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Avatar: The Legend of Aang: The Red Revolt





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August 1, 2013

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Ch.1 : Help to the Fire Lord

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Ch.3: A Stroll Down Memory Lane

~~The Royal war room~~

The Gaang sat next to Fire Lord Zuko in the Fire Nation war room and discussed about the revolt. "Well, who do you think is the leader of the group?" said Katara.

Zuko looked at her and said: "I believe that the leader of the traitors is Admiral Shinzou, the overall commander of the North-Western fleet stationed near the colonies in the Earth Kingdom. He is known for being temperamental, explosive and a dedicated believer in my father, who he thinks is the only rightful leader of the Fire Nation."

"But why, I don't understand. Don't all Officers give an oath to the Fire Lord," said Sokka.

"Yes, they do, they pledge an allegiance to the Fire Lord, to the Royal Army and to the Fire Nation. But I guess that the allegiance was pledged only to the then current Fire Lord Ozai, my father, and perhaps that's why they don't trust me anymore," said Zuko.

"But why would they want to create a dictatorship? Wouldn't it be more logical if they would want Ozai back as Fire Lord," said Katara.

"No, they wouldn't. Since Aang took my father's powers away, even the generals that are planning the revolt aren't loyal to him anymore, because they think that someone without powers is not capable of leading the Fire Nation, because he is too weak," said Zuko.

Just as they were talking a messenger came into the room. "I'm sorry to disturb you, but I have some troubling news. There appear to be attacks on the domestic fleet in Shin-Yun harbour, at the far north of the Fire Nation. Reports say that cruisers of the Domestic Fleet are being destroyed by 'flying' torpedoes."

"How is this possible? Where did the torpedoes come from?" shouted Zuko.

"Well, they appear to be Fire Nation torpedoes, Sir," said the messenger.

"And where did the attackers get the torpedoes?" asked Zuko.

"Two weeks ago a ship of the domestic fleet was sailing from the colonies back to the Shin-Yun harbour and was attacked. The ship was destroyed by an individual, who, before he destroyed the ship, stole some torpedoes and put them on a smaller boat, which he stole from the ship," said the messenger.

"And the crew, did they survive?" asked Katara.

"Yes, all of them were found on a lifeboat, unconscious. When they came to, they said that someone or something knocked them on the head and put them into the lifeboat, thus saving them," said the messenger.

"Are you guys willing to take a look at what's going on in Shin-Yun?" said Zuko.

"We will be glad to help, the week of relaxation that we had has made us pretty lazy, you know," said Aang.

Aang, Katara and Sokka went to the Royal Palace garden, where they landed Appa and said goodbye to Fire Lord Zuko. Aang gave the command and Appa started to fly to their next destination, Shin-Yun harbour. After a few hours of flying the Gaang landed in Shin-Yun harbour.

~~The Shin-Yun harbour~~

"Welcome Team Avatar, we'we been expecting you," said Captain Honshu, the overall commander of the Fire Nation troops stationed in the harbour. "You've come right in time. There has just been an attack, in which a supply ship carrying vital supplies was destroyed." The Captain and the Gaang went to the site of the attack. What they saw was gruesome. The ship was on fire and sinking slowly. There were medics on the pier, helping the wounded.

"Luckily, no one died. But most of the crew was injured. This is the third attack this week. If this keeps happening the Domestic fleet will be seriously depleted and won't stand a chance against the fleet of Admiral Shinzou," said the visibly depressed Captain.

Aang went to the pier and asked a lightly injured soldier what the attack looked like.

"It was nothing I have seen before. The torpedo was flying through the air like it was under water. At first we thought that this was the work of a waterbender, but the attacker didn't use any water for the attack. That couldn't have been a firebender, because if it was, we would have seen traces of fire. We have no clue what it is," said the panicked Officer.

"Hmm, this needs closer investigation. When do most of the attacks happen?" said Aang.

"As you can see, they happen early in the morning like this one today, or they happen during the night. We tried to capture the one that keeps doing these deeds, but he is too fast for us. We can't capture him, he keeps evading us," said the worried Captain.

"We'll try to capture the attacker. We'll stay watch the whole night if we have to," said Katara. "How many times per week does the attacker attack?"

"Well, usually he attacks two or three times per week, why do you ask?" asked the Captain.

"We have to have a pattern. In which part of the Harbour do most of the attacks happen?" asked Sokka.

"Here were we are standing. In the southern entrance of the base. But what can that tell you?" asked the Captain.

"That can tell me a lot. That means that the attacker uses the torpedoes from one of those caves down there, on the other side of the harbour. So, we should make camp there, on that cliff. From there we could see everything the attacker makes and when he makes it," said Sokka.

~~The Shin-Yun harbour caves~~

The Gaang set up camp on the cliff that Sokka mentioned and watch at the caverns on the opposite site of the smaller bay in the large harbour. But their week off makes them quickly sleeps as they can't focus on the caverns and fall asleep one at a time. While they are sleeping, a very loud noise fills the valley.


The Gaang wake up and to their disbelief, they quickly find out that they fell asleep while guarding the harbour. Sirens go of as a tanker filled with oil explodes and the whole harbour becomes bright with the fire of the tanker.

"Quickly, we must help the crew! They might be burned to death!" yells Katara.

"No, I have ordered everyone to get of the ships and go sleep in the barracks. No one will get hurt. We must....HEY LOOK, I see a light in the caverns! It must be the attacker. Quickly, we don't have much time," says Aang as he starts running towards the caves.

~~The attacker's cave~~

The Gaang quickly come to the cavern, where they saw the attacker's light. Sokka goes into the cavern first, but only seconds after he went into the cave...


A powerful gust of wind shoves Sokka out of the cave and into the water.

"Sokka!!!" yells Katara. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, just get that guy! I'll catch up," said Sokka.

Aang and Katara run after the unknown attacker and catch up to him at the end of the cave. "You have no where to go. Surrender," said Aang. The attacker quickly forms an air ball and Aang can't believe what he sees. The attacker airbends and throws the air ball at Aang but he captures it and, Aang being an Airbending master quickly overpowers the attacker. By the time Sokka catches up with Aang and Katara the attacker is defeated and tied up.

"Now, let's see who is under the mask?" says Aang.

Aang unmasks the attacker and becomes visibly shocked and confused. He steps two paces back and becomes stiff like a statue.

"Aang, what's wrong?" asks Katara.

Trembling Aang says: "That's,...that's...Hokei!?


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