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September 30, 2013

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Ch.26: The Journey to the North

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~~ The Gaang's sleeping quarters~~

The Gaang was sleeping, resting, knowing about the imminent battle to come. Sokka woke up to get a glass of water but he soon realised, that a member was missing. "Where is Katara?" He thought in his head. He got dressed and started looking for his sister. He finally came to the outer terrace of the Airship, where he found her. "Are you all right?"

~~ The Airship terrace~~

Katara, a little startled, answered "I'm fine. Just go back to sleep." Knowing that she didn't fool her brother.

Sokka sat next to her and put his army over her shoulder, hugging her. "Come on, you can always trust me. I know that you need me right now and I'll never turn my back on you."

Katara hugged her brother for a few seconds and started talking. "It's different this time. During the War I was kind of relieved that we were almost always fighting in the Earth Kingdom or in the Fire Nation. Even during the Siege of the North I was confident that we'll win or at least that the Fire Nation won't have a complete victory. This time I'm scared."

"Scared of what?" Asked Sokka. "It's the same as before. It's just you and me and the rest of the Gaang and we fight the bad guys."

"But this time it's personal," said Katara. "I became worried the second I found out that Azula was leading the invasion force. During Sozin's comet, when you were helping Aang, Azula and I fought. When I chained her up she became so filled with rage, as if she wasn't human anymore. The last thing that she said to me was that she'll do everything to have revenge upon me. At first I didn't care about her words, but now, now that she's leading an entire fleet against the Water Tribe I'm scared. She said that we were a menace and that we should be wiped from the face of the world. Sokka, don't you see? She wants to kill the Waterbenders."

Sokka sat newt to his sister or a while, not saying anything, as he couldn't think of anything that would cheer her up. He finally said; "Remember, there is always hope. How do you think Aang felt when he figured out what happened to his people? But in his case it was even worse. Azula wants to kill all of the Waterbenders, but Sozin wiped out ALL of the Air Nomads. But look at Aang now. He doesn't let such events lead his life. And now, he's not the only Airbender alive. I never told anyone this but I was kind of glad that I was wrong. I was always on the side of logic and reason but when I found out what I was an Airbender I switched sides. The Universe knows what's right and wrong. If the Universe saved the Air Nomads in a way than it will also save the Waterbenders."

"Thanks, Sokka," said Katara, as she hugged him. The two siblings stood up and started walking towards their quarters, now calm and relaxed and ready for the battle that was to come.


~~ The Gaang's sleeping quarters~~

The Gaang woke up earlier as usual and got dressed quite fast. They rushed to the Airship Canteen, where they had their breakfast. "Sokka, calm down. Why are you eating so fast?" Asked Aang.

~~ The Airship Canteen~~

"Oh, leave him alone. He's just looking forward to spending some time with Suki, that's all." Replied Katara, teasing her brother a little. "Hey, that's not true! I've got important things to do. I still have to do... the..." said Sokka, not convincing anyone.

"Wow, you've got amazing lying skills, Map Boy," said Toph.

"I'm not lying. Now, will one of you be so kind to clean up my plates? I've got an important meeting," said Sokka, as he started running towards the Canteen entrance, where Suki was already waiting for him.

The Gaang ate their breakfast and brought and went to the bridge of the Airship, where they would meet Zuko. As the approached the Airship bridge they heard a sound on the loudspeakers. "We'll be landing in a few minutes, so all of you prepare and get dressed," said the Ship's Captain. As the Gaang entered the Airships Bridge they could see the Northern Water Tribe in all it's glory.

~~ The Airship Bridge~~

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" Said Katara.

"It sure is." Replied Toph, knowing that that would make everyone a little angry. As the Gaang watched Sokka and Suki entered the room. "So, did you have a nice time, planning?" Said Aang, teasing them.

The Massive Airship armada landed on the outskirts of the Icy City. The troops and supplied instantly started to assemble outside, waiting for new orders. The Gaang went to the massive supply hangars of the Airship, where Appa was staying. The Gaang boarded the Flying Bison and they started flying towards the city.

~~ The Northern Water Tribe Palace~~

Appa landed in front of the Chief's Palace, where familiar faces were awaiting them. It was the Chief and Master Pakku. Katara and Sokka instantly ran towards their new grandfather an hugged him. "It's nice to see you too," said Pakku.

"What are you doing here?" Asked Sokka. "How come you're not in the Southern Water Tribe with Gran-Gran?"

"I was home sick, so I travelled back home," said Pakku. "And just in time." The Chief greeted Aang and the others. "Welcome Team Avatar. It is a honor to have you as our guests. It is a shame that the occasion is less thrilling. Come, my Generals are waiting for you."

~~ The Northern Water Tribe War Room~~

The Gaang and the Chief entered the War Room, where several Generals were already waiting for them. "Let me introduce you to my Generals. This is General Yeu, General Shopa, General Gau and General Hoiju." The Generals all stood up and greeted Team Avatar.

"Now, do you have a plan?" Asked the Chief.

"Well, Zuko and I already made a plan. We decided, that we should destroy as much ships as possible, before they even arrive to the City. A few Airships have been sent to plant Underwater Mines in front of the City and we already sent a few of our Airships to bombard the Fleet," said Sokka.

"But won't the Airships be easy targets for the Massive Navy?" Asked Pakku. "We also sent our allies from the Foggy Swamp tribe to hide the Airships in fog," said Fire Lord Zuko. "We also sent the Submarines to try and inflict as much damage as possible."

As the Gaang and the other Generals were discussing about the strategy a Water Tribe Officer came into the War Room.

"Sir, you must see something," said the officer.

The Chief and the Gaang went outside of the Royal Palace and looked at the horizon. They could already see the smoke, which came from the Red Revolt Cruisers.

"We've calculated, that the Fleet will arrive in a day," said the worried Officer. "Order all med to their stations," said the Chief. "We're in for the fight of our lives."


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