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Ch.1: It Starts

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Ch.3: Gang

The brothers Alex and Leo continued traveling west off to the next town. The day was pretty good for traveling, clear sky and cool weather, and a nice dirt road to travel on. The road was going through the western mountains so there's a bonus actually.

"Man! How long is this stupid road!" Alex complained.

"Come on bro, were almost at the top, well stop up there. Besides, can't you just make an earth elevator or something?"

"I could...but my arms get tired," Alex groaned. Leo simply slapped his face in stupidity.

"Whatever. okay then you chill here, I'll look ahead." Leo walked onward ahead and looked out in the clearing. Alex can get a hint that something big was up there, since Leo pretty much was stopped in his tracks.

"Leo? Hey! What do you-...oh my." When Alex came up too, he too can see what it was a gigantic city! Alex and Leo immediately looked at their was Republic City!

"...oops...I guess we went east instead," Alex said, laughing nervously.

"And that's a mistake?! Look around, this place is huge! Let's go!" Leo said, all excited. Alex was a bit excited too and quickly made a large earth plate.

"Wait. I thought your arms are too sore for this."

"For an elevator, not a slide. Hop on bro!" Alex said, jumping on his slide. Leo joined him soon after and the brothers slid on down right to the city.


Republic City at this time was pretty busy. People, benders and non-benders, going about their business. Both Leo and Alex also were trying to check things out. It sure was a big place for the brothers. But while looking, Leo and Alex, almost at once, saw a wanted poster of them both! Luckily they both got into some disguises before coming into the city.

"Well...I guess the Koi came here too," Leo said, looking at the poster.

"Yeah...I look pretty good in a drawing," Alex replied.

This group, called the Koi, are the very reason why they were orphaned in the first place. The koi made a fake law to keep firebenders and earthbenders apart, kinda like separating black from white. This rule wasn't enforced in Republic City, good news for Leo and Alex.

"Now look. Let's just lay low and try to make a living, K?" Leo insisted.

"Agreed. And where do you think well start?"


As the day moved onward to night, both Alex and Leo were still trying to figure out where they can live. They tried many different areas but they just didn't seem to be wanted by anybody.

"Man, this blows! Isn't there anywhere where we can at least sleep?" Leo groaned, getting tired.

"I know!" Alex suddenly made another earth tent, but...

" think people would be happy to see a tent in the middle of the road?"

"...good point...wait. Do you hear something?" Alex asked. It didn't take long to figure out what...there they are! A large car was charging right towards them...a police car!

"Crud! Lets go, lets go, lets go!" Leo said. Alex stuck around and was about to fight but Leo grabbed him and yanked him out of the way before he got hit. Leo kept Alex's mouth covered as he saw the car zoom away.

"Okay their gone," Leo thought, letting go of Alex.

"What the heck?! I coulda taken them!" Alex snapped.

"Dude! You really think we wanna start our lives here with a car wreck? I don't think so!" Leo replied, quieter.

"(pulls out the wanted poster) does it make a difference if were already wanted for-...what the?" Alex was stopped cold when he actually read for what the charge was. They both saw it say...robbery?

"What?! Robbery?! We didn't steal anything!" Alex snapped, tearing the poster up.

"Oh great! Not only are the Koi after us for their fake rule, but now they framed us both for robbery and have the cops after us!" Leo groaned, kicking a dumpster, leaving a burnt mark on it from his anger (common firebender side effect).

"Okay. okay keep it together Leo. Now. Maybe we can...AHA!" Alex quickly found the dumpster was completely empty. Alex jumped on in yet Leo wasn't so sure.

"Come on Bro!"

"I can't believe I'm doing this," Leo thought, as he jumped in. The lid closed fast, making it pitch black. They both can't see each other or anything.

"Well Leo. Welcome to room dump. Not the best room but the price is right," Alex said.

"Oh you're a riot bro," Leo groaned. He isn't one to really be found in somewhere like this...but it oddly didn't take very long before suddenly a strong force knocked the lid right open!...the cops found them!

The leading cop grabbed them both by the collar, took off their disguises, and threw them out.

"Okay you two. You're coming back to the station right now!" the officer said. But suddenly the light of the street lights showed something even was a shadow of some gigantic beast! The officers saw that too and were frozen in place...until suddenly Leo and Alex were flipped over underground! The cops spun back and they were gone...

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