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Toph, Terra and Geo-Force were dragged down farther and farther down the earth, wrapped in the vine of green. None of them knew where they were going or why, but they couldn't do anything. Toph got in first, with Sokka falling off onto the floor. Toph of course couldn't see what it is but Sokka sure got an eye full. The room was rather dark, ominous, and he was on an outcrop with a seemingly bottomless pit at his feet. The thing that has Toph in his grip looked just like a huge plant or bug with a giant mouth split into 2. It seemed to already know Sokka was there, since a vine already secured him. The vine yanked him up and made him level out. Terra and Geo-Force were brought in later.

"At last. We all meet," it said, in a low growling tone. He spoke rather slow so each word sinks in.

"Let us go! There's a fight breaking out up there!" Terra said, trying to break free.

"That is none of your worry. The hornet's HIVE and the arrow's team no longer wish to fight each-other, for now they wish to be free."

"What do you want? We don't have time to deal with you, there's a-"

"I know. But we have much time. Time has no beginning. No end. No purpose."

"Just let us go! Don't waste my time with talk." Geo-Force warned.

"There is much talk. And I have listened. Through earth, And metal, and time. Now I shall talk. And you shall listen...all three of you. You have the well profound respect to the earth. We all are connected."

"And how are we connected? I can understand Terra and me but what about her?" Geo said, looking to Toph. Toph of course didn't know he was looking her way and yet she knew what he meant. He's referring to her.

"You are. With Toph's mind world telling her of her lover. Your bond is strong. And it grew upon your meeting." Geo-Force starred at Toph and Toph just stared off into space. How did this thing know about her dream? Her DREAM! Something no one can know about unless she said it herself! Once more, she didn't know who the guy was, even if she did say it. She tried desperately to escape, even biting the vines but that didn't help in the slightest.

"Don't fight it. You know it's true. But now's not the time for confrontation...we both know well of the reason you came back."

"You do?"

"Yes. The Fanon SCP Foundation had taken your friend away. And has now threatened to take your world as apart of their many twisted, and unheard projects. The key for reaching them is to have them. Reach you."

"You mean capture us?! No way!"

"The SCP is the only place in all universes. Where only the creator has access to. And the only one who can go two and from the foundation is the one known as Slenderman. The most horrifying anti-bender." Toph recognized the group and Terra recognized the leader, but Geo-Force was left out of the blue for the most part. Who's Slenderman? Who's SCP? The giant can sense this confusion in him and turned to him.

"I see you're oblivious Geo...but I am aware you know of the entity of amnesia and rainbow. Am I wrong?" Geo Force suddenly caught on, he knew what he was talking about. He had his own encounter sometime ago, around when Toph was separated from Toube. He was on patrol when he saw a strange rainbow haired girl dragging a seemingly dead Tosa away...He was the only other witness to Dash's attack on Toube!

"No. You're not wrong."

"Pay attention well. The Fanon SCP will try their best to stop you. You must find the way."

"The what SCP?"

"There's two version to every object and animal you see and hear, in all worlds. Fanon. And Canon. The Canon SCP foundation is found in "the creator world", inaccessible by nearly all. When workers find and contain potentially dangerous living and nonliving entities to see reaction. They use only death row criminals for the testing these...but the more evil. Fanon SCP. The one you seek, actually captures anyone they choose. and create the very monsters meant to be contained to do so. They do this to see just how powerful they are, to release on the worlds the council has made to cause havoc. This F. SCP is copyrighting the C. SCP...but there is still time to stop the key from turning. And save the worlds."

"Before you say anything. If you know what to do, then why only us? Why couldn't they come down to hear?" Sokka asked, a bit shaken.

"Sokka?! You're here too?!" Toph gasped.

"Yes. The swordsman tried getting you out but was dragged in. The reason why I didn't allow the others. Is because the three are in deep connection with the earth...and to me..." the giant turned to Toph first.

"Toph. The Blind Bandit. In your world, you are considered the greatest earthbender that ever existed. You trust in the earth to guide you, and aide it in the battlefield like no one has ever seen. (turns to Terra next) Terra. The princess of stone. Although you rely on your eyes unlike Toph. You still trust in the earth to preserve your life when needed the most. To become one with the earth to save yourself from the reapers Scythe. (turns to Geo Force) Geo. The prince of the earth. Half-brother to the princess. You too had proven a great fighter and protector among your friends and trust in the earth to do the right...all three of you represent the world in your own right. And the only clues lie in this earth plain. Three pieces must be obtained in this city in order to reach the F. SCP. Each of you will search different likely spots, to obtain the objects before you get to SCP Fanon. Fate made us meet as foes. But after this experience we shall become family." The giant raised all of them up and began bringing them back to the surface. The teams above ground saw their rooted trap sink away, freeing them as Toph, Terra, Geo-Force and Sokka were brought back to the surface.

You guys okay?" Katara asked.

"Uh...yeah I think so..." Toph said. The HIVE took off on them but they didn't have time for them. Toph, Terra and Geo-force insisted that they go back to talk things over. They need to figure out what to do now or both worlds will be nothing but mutant playground.

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