Jump City
Jump CIty
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Avatar: New Universe II





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September 29, 2013

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Geo Force

The travel through the portal was surprisingly quick. It wasn't as rough as before, of course they weren't thrown this time. The path was of various colors, mainly flashing colors of light blue, pink and yellow. There wasn't any noises so all was heard was their footsteps. But as they were walking, Aang at the lead, suddenly they stopped upon a voice.

"Toph!! Aang!! Anyone!!"

"What the? Who's that?"

They heard it again, but a lot more clearly...Toph knew the voice...

"TOUBE! I'm coming Toube!" Toph said, running like mad to the direction of the voice. The others fallowed her, unable to know where to go. They managed to find an exit among it all, but not going strait, they don't know where they went. A quick bolt through the opening got their answer fast.

"Toube!-...where's Toube?"

That crazy screaming wasn't from Toube, and now Toube isn't around. But where are they? All they can figure is a barren area, rocky like the canyons back home...but then again, they can be easily back home if anywhere, just teleported somewhere else.

"Better question: where are we?" Sokka asked. Of course there isn't a clue around here to help them. All they can see is a barren rocky area with a clear sky...but there was just one thing they didn't recognize...the telephone line going across the land a mile away. Hard to see but it was clear it's not from their own world by all means so this concludes they aren't in the Earth Kingdom, or anywhere like that. They looked around some more until they saw something else much farther away. It was a city, of course none of them seen a skyscraper before.

"Well...that settles it. We're not back in our world."

"But what world are we in exactly?" Zuko asked. However, they are about to get their a way.

While they were walking to the city, suddenly they notice something huge fly through the sky for a bit until it landed in front of them. It was twice as tall as they were and looked rather deadly. They all just stared at this machine as suddenly it released a red scanner at them. As soon as it was done, it began making odd noises.

"Unidentified beyond premise. Identify yourself immediately," it demanded, in its robotic voice. They all looked at each other at first but Aang already started off.

"We're Team Avatar. We didn't mean to intrude," the robot didn't react at first, as if it didn't hear them.

"Identify yourselves."

"I just said who we are."

"Identify yourselves."

"Aang just said!" Mai yelled.

"Unidentified refuse to cooperate. You have five seconds to leave the premise or be neutralized."

"Neutralized?!" Sokka yelled, freaked out.


"Hold on, can you tell us where we are?" Azula yelled.


"Let us go! We didn't do a thing!" Smellerbee yelled.


"Forget it, let's go." Zuko decided. They aren't in a mood to fight so they started walking away...but...

" Prepare to be neutralized." they all turned and saw it suddenly fire at them! The first shot missed but upon instinctive hit, Katara quickly soaked the isn't water-proof.

"Unidentified HARM - Prepare - NEWT - prepare - prepare" the robot started to spark and fuse before it collapsed, out of power. Katara was relived that they didn't get hurt here, and they began running, not walking, to the city.

They managed to reach it, and now they got their bearings. The place is called Jump City. They could have sworn they heard this before, at least Team Avatar had. Toph can recognize the similar environment from steel city.

"Jump City. This place has anything to do with the titans?"

"Maybe. Come on."


Meanwhile, a very familiar face, the Teen Titans, were having their own problems.

"Titans GO!" Robin called as they charged at their enemy. In this case it's a very deadly person, named Slade. Slade is a very crafty enemy the Titans had to deal with more than once, and now he's fighting them with the help of the HIVE five. The titans were dealing with the HIVE right now and Terra was going for Slade.

"Oh Terra. Trying a fight you can't win?" Slade said.

"Can it Slade! You're going to fail!"

"Oh really? Tell me how many times I've failed in front of you pathetic children?"

As this fight was going on, the Titans were getting their action watched by unwary was the o'l dynamic duo again. Smile Dog and Ghost. They actually didn't have anything to do, so they wanted to watch the show (they actually brought popcorn with them. Go figure)

"Man what an act. Shoulda just come here first." Smile Dog said as Ghost was chilling on his back, eating some Popcorn as if their watching a movie.

"You said it. Popcorn?"

"Sure, thanks." he had a bite as the fight continued. The fight was pretty intense, adding more tension with Slade. A rather even match here. One point though, Beast Boy suddenly launched Gizmo nearly at them! Luckily they didn't get spotted so their safe for the moment. All this fighting though is getting another groups attention...Team Avatar and Freedom Fighters.

They managed to get to Jump city and almost right away they noticed all the noise going on. They didn't know what was coming but quickly they charged after it. They soon got to the fight but weren't noticed strait away. The HIVE five and Titans kept going at it for a while more until they both stopped at a stand off, each side kinda tired except for Slade.

"Is that all you can do?" Slade mocked. The titans were too tired for a response right now, along with The HIVE. Slade was actually just using them to tire out the Titans. Now that's done, he can attack. He ran up right to them but before he can attack, Azula suddenly took action. She bolted up and quickly zapped Slade into submission! Everyone was caught off guard at this point. Slade got up, slightly paralyzed as he looked to Azula.

"Very clever." was all Slade said before he bolted off out of sight. The titans then saw Team Avatar and Freedom Fighters now. The HIVE took off as well. Beast Boy had his mouth a gap at seeing them all.

"What the? did you get here?" Robin asked.

"It's a long story. If you give us time to explain." Aang said. The titans agreed despite the sudden randomness of it all. Smile Dog and Ghost, lucky as heck they weren't seen, quickly bolted off, Smile Dog tripping over something but didn't bother to see what it is.

"You okay?"

"Yeah yeah, come on go go go!" Smile Dog and Ghost now left. Smile Dogs only thought was to get out before they are for that trip, his only guess was just a rope...that rope slithered back in a crack in the building, out of sight...

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