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October 17, 2013

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Gaining the Tri

The HIVE five had escaped from their brush up with the teams encountered. They had to go back to Slade before things get worse.

Slade himself was hiding out in his warehouse when the HIVE returned. He saw what happened through his monitors and wasn't really amused. After all, it didn't exactly kill the titans or this other team. But the other team, Team Avatar and Freedom Fighters, got him interested. He saw good potential in them, especially Azula, so this can be a good opportunity. The HIVE came in around this point.

"I'm sorry. But we-" Gizmo said.

"I know. You've gotten what I asked for?" Slade asked sternly. Gizmo got out what they stole and gave it to Slade. It looked like a red emerald or something.

"Perfect...good job. Everything will be fine with this gem." Slade said. HIVE was getting Sloppy since Jinx was taken, but this was the first time they got off easy...or so they hoped.

Slade was going over a few things when Kyd Wykkyd looked up and saw a pair of eyes watching them from the pipes above. He got worried, recognizing the gaze.

Kyd Wykkyd tried getting See-more's attention but already he jumped down at them, landing on Slade as he bite into his head! Slade was caught completely off-guard but attacked right away. The attacker was a dark-skinned boy. Brown hair, dark red eyes, on his hands and knees. Kyd Wykkyd got worried and gulped.

"And who are you?" Slade asked.

"I'm Feral, and I here for you Slade!" he ordered. Gizmo started blasting but Feral proved much faster, even on four legs. Mammoth tried attacking but someone else grabbed his arms to hold him back. This time it was Adjula!

"Mammoth!" Gizmo said. Billy numerous tried but Feral attacked him like some wild cat, clawing and biting him before he can create clones. This continued until.

"That'll do gentlemen."

That strong voice came from the next source of surprises. Most of them didn't know Feral or Adjula...but they knew who called...Slenderman was there again! This time he had Dash with him.

"Who are you?" Slade asked.

"Man. Slenderman."

Slade wasn't sure who this guy was, but the HIVE got freaked. Kyd Wykkyd kept his distance but Gizmo got in his face.

"YOU! What do you want this time?!"

"Outta the way maggot." Slenderman said, slapping him aside like he was a bug. He was only interested in their boss Slade. Slenderman looked down to Slade, whom which he towered over a good few feet. Slade wasn't scared, which was strange.

"You're rather brave to just walk in here." Slade said, his visible eye glaring up at him.

"You're pretty brave for saying you know who I am?"

"And what difference does that make to my victims." Slade said. Obviously this was a death threat to him and also Slenderman wasn't very amused. The wild kid walked over to him on his four legs as Slenderman proceeded to rub his head like he's a pet. Dash glared at Slade.

"Watch it you. This is a battle you can't win." Dash warned. Slade wasn't any more amused than Slenderman is, as he walked over to her. Dash would normally go for his colors but Slade was mainly grey and black. Not very good for her. Slade stroked her rainbow hair.

"Brave girl you are. Lovely hair too." Slade said. Dash didn't expect a compliment from him but she went on with it. The HIVE got in Slenderman's way, wanting answers.

"Hold it stick man! Before you do anything, what have you done with Jinx?!" See-More demanded. The wild child growled in response but Slenderman calmed him down.

"There there. Jinx got what she wanted. She's with me."

"Then hand her over." Mammoth demanded right away.

"I never said she was with me."

"You just did."

"On my team. Not with me directly. Feral, keep them in check while I talk to Slade if you may?"

"Of course. Adjula, over here." Feral said. Kyd Wykkyd, for the whole time, was trying to sneak out but it was here when Slenderman grabbed him and pulled him to his body.

"You stay around...I want to give you that offer again. Do you want to join me as anti-bender? Or don't you?" Slenderman asked. The team tried going to help him but Adjula and Feral were keeping them back. Slade was watching this, unimpressed as usual. Kyd Wykkyd looked up to the faceless gentleman.

" won't answer? Well then Slade, we can-"


Everyone stopped cold...that was Kyd Wykkyd...he spoke!

"No you say?"

"...never...NEVER." Kyd Wykkyd growled. Slenderman kept him close but didn't do anything at first until he let him go. Then he turned to Slade.

"Slade. Come here. I got a...proposition for you. Something that'll benefit us both." Slenderman said, walking into the next room with Slade. This left the HIVE with Dash, Adjula and Feral in the main room.

"Well HIVE, expect some hard work for you." Feral said, crawling towards them.

"Oh sure, like well listen to the guy who took Jinx. And you have legs, you can stand any time!" Gizmo snapped. Feral then gave a deadly growl and death stare combo.

"I. CANT!"

"You can't? Why not?"

"Quiet rat! Not a good subject. (Adjula turns to Feral) you don't have to tell him if you don't want to." Adjula said. Feral sighed annoyed.

"Thanks Adjula. And you! Don't ask that again or I'LL TEAR YOUR MOUTH CLEAN OFF!" Feral warned.

"MAKE ME!" Gizmo yelled. Before they can go any further, Slade and Slenderman came back. They all turned to them both. Slenderman had his hands behind his back, as if accomplished. Slade got himself ready.

"Get ready HIVE. We got work to do."

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