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Days went by and Team Avatar, after a while, managed to get to the Earth Kingdom. Ironically the attack that got Azula back had regained Appa's strength and he used that to make it too the Earth Kingdom in good time. All the time Appa had single handedly went ahead of schedule and made it to Ba Sing Se in record time. Appa didn't stop until he for sure saw his masters home. Everyone was glad to see this sorta improvement so soon. As soon as they got back, little Momo flew right on out to see them.

"Good job Appa." Azula said. Appa thanked her with a good hearty lick as Azula laughed afterward. This confused everyone greatly but mostly they were glad she had changed, Zuko especially...but this is a very big change, and so soon. He'll need to think about it later though, right now there's some talking over plans.

Team Avatar and the Freedom Fighters began talking over what to do. The only thing they have to go on is where they are located, at this place called SCP, where the Duke and Toube are. All clues they got is what they are dealing with and what they plan to do with their world. They don't have any clue on how to get there, and with that they are stuck. Azula, very tired, went to the next room to relax a bit. The mirror in there gave her the reflection of Harlem, someone she was tricked into being. Azula still had a lot of thinking to do herself. She wanted to get back at that SCP group for what they've done to her but how? She didn't know where to go or what to do...but a second after she looked in the mirror, she began to notice something. For the longest time, she would see Ursa at least once when she looked in a mirror...but now she wasn't there. No more Ursa craziness to fallow her around! Her sanity had returned least that's what she thought until Ursa showed up again a minute later.

"Azula. I-"

"Nice try mother. I'm over it now. No matter what you say, I'm here on out am just gonna ignore you." Azula chuckled, now not freaked out.

"But Azula. I need to talk to the others."

"And how can you do that? You're just in my head, I can't help ya out. Now if you excuse me." Azula then walked out, leaving her entity alone.

She joined up with the others sometime later. They all kept on trying to find some way to deal with this group but so far it couldn't work out. They hardly have any clue where they are, they come from multiple worlds, and many other odds that don't add up to one possible location. Only place that can help is the TT World yet they don't have a clue how to get there.

"Oh man. There's gotta be something we can do." Suki said.

"I don't know if we can. We hardly got anything to go on and these guys are extremely powerful." Aang said.

"Yeah no kidding. Anyone who can mess with me is tough." Toph added in.

"So now what?" they all weren't so sure what to do, but then suddenly Azula remembered something...her device. Though she regained her former memory, she still had her Harlem memory too. In it, Glaze told her about the device given to her, that it can help her back to SCP or "home". Yet she wasn't told exactly how it works but if figured out they can get there.

"Hey guys, maybe this can work?" Azula suggested, pulling out the odd device.

"What's that?"

"I'm not sure exactly, but glaze told me that it can get me back to my so-called "home". Maybe it can get us to there?"

"Perfect!" Sokka grabbed the device and started looking it over. The tech on it was far beyond his knowledge and he hardly had any clue on what it can do. Before they can go any further, Toph suddenly got a similar vibration from outside of their door. Toph of course got up to get it first.

"Well of course you get it first," he said. The guest for tonight was H8-Seed.

"H8-Seed? How did you get here?!" Ty asked first.

"I've heard of that crazy attack and trailed ya back here. Nice place you got by the way."

"Uh...thanks?...but how did you fallow us? We traveled over the sea!"

"Mechanical wings. A bit rusty but still works. (notices the device) where did you get that?"

"Azula had it." Aang said, looking to Azula.

"Huh? Harlem, why are you here? I thought you left with Glaze."

"First of all, I'm Azula. I was tricked into being Harlem. And second, I'm not with that back-stabbing horse anymore." Azula said.

Ooh. Well that aside, I came back because you left something back at the Fire Nation palace. They couldn't stand being left behind again."


H8-Seed walked to the side as his second guest walked in...Mai! Of course surprise shot up from everyone. Mai got her own surprise seeing Azula with her new giant burn scar. The other guest, Melasa, came in too. Mai explained that after Zuko left, a strange giant giraffe-like spirit (assumed by the others as Endermare) gave her indication that she should go with them. So with H8-Seed's help, she fallowed the team until they got to Ba Sing Se. Melasa had a similar story. When she woke up alone, she tried finding the team and with H8, went to Ba Sing Se.

"Mai? Melasa?"

"I had the feeling you're going on another universal adventure. I ain't missing it this time." Mai said. Zuko accepted that but Melasa he wasn't so sure.

"Why are you here Melasa?"

Melasa was trying to think of something. She had deep reasons that would take forever to explain.


"She has her reasons for wanting to help you, now can we figure things out here?" H8 asked, rather impatient. Though he was being rude, Zuko had to let him. There a deadly force going for them and they can't waste any time. H8-Seed looked over the Device, studying it.

"It looks like a transportation commoner. Kind of stupid for Glaze to just hand it over to you. You can use this to travel to new dimensions!"


"You bet. But somethings different with this one (looks it over some more)...oh great. We just got the prototype. Anyone got anything from the SCP world?" Everyone replied no.

"How come?"

"This one requires an item from the other world in order for it to work, and now we got nothing...wait a minute. Anyone got those notes still?" H8_seed asked. They do have the notes still and H8 took the one with TT on it and put it in the device. H8-Seed took it outside, daytime now, and set it down. Everyone watched as the device began to work it's magic. A few odd sounds were heard as it began processing...and then it made a portal open up! It was a portal maker, and it now done its job.


"What the heck did that thing do?" Smellerbee asked, walking out with the rest.

"It made a portal. A bit high tech for you guys but this can help you with going to the other worlds. This one should get you to the titans world. It's secluded so it won't be much trouble."

"Uou sure about this H8-Seed?" Zuko asked.

"I'm sure. You go through here you get to the other worlds. Those notes seemed to give off clues, and if the titans world is it then so be it."

"He's right. We aren't getting anywhere here so our answer must be in the other world." Aang added.

"But Aang, we don't know what the Titans World has in store for us. I don't remember any of us going into this world at least once." Zuko said.

"No time! The longer you sit and argue, the more likely Slenderman will take our world! For crying out loud, let's just go and get it over with!" Toph yelled. There was silence for a bit but they had to agree. Slenderman could be planning their downfall right now and now they had to go.

"Okay. Good luck everyone. Zuko, I'm sure you need someone to watch over the nation. I'll tell Iroh what's going on and he'll keep the nation in check, okay?"

"Okay. Thank you H8_Seed."

"But what about me?" Melasa asked.

"What about you?"

"Do I stay here or do I go with you?" H8-Seed wasn't sure but Zuko already had a decision.

"You have to stay here."

"Zuko I know you don't trust me but-"

"Melasa. Iroh can't handle the nation himself. You must give him what help he needs. You wanted to help, that's the only way you can." Zuko explained. Melasa had no other choice but to do what he said. After all, she didn't want to damage her trust more than what she already done.

"Okay. Good luck." H8-Seed said. The full team all agreed and went through the portal, all unaware on what the other world had in store for them.

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