Winds of Change
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Avatar: A New Age


Book 1: Chaos



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July 8, 2014

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One Small Flame

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Long ago my predecessor, Avatar Korra, stopped Amon and the Equalists. Amon may have died but his cause did not. A large exodus of nonbenders fled to the new country of the People's Democracy. Eventually, the days where benders and nonbenders lived together was nothing but a memory.

The people's democracy thrived and isolated themselves from the bending world. Many citizens believe the old tales of bending and the Avatar to be just that, stories.

Meanwhile, in the bending world, Avatar Korra ruled with an iron fist and kept the peace in the nations until she died peacefully at 115. Then I, Avatar Suki, was born, and I was a failure.

Due to my favoritism to my own nation, the world plunged into chaos. Because of this, the spirits split the Avatar into four people, one from each element, and all of them were born in the People's Democracy. Avatar Korra gave me a world of peace which I made a world of chaos. Now I give these four new Avatars a world of chaos which I hope they will turn into a world of peace.

Our next Avatar, Orora, was born in the center of the People's Democracy in a town called Seishin-shi to a high priest. Seishin-shi was the spirit capital of the People's Democracy where they trained kids to become priests and Orora was one of those kids. On the day of her ceremony for moving up from the lower school to the higher school, Orora paced nervously on the edge of the Cliff of Spirits, where she always went to think. What if the Spirits tell the Elder I'm unworthy? She thought to herself. In order to move up from the school, the Elder must feel that the spirits have determined the student worthy. Orora was ten, two years past the normal age of moving up, and for some reason the elder never moved her up. Her father was very serious about her training and the fact she is two years behind already didn't sit well with him and if she didn't move up this year he would be furious.

Orora's mind was racing 100 miles a minute as she nervously walked back and forth. She looked at the sundial and it stated it was 3 hours until sunset, that's when the ceremony takes place. Orora sighed. Three more flamin' hours! She thought to herself. As nervous as she was the worst part was the unknown. She had to go three more hours without knowing whether or not her school had actually paid off this year. She walked to the edge of the Spirit Cliff and looked into the canyon. Legend has it that the Spirit Cliff is the most spiritual place in the nation. "Please please please!" She shouted, knowing the spirits wouldn't listen to her.

Then the ground below her shook and the tiny piece of land on the edge rolled off the cliff and she began to fall into the canyon. She screamed at the top of her lungs as she fell, then it all went black. When she finally saw stuff again she was at the bottom of the canyon but something was different. She could see her body falling from the sky and her eyes were glowing. It was literally an out of body experience. Then she looked over and saw a man in an orange robe, a black beard, and a bald head with an arrow tattooed on it. He gave her a warm welcoming smile and though they had just met Orora felt she could trust this kind looking man. "What is going on?" She asked him, hoping for an answer.

"When you are in the Avatar State, your spirit leaves your body and goes to the Spirit World. I am Avatar Aang and I'm here to tell you that you are an airbender," he replied with a kind voice that matched his appearance.
Elderly Aang

Aang revealing himself to Orora.

"Avatar? Airbender? That's heresy, none if that is real," she replied in a tone more confused than anything else.

"Well if it wasn't real then explain this," he replied with great patience toward the confused girl. Then Orora's body was about to hit the ground when, in a swirl of air and dust, formed and cushioned the fall. Orora looked at her body standing in front of her completely unharmed." Meet me here everyday and I will teach you Airbending," he said, then vanished.

"Wait!" She shouted but he was gone. "He could've at least taught me how to get back up," she said and sighed. She then saw her body fly back to the top of the cliff and then she woke up where it landed.

A few hours later, she went to the ceremony and they called her name and she went up to the elder. The elder looked at her and smiled. "Orora, you may move on to your higher training," he said, then winked at her. That wink made her face go pale and her legs shook. Oh my spirits, he knows! She thought then walked back to her spot.

Five years passed and Orora had become a master airbender. She went to meet Aang for their lessons and he was sitting and motioned for her to sit with him. "Orora, I'm going to tell you about the Avatar," he said simply

Orora sat their listening for hours as Aang explained practically the history if the world to her, and she wasn't bored for a minute of it. "Well how am I going to find these other Avatars?" She asked him curiously.

"You will find them. Fate will lead you to them," he said with his kind and welcoming tone as always. Orora nodded and Aang spoke again, "Now that's all for today."

Orora went home and saw her father, Priest Shang, reading a book. "Hello father. May I ask you about something?" She asked him in a small voice.

He gave her an almost annoyed look then smiled. "Sure, what is it?"

"What do you know about the Avatar," she asked him more confident then she was before.

His face grew furious and he went over and smacked her, "Orora, you know it is heresy to speak of such things. How dare you!" He shouted at her.

Orora ran up to her room and cried for hours. She knew her father would never accept her bending or her duties as Avatar. She knew what she had to do. She packed a bag of a few important things and in the night she ran off towards the direction of Amon City.

After a few days she arrived in Amon City. She walked along the streets and someone bumped into her running away from the police. The police stopped her and searched her bag. She had nothing to worry about because she didn't do anything. When they searched her bag, to her surprise, he found a jewel that the thief must've put in her bag. The guards dragged her away and she struggled yelling about her innocence, but they didn't care.

Once she was in the prison, she was thrown into a cell with one other person. This person in the cell broke the silence. "Since we will be in here for a while, I'll introduce myself. I'm Magunoria, but you may call me Nori."

Back in Seishin-shi, the elder awoke from his sleep with a start. "Sir, what is it?" A priest asked worried.

The elder gave a small smile. "The winds of change are upon us."

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