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Agni Kai
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Goal Decided

They all didn't wake up until later on, Katara first. She looked around, she wasn't in any place she knew or anywhere really...but then she realized that it was where they knew. The air temple of the Fire Nation! It still looked the same from their last time here, when they first got Zuko on their side. But now though it was nightfall, and she couldn't see very much except for the edge to the bottomless pit. They all weren't tied up, which was weird...but they were pretty much trapped when she saw HoundDoom blocking their way out, also the fact that Appa was pinned down. She did see a bunch of metal men though around so the SCP must be behind this. Azula and Glaze were there too.

"About time," HoundDoom groaned, walking their way, his breath smoking. Katara reacted first and got in her stance.

"Who are you and what do you want?!"

"Chill babe, I just wanna talk," HoundDoom said, walking over to them. Suddenly the others were pinned back by a group of metal men, to make sure they didn't try anything...Katara was alone.

"Talk?" Katara asked as HoundDoom started circling her.

"But of course. About your little you care for it?" HoundDoom asked, his voice whispering in her ear.


" What would you do if your world is Altered?"



" what way?"

"There's two ways it can be altered. One. There's a ruler from the special SCP to take charge. Two. It becomes a new world for the cute tests subjects in our factory to play in."

"Factory? Test subjects?"

"We have a bunch of lovely mutants who would LOVE to play here! The only problem is the roles in this play need to be taken care of...mainly yours."

"What do you want with us?"

"Well I personally given you two options. One. You can come back with us to that SCP foundation, as our little test players. Or you will be eliminated by our metal men...the choice is yours." The metal men were signaled by their leading fighter and aimed their blades near the teams throats. Katara was frozen. On one hand, they'll survive but will be taken from their home. On the other, they'll all be killed and their world is doomed...but then again, if what HoundDoom is saying is true, their world will ether be a playground for mutants or ruled by a different leader...she slowly began to draw out her water whip but HoundDoom placed his paw on her hand, forcing her to not attack. But before anything else can happen, Harlem stepped in, and began to charge up.

"Harlem what are you doing?"

"I'm tired of waiting...I'm so close to revenge. All I need is one hit."


"I don't care Glaze! I'm settling this now. (Points to Zuko) YOU! I challenge you to an Agni Kai! Right here! Right now!" Harlem demanded.

"Harlem, not now. Maybe when we get back to-"

"Let her do it." The SCP turned to the smallest yet strongest metal man.

"Terror Blade, we need these jokers remember?" Glaze said.

"I know but this is for her. She had been looking forward to this. Besides, will it really make that big of a deal losing just one?" Before Glaze could protest, Terror Blade called off the guard holding Zuko. Zuko alone wasn't expecting this.

"You better know what you're doing TB," Glaze said, walking to him.

"Relax, all she has to do is knock the king off the cliff and that'll do it," Terror Blade said, whispering to him. Zuko got up and looked to Harlem. She was already ready to go, waiting to fight.

"You ready? Monster?" Harlem asked. Zuko looked to the team pinned back, then looked to Katara, whom was now pinned herself by HoundDoom...he didn't have a choice, but he did have an idea.

"Look. In an Agni Kai, there are Victorian rights. If I win, you let us go."

"I don't care for wagers. Now let the fight begin!" and it did.

Zuko's enhanced firebending

Agni Kai begins

Zuko and Azula started off with strong fire-bending hits and went on from there. Mainly it's all hits and misses for the most part. When Zuko used a fire blast, Azula jumped aside. When Azula shot lightning at him, Zuko would dodge it. Occasionally a few hits got too close for comfort and the bystanders nearly got hit. This spooked the metal men the most, being made of metal and all, but Terror Blade calmed them down. Zuko and Azula's Agni Kai was getting more and more intense. One point in the fight though changed everything.

Azula was just about to go in and attack again, charging for a lightning strike when suddenly she glanced at one of the large metal men at the reflection...she could have sworn she saw something else...she saw someone else...Ursa. This made her loose her aim and miss completely.

"HARLEM WATCH IT!" Glaze screamed, but Azula didn't even hear him. She could clearly see someone there but Zuko gave her another fire blast. This didn't burn her but knocked her into the large fountain nearby. Azula looked through the water reflection when she got out and there was Ursa again, looking up to her.

"Stop. This isn't who you were meant to be."

"Who are you?"

"You don't recognize me? I'm Ursa."

"...Ursa?..." Azula was too distracted by this vision that she forgot about the fight until Glaze jumps in front of her, stepping on Ursa's apparition.

"Harlem focus! You're in an Agni Kai here!"

"Oh yeah, sorry," Harlem said, jumping back in. The fight continued on like before but Azula isn't doing so good this time. As the fight continued, Azula began to get her old insanity back and began hearing Ursa's disembodied voice in her head. She tried to ignore it time and time again but it grew louder and more powerful until it began to block every other noise. This point Azula collapsed, gripping her head, covering her ears.

"Harlem!" Glaze raced to her but it didn't look good. She was right at the edge, on the ground, shivering as if she had a panic attack. Azula herself was trying to block the voices but it wasn't working. Azula was so freaked out, she couldn't react to anything. When her eyes were opened, she saw Ursa standing with her, blade in hand, and pressed it to her throat! her life began to flash out before her eyes...this, to Harlem, changed everything.

The life she was seeing wasn't her own. She kept seeing herself with Ursa, her life as a kid. But she was told that Zuko was the one who was the evil one and always got his way all the time...but this showed the exact opposite. It was her being the evil one! The rest fallowed up as the years went by and her growing up on a different story. She kept hearing herself being called Azula instead of Harlem. She was seemingly standing, watching a cinema of her true life being played out...her real life...not as Harlem...but as Azula. Azula didn't understand why she was the evil one until two scenes presented themselves. The first one was their last Agni Kai, when Azula officially became insane during the comet...then there was after that... Of switchblade giving her the scars...But suddenly those visions suddenly became static, as if someone was messing the projector...she opened her eyes again, the voices quiet, Ursa gone, and now Glaze is screaming at her to wake up, with the name Harlem again. Azula felt very weak as Zuko raced over to her, knocking Glaze out of the way.

"...Zuko?...Zuko..." she quietly moaned.

"Azula...I'm so sorry..." Zuko thought in shame. They all were watching all of this, and HoundDoom no longer wanted to wait, he didn't care for this world in anyway.

"I'M ENDING THIS!!" HoundDoom yelled. Zuko and Azula hardly had time to react when HoundDoom blasted his fiery breath at them. But Katara, finding a moment to strike, put out the fire before it got to them. Immediately HoundDoom charged at her.

"Now you've done it! You're De-" HoundDoom stopped when he felt an icy cold pain in his was an ice shard jabbed in his neck! He heard a steam as he grew weaker and weaker, as he turned colder and colder. So cold that the blood from his neck actually froze! He tried his fire breath but thanks to the shard all that came out was steam...HoundDoom was beat.

"Very...clever," HoundDoom said, before he collapsed to the ground. His body turned blue, his fire extinguished...HoundDoom can no longer fight. He isn't dead, but he still can't do anything. Terror Blade signaled his metal men to attack but suddenly someone blasted electricity at them, paralyzing them!

"HARLEM! What the heck?!?!" Azula gave Terror Blade the death look, her famous look.

"I'm not name is Azula." Azula finally realized her side, and regained her lost memory. Terror blade didn't know this though, none of them did. Azula quickly zapped Terror Blade with a warning shot, which sent him and Glaze out running...there was silence from there. HoundDoom was taken away, and the Metal Men ran off too. Now the team was left with Azula...she stood there for a second or two, trying to comprehend what's happening.

"Azula?...are you...ok?" Zuko asked. Azula felt her scar on her face...then she noticed something...her was back! Sure her scar was still there but now she can use her other eye. She looked right to Zuko, tears in her eyes.

"...I'm sorry..."

Everyone was very quiet now. Since when did they expect her to say that.

"For everything I've done. I was completely heartless. Cruel. I even tried to kill Zuko just so I can be queen...but when I finally became ruler. I lost everything. My friends, my servants. I even lost my sanity in becoming queen. And in the end...I lost my right...and nearly my life...Zuko. Brother. I'm sorry," Azula said, bowing down as if being taken prisoner. Everyone still wasn't sure how to react to this. She was telling the truth, confirmed by Toph herself. Zuko noticed this just once before and that's when she was taken away from him at the beginning. Appa walked over to the edge, waiting for the others to get on.

"Let's go everyone." Zuko said. Everyone but Azula got on Appa. Aang gave his signal but Appa didn't go...he knew what Zuko meant. Azula turned sadly away but...

"Aren't you coming?"


"I said for everyone to go. And that includes you."

"You mean..."

"Yes Azula. I forgive you."

Of course, the others were confused about this, but Azula got on and it was now Appa flew off...after they left though...someone else appeared from the shadows. Now everyone gone, it was safe to go out...Endermare.

He snuck in after they arrived and waited for this. He saw where Azula saw Ursa in the fountain and walked right to there. He began speaking strange words, unrecognizable by normal human ears...then a figure began to rise from the reflection, into the real world...

"Thank you," she said.

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