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Agni Kai

Team Avatar and the Freedom Fighters continued on Appa's back for awhile, trying to get to Ba Sing Se. Appa had easily traveled for a very good while but when they started getting to the shore, suddenly a wave of exhaustion hit Appa as he crash landed in the dirt, knocking everyone else off his back in the process.

"Appa!" Aang shouted, running to his side. He was relived it was just because he's tired, but they can't risk such a chance, the enemy can be just nearby. And given what they actually are, that can easily be the case.

"Is Appa okay?"

"Yeah Katara, he's just tired. Too much people riding I guess. Don't worry Appa, we can rest a bit if you want." Appa however was determined to go, despite his state. He kept trying to get up but he can't seem to keep balance and he can only managed to stay on his feet, though too tired to fly.

"Well it looks like were grounded for now."

"We can't be grounded! If those things find us-"

"I know I know. But were miles away from them by now, they can't find us all the way here."

Despite that, The group still wasn't sure. Judging their dealing with another universe making group, their probably watching them now. But however If that's the case, they might as well at least try to continue to get to the Earth Kingdom in some way. Appa did walk a bit to the shore where they all saw a boat loading dock. Perfect!

"Thank you Appa. I'll go on ahead, the rest of you can wait here," Aang said, and with that he went off to the village. The rest staying with Appa for now.

The whole group didn't know what to do at the point. Sokka was looking over the map with Smellerbee and Suki, Pipsqueak and Toph were training, the others were talking over what to do but Longshot was simply staring off into space. Ty was the only one who saw him but she didn't bother. Sure she didn't know Longshot as much as the others but she does know who would like to be left alone.

"How long has it been since Aang left?" Katara asked.

"I don't hour I think," Zuko said.

"Well I guess it's a bit hard for Aang himself...maybe I should go find him," Katara said, getting up.

"Alright you do that," Toph said, chilling on Appa's side. Katara went off on her way. She only walked off a bit of ways until she began to get that strange sense on her. She was outta sight from the others but not to the village yet. She kept looking around rather worried...she felt something was watching her...  When she began to hear footsteps, she quickly got her water whip ready.

"Who's there!" Katara yelled...Katara waited for awhile more but didn't hear or see anything. She calmed down but began to hear the footsteps again. This time though she did see someone. She looked rather glum but Katara panicked when she saw the deadly blade in hand!


20 long minutes past as the team was trying to work things out. Aang still hadn't come back and now Katara wasn't around ether. Sokka went off to check on them...then Zuko...then Longshot...then even Toph...and soon not many were left around. Now just Suki, Ty and Smellerbee were left. And now Suki had it and was about to go.

"That's it. Something's not right here, I'm going to look."

"But Suki, they'll be back. I just know it," Ty said.

"Well I'm not waiting. Think about it! Toph went out and she's not back yet. TOPH! The greatest earth-bender ever! If they got something she would at least come back after the hour they were gone!"

"...good point. But how do you know if they had just waited for their ship or something? Even if they were attacked Toph can handle it," Smellerbee said.

"Yeah, and when do you think it'll take for her to come back and tell us?" Suki had a very good point. Toph can take on whoever there is in 10 seconds flat. Even less! And it wouldn't take her an hour to come back.

"Okay okay let's go."

"Good answer," Suki said. The three were gonna go but looking ahead, they suddenly saw someone walking weakly towards them. She didn't look like any normal girl they know, red hair, odd cloths, that sort a thing. Her mouth was in a frown of hatred as she dragged a large blade behind her. Immediately Smellerbee got on the offensive and got her own blade out but upon closer look, she already looked weakened and damaged.

"You okay?" Suki asked. Appa grew weary as she stopped nearby.

"I," she breathed out, but only barely.

"What's wrong?!" Ty asked.

"Avatar...SCP...captured!" she groaned under her breath.

"I knew it. Come on!"


With some direction from their new damsel, they quickly bolted down to the village. They found where they are supposed to be, a small house on the edge of the village. The three tried the door and oddly it wasn't locked like they expected it to be.

"Stay on guard, who knows who's in here," Suki said. They looked around for awhile until their fears were concurred. They managed to find their team...all tied up! Even Toph was tied up, but she was to the wooden wall so she can't fight.

"Everyone! What happened?!" Ty gasped. The others tried to talk, but couldn't. Suki quickly got over and tried to get them free with Smellerbee and Ty's help...but the whole time someone else fallowed them. She quietly closed the door, locking it and confronting the now trapped group. They all saw their captor...The girl...the one that tricked the trio to come here.

"Hey what gives?!" Smellerbee asked after realizing they were locked in.

"Stay...this'll only take a second," she said, pulling out her sword!

"Whoa wait! What gives?! What did we do?!"

"It's what your NOT going to do," she said, readying her blade.

"Don't you dare try. I'm-"

"I know Avatar. It's for the me," she said.

"The best for what? We don't even know you so how can we trust you?!"

" you know me. Trust me," Melasa said. Toph quickly pinned her down as Sokka aimed his sword to her. The others don't have a clue what's happening or what this girl is talking about, but now they need to figure things out. Smellerbee kept her back with her own blades as the others got to the door. Melasa kept trying to escape and "help" but when an assassin tries to kill them as helping their not taking chances.

"No! Wait! You don't understand!"

"Pipe down you. Not a good idea to keep yelling," Smellerbee said.

"So what do we do with her?"

"Only thing we can do is bring her to the prison hold," Zuko decided. Melasa got panicked completely but they didn't bother with her. Zuko managed to get the door open...but their shocks had just caught up with them. Someone, or something suddenly knocked out Zuko, throwing him back to the wall! The others hardly had a second to react as the same thing bolted around, knocking them out cold! for Melasa, she only can get who it was before it got to her.

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