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The Journey to the North
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Avatar: The Legend of Aang: The Red Revolt





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September 16, 2013

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Ch.25: The Letter

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Ch.27: Arrival

~~ The Agricultural district of Ba Sing Se~~

As the sun rose an that decisive day the Gaang woke up instantly, going outside the Airship to begin their training.

After a short training cession they met with King Kuei, who was just examining the condition his army is in. "Good morning, Team Avatar. I hope you slept well," said the Earth King. "I just received a letter from Fire Lord Zuko. He will be here shortly, in about an hour."

"I've examined the intelligence reports you gave," said Sokka. "I suggest that we go straight up North from here and then turn West, towards the Northern Water Tribe."

"But that will take several more days," replied King Kuei. "What if we're too late?"

"I've calculated that even if we as I chose we would arrive to the Northern Water Tribe three to four days earlier than the Red Revolt fleet. That would still give us enough time to prepare for the battle."

"I'm suppose you're right. I'll call the other Generals. You can give a full briefing in my war room on my Airship when the Fire Lord arrives." Said King Kuei, as he went back to his Airship.

"What now?" asked Hokai. "We still got an hour left."

"We have to keep training," said Aang. "We have to be able to withstand the massive Armada. I just hope that Admiral Shinzou isn't as crazy as Zhao."

"Enough talking!" Shouted Toph. "It's time to fight!" Toph used her Earthbending to launch several rocky discs towards the other Gaang members. The three bending master repelled the attack easily, Aang and Hokai created steady Air Shields and Katara used her Waterbending to slice the disc in half. Sokka on the other hand had trouble. Using his instincts he just lay down on the ground, avoiding the disc.

"Sokka, what was that?" asked Aang. "Why didn't you use your Airbending skills?"

"I guess that I'm just use to fighting like this," said Sokka.

"It's all right," replied Katara. "I needed several years just to be able to do the most simple Waterbending moves. You learned a lot in the past weeks," said Katara, trying to comfort her brother.

Just then the sun darkened. "What's happening?" Hokai asked.

"Zuko's arrived," said Sokka, pointing to the three Airships in the air. "Come on, we have to get to the Earth Kings war room!" As that was said the Gaang started to move towards the Earth King's Airship, where they would meet their old friend.

~~ King Kuei's war room~~

The Gaang entered the room, where already, the other high ranking Earth Kingdom officers, the Earth King and Zuko were waiting for them. "Welcome, Team Avatar. Sit down, we are just discussing about our strategy in battle," said King Kuei.

"Time is limited," said Zuko. "The Red Revolt Navy needs a week to get to the very walls of the Northern Water Tribe. If we act quickly we can arrive our days ahead of them."

"Let Sokka speak first," said the Earth King.

"I've decided, that it would be best if our fleet travels on this course. (opens a map on the table)," said Sokka. "This is the safest course and the Red Revolt won't know how many ships and troops we've got. The journey would take a little longer, but the safety of the crews is more important."

"What about the Fleet?" said Fire Lord Zuko. "We need a way to stop at least a part of the Fleet before it reaches the city. The combined fire power of the ships is massive."

"We'we already taken care of that," said King Kuei. "After the war I met a inventor, the Mechanist. He showed me the designs of a new type of sea mine. Easy to use and to manufacture. I've already sent him and enough supplies to the North pole a week ago."

Just then an Earth Kingdom messenger came into the room. "Sir, all Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom Airships are fueled and ready. We are awaiting your command."

"Order the Ships to launch. I must leave you now. Good luck, you'll need it," said King Kuei as he left the Ship.

"Wait, why isn't Kuei coming along?" asked Aang.

"The Earth King has other important tasks in the city. Ba Sing Se is still weary from the Dai Li conspiracy and we need the Earth King in the city," said General How.

The massive Airship armada, which consisted of twenty-one ships lifted into the Air and started sailing towards the North Pole. "General, might I see the reports?" said Sokka. "We need to form a strategy, once we're in the Water Tribe."

"I'll stay here and join you," said Fire Lord Zuko. "If I know my sister she'll probably want to do the same as Zhao the last time. She wants to kill the Moon spirit. I've summoned an entire battalion of Firebenders, with the sole duty of protecting the Spirit Oasis."

"We'll just leave you with your plans," said Aang, as he realized, that he, Katara, Toph and Hokai weren't needed in the War Room. "They went to the outside terrace of the Airship where they sat down.

~~ The Airship outside terrace~~

"Hmm, guys I don't want to ruin the experience for everyone, but I'm not that comfortable here," said Toph. "I'll just go to my room, where it's nice and not open."

"I'll escort you," replied Hokai, as he went with Toph, guiding her to her room. "What's wrong, Katara? Ever since you heard about the invasion you've been quiet," said Aang.

"I'm just worried," replied Katara. "The Northern Water Tribe is the only place on the planet where real Waterbending masters live. If Azula an Shinzou achieve and conquer the city, the Waterbenders will cease to exist."

"That's why we're here," replied Aang, comforting Katara.

"I don't know why I'm acting like this. We've been on countless missions and battles and I was never as scared as now," said Katara.

"It's natural. You're scared that your people, your culture and bending might cease to exist. It was the same with me, when I found out that the Fire Nation murdered my people," said Aang.

"But, what if we fai.," said Katara.

"AANG, KATARA, what are you doing here?!" said a voice behind them. It was Suki. "It's so nice to see you all again."

"It's nice to see you too. What are you doing here?" asked Aang.

"The other Kyoshi Warriors and I agreed to help the Water Tribe. It's our duty to.," said Suki.

"Suki! Is that you?" said Sokka, as he entered the terasse and hugged Suki. "How've you been?"

"Fine, like always," replied Suki. For a moment everything was seemed to be alright and the old Gaang sat together and talked about their past adventures.


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