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Avatar: The Legend of Aang: The Red Revolt





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August 30, 2013

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Ch.22:The History of the Air Nomads

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Ch.24: Spiritual Guides, Part 2

~~The Gaang's House~~

"Hey, you two! Wake up!!" shouted Sokka, early in the morning.

"WHAT'S WRONG?! Are we under attack?" asked the panicked Aang.

"What? No... I'm just excited about our lesson today," replied Sokka, with a smile on his face.

"What happened? I heard screaming!" said Katara, as she entered the room.

"Nothing's wrong," Hokai replied. "Sokka's just thrilled about today's lesson."

"Wow, you've certainly changed," said Katara. "Last night you were all grumpy, almost fed up with the Airbending training and today you're acting completely different."

"That's because of the dream I had," Sokka replied. "I saw Jinju, our great-grandfather in my dream. But it was more than a dream. It really looked as he was proud of me for finally learning how to bend."

"So, that's it?" Aang asked. "Jinju just looked at you the whole time. Did you two talk?"

"Yes, we did. But I kind of didn't understand him. He gave me a warning. He said that I should stay away from the Centipede realm. What ever that means... Spirits can be so strange at expressing themselves some times."

"That's not good," said Hokai. "The Centipede realm is a dark place in the Spirit World. It's the residence of Koh."

"Oh no, that means that Jinju is in trouble," said Aang. "We need to help him!"

"But how, only the Avatar can get in and out of the Spirit World," replied Hokai.

"I know someone that can help," said Aang as he started running towards the top of the central mountain.

"Hey, watch it!" said an old Air Nomad Club member, when Aang stepped on his foot.

"Sorry!" Aang shouted back, as he came to the top of the mountain. "I've been looking all over for you. We need your help."

"Avatar. You know, that you can always rely on me," said Guru Pathik. "Now, what seems to be the problem?"

"It's Sokka's great-grandfather," said Aang. "We think, that he's been abducted by Koh, the face stealer. We need your help, so that we can get to the Spirit World."

"Go to your friends and meet me in the main hall on the Western mountain," said Guru Pathik. Aang rushed as fast as he could to his friends, barely avoiding stepping on that old man's foot. He told the rest of the Gaang, where they should meet, and all of them started running towards the hall.

~~The Western mountain main Hall~~

"Okay, we're here," replied Aang.

"Wonderful... Wait. Are you all going with Aang?" asked the Guru.

"I have to. He is my ancestor too," replied Katara.

"Actually I was talking to the girl in the Green clothes," replied the Guru. "I am sorry, but I think that you don't realize what the Spirit World does to you. I know that you can't see, and that you use your bending to orientate yourself. But you can't use any bending in the Spirit World. I am sorry."

"Well then, I guess, that I'm going for a Spa day instead," said Toph, a little disappointed.

"Are you ready?" asked the Guru. "Aang. You go to the Spirit World first and summon a spirit, that would help you. I suggest a past Avatar. You must find three spirits. One for each of you friends."

Aang did as he was told and went into the Spirit World. It wasn't long until he came to himself. "I did it," he said. The statues of the Avatars in the room started to glow and three past Avatars emerged. "So, these are my past lives. Katara, this is Avatar Kyoshi. She'll be your spiritual guide, while we're in the Spirit World. Hokai, this is Monk Gyatso, your guide. And Sokka, this is Monk Tashi. Your spiritual guide."

"Hello, children. Don't be scared. Just grab our hands," said Monk Gyatso. The three did as they were told and the past Avatar and the Monks transported them to the Spirit World in a flash. "Welcome to the Spirit World."

~~The Spirit World~~

"This is so weird," said Katara as she looked around the Spirit World.

The Gaang and their guides started walking to the Realm of Koh.

"It is weird to you, but we call it home," said Avatar Kyoshi. "After being here for several hundred years you become used to this place."

"Hey, might I ask you something Monk Tashi," Sokka said. "How come that Hokai and I got Monks as our Guides, but Katara got Kyoshi. It's not that I don't respect your decision, I just want to know."

"Gyatso volunteered because he decided to be Hokai's Spiritual guide. Every Air Nomad in history had a spiritual guide. Aang went to the Spirit World several times and asked multiple Monks to help you. He finally decided, that I should be your Spiritual Guide. So, remember. If you ever need some help or advice, just connect with me," said Monk Tashi.

"But how. I thought, that only the Avatar can connect with the Spirit World," said Sokka.

"Your right and wrong. Only the Avatar can go to the Spirit World. Every person that has achieved Spiritual Enlightenment can connect with his guardian spirit. If you meditate I will connect with you and help you," said Tashi. "You can always count on me."

"Thanks," said Sokka.


"So, It's been such a long time since we saw each other," said Gyatso. "You've changed in the last hundred years. You became stronger and wiser. Both of you," said Gyatso to Hokai, but then changed it so that both Airbenders would be happy. "If you ever need me, Hokai. I'm here for you. You know what you must do."

"Yes, Master, I do," replied Hokai.

Just then, as they were talking they heard a noise. A figure appeared in front of them. It was Avatar Roku, Aang's spiritual Guide. "I couldn't let you go on a adventure without me," said Roku. "Aang, we meet again."

"It's an honor, to see you again, Avatar Roku," said Aang.

"It's an honor to see you as well. You've accomplished what few Avatar had done through history. You've achieved victory without taking a life," said Roku. "Now come, The Realm of Koh is only a mile away. I saw your great-grandfather being taken by Koh... Now, come with me, we haven't got a lot of time."

The Gaang and their spiritual guides followed Avatar Roku, as he showed them the way to Koh. They knew, that they had a long and gruelling battle ahead of them.


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