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After the huge party, much of the guests had went off on their way back home. With Appa's help, Zuko gotten home to his palace some time after the celebration. He and his beloved, Mai, went on inside their home.

Zuko found himself lucky that Mai didn't take the first letter as a broke-up. She understood that for the time he has, he still had the job as the fire-lord to do. Even if the story of how he jumped to different worlds, and fought giants and stuff like that is fare-fetched. It's probably the only thing to explain why he was gone for over two months though.

"That was pretty impressive," Mai said, walking inside and laying down on the bed.

"It was. The event for the Avatar is one for history."

"Well I don't know about that. Weddings happen all over. I don't see how Aang and Katara's wedding is so special," Mai sighed. Zuko smiled. And turned to go.

"Where are you going?"

"The guards are complaining about...well. You know who. Making all the noise and talking to herself."

"How annoying. Just hurry back soon. I don't have all night," Mai said. Zuko understood what she meant and went to the prison hold.


When Zuko got to the prison hold, it was clear by the noise that Azula, his now insane sister, was talking to herself again. As he was walking he can hear her screaming "QUIET!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!" Zuko stopped in front of Azula's chamber and one of the guards opened it up and two went in with him. Azula was in an insanity coat, thrashing around like crazy, as if trying to shake something off. These had happened since she was locked up. Azula kept on enforcing the guards to remove anything that gives off reflections. Mirrors, glass items, down to the point when her room looked more like a cave now. They thought the problem was solved with the cave idea but obviously by the screaming it somehow didn't work. Her screaming stopped at last when she realized Zuko was in.

"Azula. Now what's the problem?" Zuko said, walking over to her. Azula was shivering, still having her twisted smile.

"Don't-Don't you hear her?! She keeps calling me!! You're such a naive kid to not understand!"

"Azula, she's not around!"

"THEN WHY CAN I STILL SEE HER?!?! She's here! She's always here!! Torturing me!" That last scream got her a slap in the face. She tried to bite off Zuko's hand but couldn't reach.

"Azula! Listen to me right now. Ursa is no longer with us-"

"YOU DON'T THINK I KNOW THAT?!" she growled.

"And it's impossible for you to see her now. We've removed all known reflectors from your cell. What else do you want?!"

"What do I want...I WANT URSA GONE FROM MY LIFE!!!!"

"...OK leave me no other choice. You refuse to learn from your twisted ways and remained insane ever since our Agni Kai...and it's obvious you slipped from your mind completely...were going to have to put you to rest."

"WHAT?!?!?! YOU WOULDN'T!!!" Azula shrieked.

"I no longer have a choice. As long as you live, whatever life you have will get more and more painful...I have to end this...for understand?" Zuko said.

"BROTHER PLEASE!! I DON'T WANT TO DIE!!!!" Azula wailed. It's the first time in history to Zuko that someone like Azula would act like this.

"...Azula...look. I know we've been through a lot during the 100 year war. And you know by now how hard it is to handle controlling a whole's the way it has to be. You've already refused all my other offers that coulda let you free. Let you have a life...but it's too late now...goodbye've always been the lucky one because your bloodlines wasn't exact to Avatar Roku...let me ask you this...was it worth all this?"

Azula gave him her death stares, usually meaning Zuko was right.

"None of that makes sense to what's going on. You say you're gonna kill me, and now you go on as to how lucky I am?!"

"...and now that luck is vanished. My torture showed me the error of my ways. I was hoping it would do the same for you...but obviously that's impossible now...see you in the morning Azula. Your suffering will end then." With that Zuko turned and left Azula all alone in her cave. Azula, for the first time...was scared...scared for her life.

Azula's breakdown

Realization sets in

"Mother...why?" she whimpered through tears. All she could do now is lay on the ground, waiting for her life to come to an abrupt end thanks to her insanity...her insanity...her actions for so long flashed before her eyes for the first time...of all she had done to everyone. She became from a royal queen to the banished princess...and now a cuckoo clock with a ton of screws loose.

"Zuko was right...I am insane...I've done so much horror. And I could only think of myself...what have I done?" Azula found the error of her ways...but too late. Now Zuko left, probably ether explaining it to Mai or planning up her demise. The wrack. the hanging. Who knows what?...then finally she said the word she had never used before...


That did it...the most crazy night of all their lives started from those two words. Because literally seconds after she said that, she heard the guards outside panic and attack...and she heard blood spew and necks being broken!

Then her insanity coat disappeared completely and were replaced with a strange set of cloths that didn't appear to be apart of any nation...then the door...that door scared whatever sanity left in her out. Not only did she saw blood swell inside her room...but as soon as it opened...the guards bodies fell into her room...SKINNED ALIVE!!!


Her loud scream can be heard from all over, of course catching Zuko's attention fast along with every other guard within the premises! Mai rushed out by Zuko and they both were about to go see when suddenly they actually saw Azula starting to run like mad!, shooting seemingly nothing behind her!

"Oh no. This is bad." Zuko went down to her but as he did, Azula, in her panic, shot him with lightning! It missed by inches but Zuko suddenly pinned her!

"AZULA STOP! YOU'RE ACTING CRAZY!" Zuko said, restraining her arms. But in her eyes Zuko didn't see insanity as it normally is...this time it's fear.

"ZUKO! RUN! IT'S GONNA KILL YOU IF YOU'D STAY!" She screeched, trying to break free.

"Who?!" didn't take very long for them both to figure it out. Because literally seconds later, something grabbed Zuko behind and tossing him aside.

"Hey! (gets hit a few more times) WHO'S DOING THAT?!?!"

Zuko kept flinching his head, trying to catch a glimpse of this thing...but something else literally melted it's way through the metal wall...and it's nothing far from friendly.

This new fighter was literally covered in flames! The form it's in is a giant burning skeleton! if on cue, it suddenly started blasting fire at them, Zuko held up a good fight, each one dodging each-other...until the giant saw Azula sneaking away. A ghostly wail rang out and Azula was starting to run.

"I gotta get outta here." Azula thought. But as she cut a corner, the scariest thing ever was literally in her face! It grabbed her face, it's jaws covering her vision (the thing she can see is the dagger teeth, it's dry tongue, and down the throat), and threw her right back to Zuko.

"Switchblade!! FINISH HER, NOW!!!" a voice rang out. The demon, switchblade warped to Azula. In her panic she shocked Switchblade with aimed lightning. It knocked him back pretty far and it was silent for a bit...suddenly they all saw something pop up right aside Azula. The thing was a 4-legged dog like animal with a deformed human face! Just the sight send shivers up everyone's spine.

"You're such a dope aren't you?" it said, a very crazy smile spews across it's the dust clear to see a blue version of the fire demon! Next thing everyone knew is that Switchblade suddenly shot lightning right at her face!! The hit cause her to jump back, falling on her back, seemingly dead...boy does she look dead at this point.

Her left side of her face is scorched off, along with her eye and parts of her left arm. She was left paralyzed, her other eye rolled to the back of her head...the animal turned to Zuko.

"You. Phoenix king. I assume you don't care for crud over this complete nut I'll let this girl off your hands," she chuckled. Zuko normally would go and attack but the very sight of this freak show forced him in place. Switchblade then grabbed Azula and disappeared..but before he did, Zuko could have sworn he saw Azula take one last look at him. As for the canine, she jumped at him and scared him to the point of fainting! Azula's gone...

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