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August 24, 2013

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Azula's Comeback

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The whole team waited as Zuko came to.

" okay?" Mai asked as Zuko got up.

"Yeah I'm fine. What happened?"

"Azula had zapped you with her lightning. Lucky for you it wasn't as severe as it used to be," Iroh said. Everyone was relieved that he was okay, but now Aang was thinking.

"Something has changed with Azula."

"Uh hello?! She calls herself Harlem, that's messed up."

"No Sokka...I mean her bending. It looked a bit weakened."

"Yeah, I've noticed that too. I got hit by her lightning before and this one wasn't as powerful."

"Then again it was during the comet. And you know firebending is at its peak at that time, remember?" Hiro said.

"Oh yeah."

"But why is she calling herself Harlem? She must have been messed with or something. Most of us had crossed with Azula at least once, and knows how crafty she can be," Aang threw in. But before anyone discussion can go on, Toph got a similar vibe from the halls.

"Hold that thought," Toph said. One quick stomp and she got a hit just outside of the door.

"Ow..." a hurt voice said, as a now hit and dizzy H8_Seed stumbled in, using his mechanical wings to hold himself up as he shook his head.

"H8? Why are you here?" Ty asked.

"My full name is H8_Seed actually. And I just thought to stop by to give you all something (drops a bag full of their letters!). You forgot these when you came back."

"Uh...thanks...but we don't need this stuff."

"You sure Ty?"

"Well I guess. I mean, we're back, what else is it for?"

" you've forgotten about The Duke already?" Now the Freedom Fighters jumped in.

"You know where The Duke is?!"

"Hey hey! Calm down Miss eh..."


"Right, right. Now look outta each of these, three of them spell out where you need to go. Here have a look." H8_Seed then took three notes and put them together with some angling. With each first letter put in the right order. One was Secure. One Contain. One spelled right out S.C.P clearly.

"S...C...P...well how does that help?" Aang asked.

"The SCP is the group all these odd characters are from. Smile Dog, Ghost, Endermare, Glaze...even I am a part of this group. They aren't found in your usual worlds, found in a special facility where they work on horrifying experiments and projects (shudders a little)."

"So...can you get us there?"

"Hey, I'm just a lackey, I have no clue how. Even if I could, I doubt our boss would be any happy to see you."

"And who's the boss?"

"...Slender-man...he is a very tall, very powerful human-like being that formed the whole group in the first place. He's an expert at creation of mutants and created a new type of bending called Anti-Bending."

"What's Anti-bending?" Ty asked.

"It's kinda like a parody of your bending, only it's more varied and less noticeable. You actually have one Ty Lee, in the form of chi-blocking. The forms include paralyzation, fear, dark magic, and tele kinetics. But never mind that Mumbo-jumbo, let's figure this out."

"One more question...why are you helping us out? If you're working for a monster, I thought you were gonna kill us if anything," Hiro asked.

"Okay Dog. To begin, Slenderman isn't exactly a monster. He's just one of those businessmen who don't care much for tax collectors."

"What's that?"

"You don't have those here?" Everyone said no.

"...lucky. But anyway, I'm only giving you guys a hand so you guys can get to the business quicker, and so Mr.S can get his testing finished. It's not easy getting there you know, take a lotta planning, the right portals and- Oh! Here it is," H8_Seed said, getting the last letter up. But it held up a rather odd message showing TT on it. He never heard of this.

"Uh...You guys know any TT around here?"


"Yeah, says right here, see?" H8_Seed then gave it to Katara as she read it over. None of them were getting it at first...but then Toph remembered something...the Titans! It's their world, they'll have to get their answer there!

"Look pony. Thanks for the notes, you can go now," Hiro said.

"Huh? But I-"

"Come on you." Hiro grabbed him and dragged him out. He's not taking chances with this character. All the clues they got now is simply where The Duke and Toube are, and where there supposed to go to get there...but they have one problem first. They have to handle Azula first.

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