the monitors here. Let's see."

"The what?" Katara Asked. Starfire knew they weren't as advanced so she improvised.

"It's like a special spirit picture. It helps us look out on all of Jump City. Does that make the sense?"

"Uh...I guess so. What's it seeing Robin?" Robin wasn't entirely sure himself but then it started flashing something on screen right before disconnection.

"Hey! Come on work!" Robin said, trying to work it out. Suddenly though a loud, bird-like shriek blasted from the speakers, making him jump back. He looked over to Katara. She was about to say something but Robin answered her "No, it doesn't normally do that!"

The screen was black for a bit until three yellow lights showed on screen. They shaped up into triangles and some odd music started playing as they spun around and connected, tip by tip. The map appeared again and each triangle landed in a different part of the city. Robin read it out.

"Okay then. It looks like we found our objective."

"You sure that's it Robin?"

"Just a hunch Star but after that, I assume it's our only clue." Suddenly the screen began to static again. It showed each triangle in a different area. One in Jump city, one in Steel City, and one in the outskirts. A completely different view point from before.

"All right. Let's get to the others and start our approach."


In the lobby, everyone else was trying to recover and talking things over.

"So this is your whole group?" Terra asked.

"Well not exactly. The original gang has 5. Smellerbee's group has 4 members, Suki and Ty Lee are in a group together, and Azula and Mai are extra." Beast Boy was counting it out on his fingers and noticed something.

"Wait. There's 12 of you, but you counted 13? Who's missing?"

"Wow Beast Boy. You used your brain," Raven said, unamused. It wasn't long before Pipsqueak went on out with it.

"Our member, The Duke, was kidnapped by that group. We're trying to get him back."

"Oh. Sorry to hear that." It was around here Smellerbee got up and walked out, not noticed of course. She walked along the halls for a bit until she glanced in the monitor room, seeing the map still on the wall. Katara, Robin and Starfire are discussing what to do. Smellerbee glanced to the map and saw the items on screen. One in Jump City and looking rather close. Smellerbee looked at one of the triangle pieces, examining the exact detail of that piece and went on out.


Smellerbee, not having any knowledge of the place, was out on the town. She was on the rooftops looking out on Jump City. She never saw the city before but can pinpoint the main location on where the triangle is located. She had to. It's probably the only way to get back The Duke. He was like a little brother to her, and she wasn't going to lose him to some faceless freak in stilts in a penguin suit. She examined the rooftops closely and got her objective. She began to race along the rooftops like a ninja to her target but she was unaware she had company.

"You're all mine," he said. Zooming outta an alleyway up to the sky was Gizmo. Smellerbee saw him and skidded to a stop, turning to Gizmo as he flew at her.

"Isn't this interesting." Smellerbee thought, getting her two blades ready as Gizmo hovered above her.

"Well if it isn't another goodie-goodie. You plan to give up so soon?" Gizmo mocked. Almost right after he said that Smellerbee threw a blade at his winged suit. Gizmo got it out right away before it got any deep damage. He tossed it aside but Smellerbee grabbed it mid air and ran off to her target.

"Get lost kid, if you care for your life or dignity," Smellerbee said as she ran off. Gizmo flew strait after her.


Back at Titan Tower, Robin, Katara and Starfire were going over what the teams are doing. Since three are out there, the groups are split up in three. One group to the outskirts, one through Jump City, and one through Steel City.

"Everyone got the plan?" Robin asked.

"Sure but where's this Steel City?" Toph asked.

"Kinda far away but we can get there in a few hours if nothing gets in the way. Now not to be rude but since we know the area, we should stick to the city and most of you can handle the outskirts." Cyborg said.

"That ain't much of an insult. I think it's better for the professionals to handle their area and we handle ours." Ty said. As they were talking, suddenly Beast Boy noticed something.

"Huh?...someone's missing."

"We already told you, The Duke had-"

"Not him! Oh what's her name? Leader of the group, the wild girl?" little by little the group noticed it. Smellerbee isn't around!

"Uh oh. Wait here. Titans go!" Robin said, going out to look for Smellerbee.


The Titans quickly got outside and bolted in Jump City. They didn't know where Smellerbee ran off to but they needed to get her before she got into trouble. They continued serving until they notice an explosion not too far from the tower! Starfire got there first and signaled the others over.

They all saw a huge black cloud at first but as it cleared it showed a knocked out Gizmo, his suit exploded already. Smellerbee stood there with the triangle piece in her hand. She saw the others and threw up her piece.

"You can thank me later you guys." Smellerbee said.

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