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Main hall

Main Hall to the Core

Aang, Katara, Sokka and Toph all went on through the portal following their old friends. They enjoyed this travel simply because they didn't have to be forced into it like before. It only took a little while before they had made it through. Where they exactly ended up is unknown to them, they ended up in a large hall room, like a throne room back in Ba Sing Se's palace. It was just as magnificent too, leading to a large door.

"Where are we?"

"You'll find out in a bit. Just follow us." Cobalion was about to go through the door when Marage got in his way for some reason.

"Aren't you forgetting someone?" Marage asked.

"Who? The titans? They're in the next room," Virizion replied.

"No. Zuko. Where is he?"

"The titans are here?" Toph interrupted, walking over to them.

"Yes, they're here. Just in the next room, over there." Virizion looked to the main door as the others walked over. Marage however turned back to the portal, looking to Cobalion.

"You can continue the tour for these guys. I'm gonna get Zuko. I'm sure he won't want to miss this," Marage said.

"Understood. See you in a bit." With that, Marage went through the portal, calling his signature song tune as he went out. Cobalion simply smiled.

"That Marage. Just as unpredictable as ever," he said, turning to the others. "All right everybody. Right this way." With that, he opened the door as the team walked in... awe struck them all by what they had seen.

Where they came into was a gigantic room inside the place. It sized up to an underground cavern but they can see it was more clean like Ba Sing Se's palace. The lights around resembled that of Will-O-Wisp, as countless numbers of spirits travelled around on their way. It was both ancient and futuristic, which was what impressed them the most. The middle showed a gigantic vision of the galaxy, in all its glory. Kinda like a hologram but more spiritual. Aang simply stared off into the amazing place as Terrakion walked to his side.

"Impressed are you? Welcome to the Core," he said proudly. Aang was just amazed by the place, all sorts of spirits of every shape and size were here, along with the expanse and architecture of the room itself. Nothing like he had ever seen. He remained like this until...

"Friend Aang!"

Aang hardly had time to react as someone rushed in and flew into him mid flight. Aang was spun in mid air as she hugged him in joy. They all knew immediately it was Starfire. Aang laughed the while as the sudden flight occurred and hugged Starfire back.

"Starfire. So great to see you!" Aang said in joy. As if on cue, they found the other titans walk over to them. Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven, Terra and Robin were all there. They were all very glad to see them again.

"Hello everybody. Long time no see," Beast Boy said.

"Same to you Beast Boy. It has been a long time," Sokka said with a smile on his face.

"It's great to see everyone here together," Virizion said cheerfully.

"That reminds me. You did say something earlier about a reward? What is it exactly?" Robin asked, wondering on what it might be.

"Yes of course. Just follow us, over to the galaxy shown there," Cobalion said, starting for it. It hardly took a minute before they all were there already. The galaxy was shown in a very beautiful vision as Cobalion turned to them.

"Now your reward. You all had done so much already. You've managed to save all the universes, twice in fact. We talked it over and we think you deserve a special reward for your trouble. Believe me, you'll like it," Cobalion began.

"But what exactly is it?" Cyborg asked.

"Answer that by asking yourself this. What is the main activity the Spirit Council does?" Terrakion asked. They thought for a little bit but Starfire got it first.

"Let's see...If I remember correctly, you are responsible for the creation of other worlds. Right?" Starfire asked. The three nodded and smiled happily to them...then they all got it.

"You're kidding? No way," Raven said in surprise.

"Yes way. It's about time you all are given the best, and most fun, role of the spirit council...Create your own world," Cobalion announced. They all were shocked and excited. They can create their very own world with their very own hands!

"All right! our own world, isn't that amazing?" Beast Boy said.

"You know it! Thank you so much," added Cyborg.

"No, thank you. You deserve it. However, it's best you actually know HOW to do it, no?" Terrakion advised.

"Sounds good. I am wondering how you do create worlds. I can imagine it's extremely complicated," Raven said.

"Actually, it's not. The colours of your world are the same as drawing a picture," Virizion said.

"And creating creatures is as simple as playing with clay," added Terrakion.

"It is rather simple, and we'll help you out on how it works. You interested?" Both teams almost immediately agreed, excited to see this work being done.


A few minutes later, Cobalion had arrived to the main creation area where, as he puts it, where life itself is created. The room itself had many areas to work with. In the center is a round sphere, a new planet unedited by anyone. There was only one person there though, a large spirit watching it. Although they insisted not to, Starfire went first.

"Hello there, friend!" she said cheerfully. The animal, a deep blue lion, turned around to see her.

"What? A human?! What are you doing here, this area is for spirits only," he warned her, adding a lion growl. Starfire was spooked until Terrakion caught up with her.

"Calm down, were letting them do this. Guys, this is Ion. He's our universe advisor." Terrakion introduced.

"You're letting humans walk around in such a sacred place?" Ion asked, angered.

"We're making an exception for them. They defeated both Raviente and Slenderman and they deserve the reward of world creation," Cobalion said. Ion was suddenly impressed by their feat.

"Ah. So it was you Xerneus told me about," he said, examining everyone as they walked in. "I thought you would be older, honestly."

"Xerneus told you about us?...but I thought..." Aang was gonna say about what Althea told him but he quickly caught himself.

"Don't tell me. About his experience with Slenderman? Yeah, that got around more than you think," Ion confessed.

"It is a bit sad though isn't it?" Robin asked. The team knew of his "death" during the final escape from the foundation.

"Sad? what are you talking about, he's better than ever now."

"What?! You're happy he's dead?!" Katara gasped.

"Dead? HA! Xerneus isn't dead. Sure you all thought so, but he's just turned more spiritual, that's all. He's not solid anymore," Ion explained. It was still a bit farfetched and hard to believe.

Aang went on and asked, "Then where is he?"

Ion turned away and looked over to another area in the same room...there he was... Xerneus himself. He didn't appear changed at all, in fact he was looking back at his other creations, usual pass time. They didn't move at first but Xerneus knew they were there already and turned around.

"Why hello there. So good to see you all again after all this time." Starfire circled him once, trying to make sense of it.

"But weren't you-"

"Yes Starfire. But however, since my so-called "death", I have grown into a new spirit. Reincarnation, if you will. And besides, this is the Spirit Council after all." This surely was a bit to take in but there's time for that later. Xerneus knew why they were here and got their attention to the planet.

"I've heard of your reward when you arrived, and I believe I can give you a hand with it. You all must feel excited for such a role."

"No fooling. How often do you get a privilege such as this?" Katara said happily. Xerneus nodded in agreement and looked to the planet.

"This will be your template for your world. The Spirit Council members often come here to create their own worlds, and now it's your turn. With the areas here, you can create the world in your very own image. Anyway you choose," Xerneus explained.

"Are all members given this role?" Beast Boy asked.

"Not entirely. Often they make "fauna worlds", worlds with no direct contact or such. There's a ton of them, and you are given privileged to make one yourself."

"How much freedom can we have with this act of world creation?" Starfire asked, very interested.

"Landmarks, habitats, landscapes, animals. It goes on and on. Just keep in mind that the weather is same everywhere, and water is required for life to grow. Other than that, you're pretty much free," Xerneus explained. The two teams can just simply imagine what kind of fun their gonna have with this. Xerneus looked back to them all again.

"However. I do understand that Zuko has not arrived yet. If you want it to be fair, then I suggest you hold off until he arrives back. Maybe catch up with each other or look around."

"That sounds like a good idea." Aang said. It is a good idea, plus it would be nice to catch up with the others on what happened. So with that, Virizion guided them off back as the others went on with their own work. Xerneus looked back to their planet that'll soon be a new one.

"I have a good feeling about this planet. Such creativity in both of their worlds...I wonder what'll come up," he thought, as he walked away to handle his work in the Core.

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