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October 3, 2013

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There sure was a lot going on so quickly. First thing Team Avatar traveled to a new world and now they've met up with their old friends, the Titans. It was sure something to adjust to, when they got back to the tower especially. From there the Avatar Team explained their scenario, the reason they're here, and all that. Titans explained their similar scenario with their SCP encounter with Slenderman, and it seems things are beginning to intertwine with each-other. Robin and Aang were doing the main talking more privately.

"And after that, the only clue led us here." Aang finished.

"I see. How did you guys get here though? As far as I know, dimensional travel might now be our thing, or yours."

"Actually it's from some odd device Azula got. We're not sure how it works though."

As they were talking, the others in the main lobby were discussing their stuff, mainly catching up from their last trip. Ty and Raven revealed their trip with Rioichi, which surprised everyone. It was around here that the large alarm went off.

"We'll have to talk later. Where's Robin?" Cyborg asked. Robin and Aang rushed in the main lobby.

"What's wrong?!" Robin demanded. The monitors went on and showed the problem. It was HIVE again, robbery this time. Gizmo, Mammoth, Billy Numerous, Kyd Wykkyd and See-more.

"Who are they?" Katara asked.

"HIVE Five. Typical bad guy group. Titans Go!" The Titans were gonna go but suddenly they saw someone else there. But this was overlooked as they raced off.


HIVE Five was just finished with their robbery and were about to leave, but then someone else found them. He was an earthbender like Toph and was after them.

"Wait! You have to wait!" He called.

"No way creep! Stay away!" Gizmo snapped.

"But you have to! You're in grave danger if you run off!"

"Eat this!" See-More yelled, starting to fight him. This is what he wanted...kind of. Not a fight exactly but at least they'll stay put this way. The HIVE found out too late when...


HIVE Five was suddenly surrounded. The Titans on one side, Team Avatar on the other. This really got a bit of attention.

"Titans! You're here!" he called. The voice...Terra now recognized the voice, oddly Toph did to. A LONG time ago, during her colossi hunt, she heard some voice in her dream, and in that image she was that boy again.

"You're not getting up that easy!" Gizmo yelled. He aimed his missile towards the Team Avatar and shot out. Smellerbee quickly destroyed it with a thrown blade. They all knew they meant business now and a fight broke out. Of course, HIVE got an unfair advantage here over.

"GUYS WAIT! Stop fighting!" he yelled.

"Why?! They'll get away!" BB yelled. That distraction got the HIVE ready to bail and got to one side, out of the pin, now having their side.

"It ends here Titans, you're dead!" Mammoth yelled. Billy numerous multiplied to even the odds out. The boy got in the middle of them both.

"HOLD IT! You're making a mistake!!"

"Come on GAO-Fight!" Cyborg yelled.

"First of all it's Geo-Force! Second, I need you to escort them outta here?"

"Escort? The only spot there going is jail!"

"No wait-"

"You gotta do better than threats! HIVE, get em!" Gizmo ordered. Geo-Force only expected the worst as suddenly both sides charged forward at each other except Toph and Kyd Wykkyd. Toph shocked seeing Geo-Force, Kyd Wykkyd sensing something isn't right...then he saw his warning...a green tentacle poking from the sewer before sliding in. Toph sensed it to. Just before both sides collided, it happened.

It happened almost instantly. The ground started to shake up as a huge vine shot out of the ground! It was followed by a few more, circling them all!

"What's happening?!?!" Terra yelled. Three vines shot out and grabbed Terra, Geo-Force and Toph! BB turned pterodactyl and tried getting them alongside Aang, but the vines whacked them strongly and nearly knocked them out. They all were now trapped in a dome of plants. The trio grabbed. Were pulled underground, gone.

"TOPH!" Sokka tried to grab her but he only got her hand...being pulled in himself! Suki tried getting her but she didn't get him...but then.

"Calm yourself mortal...they are not a threat. As are you." a voice said. It was very low pitched, throaty, slow and dry.

"Who are you?! What did you do?!" Robin yelled.

"My intentions are none of your concern. Time will be at your hand. Soon enough." then it was silent.

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