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The night was very quiet and cloudy, the moon couldn't shine through the thick clouds above the fire navy prison. The rain was heard from inside as a very important prisoner sighed depressed...Fire Lord Ozai. Or at least he was Fire Lord until Zuko took the throne back from Azula since the end of the war, and wasn't aware of the crazy adventures the lord and the team had done beforehand. He was really disappointed in Zuko still, but then again he was the one who banished him and his so-called wife away, but that's because their family line connected to the least at the time. Now the war is over, and now his bending is gone completely, he is now just a man rotting away in his prison cell...but now he heard the door opening. He was looking to the wall and didn't even bother to turn around.

"What do you want now?" Ozai groaned, thinking it was his son. There wasn't a reply at first, only footsteps leading to his cage.

"If you're going to come in then at least don't become silent. Say something. I don't care," Ozai sighed.

"Shut up you old hag, and get out."

Ozai was surprised but only a little bit. This became real surprise when he turned and saw who it actually was. Who was standing there is one particular daughter who opened up the cage, with a particular human-like pony by her side.

"Is that really you? Azula?" Of course, thinking she was Harlem now, she got very annoyed.

"Why does everyone call me that here?" Harlem groaned.

"Calm down rookie. Now you Ozai, you coming out or do you want to rot the rest of your life?" Glaze ordered. Being smart, he of course got out. But of course he didn't take kindly to this animal's attitude to him, being an ex-king and all. This only fueled it further when Glaze commented under his breath, "He'd better be of any use."

"You better watch it."

"Why? You're nothing but a stupid old coot who can't fight."

"You're talking to the king here!"

"The King? HA! the only king you are is king of the bars, now come on." Ozai got ahead and stopped them both.

"You better stop it with the insults right now. Or I swear, I will break you," Ozai warned. But this just got Harlem and Glaze laughing.

"Come on, for real! What can you do?" Glaze laughed. Ozai could see he was no use for them in anyway as far as use goes for him.

"If I'm not any use...then what do you want from me? You're acting like failures if you're releasing something you don't need."

"Hey quiet you. Unless you want to get zapped into dust," Azula growled, which shocked Ozai completely.

"How dare you talk that way to your father! I've helped you get to the top for princess and this is how you treat me?!" Glaze nudged against Azula's side.

"Poor guy, the prison time warped his brain," Glaze said.

"SHUT UP!" Ozai said, kicking the horse. Azula immediately zapped him, paralyzed him, and knocked him down. Glaze got up thanks to Harlem's help and walked right to Ozai.

"You didn't...well, you know."

"No. I just paralyzed him," Harlem said.

"Good, good. Now look, I've got a bit of schedule to keep with Slender man so, can you do the honors in kidnapping Team Avatar for me?"

"Why do we need that dumb team anyway? They don't seem to fight very well."

"Who said we need them for fighting? Slender man needs test subjects remember? Not fighters. Here (Glaze gives her an odd device the SCP uses for transport. Kind of small and disk-shaped). When you're done with paralyzing them, then use this to get to the foundation and then you can relax, okay? Come on Ozai, lets go." Glaze got Ozai on his back, feeling the aftershock slightly from the electricity, and they both went outside. They had beaten up, if not killed, many guards on their way here so it was rather easy. when they got to the exit, they parted ways.

"Now Harlem, remember. Don't kill them! We need them alive, got it?"

"Got it, pal. See ya later."

"Oh Harlem wait! there's something else you should know. I've heard rumors that a strange person is running around, trying to find the Avatar to wipe him out. If she finds them before you do, the mission is a failure. So try to get them ASAP."

"Got it, thanks...but who is this other person?"

"I don't know the name, but she does have a deadly sword in hand so watch it."

" don't mean-"

"Yes I do, now go before she chops them into meatsticks. I'll check up on you in a few days time, Endermare told me that Team Avatar's gone to rendezvous in Ba Sing Se with the king since your last attempt, confusing you with the assassin Princess Azula."

"So that's why I'm being called that!"

"Yeah, for being protagonists, they sure are idiots. Oh! Can you do one last thing for me?"

"What?" Harlem asked, sighing in annoyance.

"Endermare also told me that H8_Seed had actually helped the team with their little problem...give him a good zap will ya?"

"Of course."


The next day, Team Avatar and the Freedom Fighters were getting ready to be off to tell the Earth King. They couldn't risk it if they stayed there, Azula and those killer ponies nearby.

"Okay everyone, ready to go?" Aang asked.

"Yeah Aang, were ready. Just say the word and we'll go," Katara said.

"Wait Aang. I don't think everyone's ready," Hiro sighed, looking to Zuko talking to Mai. He was just finishing talking to her and walked back with Mai by his side.

"Okay Zuko, you ready?" Suki asked.

"Yeah, I am," Zuko said. He said his goodbye to Mai and got onto Appa's back.

"You ready buddy?" Appa gave his approval and with that he flew off to Ba Sing Se to discuss plans.

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