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Azula's Comeback
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August 24, 2013

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A few days went by before Team Avatar and the Freedom Fighters arrived at Zuko's palace. What they did find was the damaged caused by that animal that escape days before. The giant hole in the wall hadn't been fixed yet and the soldiers attacked weren't at their posts, trying to recover.

"Man! Looks like a bomb hit or something," Sokka said. It indeed looked like that. From Zuko's door to the hole in the wall, there's giant hoof prints of an unknown source left in the ground, on a black trail. The odd thing too is that what looks like ash from a fire was actually more like chalk on a sidewalk. Zuko arrived outside sometime later, now oddly feeling better, with Iroh by his side.

"Aang. It's great you showed up," Zuko started.

"Zuko! You're all right!" Ty said, hugging him.

"What happened here?" Aang asked, to anyone really who knew anything.

"A spirit is what happened, Avatar. Just a few days ago, a strange creature somehow got into the palace and escape through there. Our soldiers couldn't even hurt it, let along stop it," Iroh explained.

"A spirit did this?"

"That's right. I believe this is something for the Avatar to handle," Iroh said. Aang knew exactly what he meant. He had done this many times before, so this won't be too hard. But before he could do anything, suddenly someone nearly killed him on the spot with a lightning shot!

"What the?...oh no."

What a surprise on who showed up this time. There...standing in full view...was Azula! She looked the same, only not the same. Her clothes were different, kind of like what Ty would wear. But her attack by Switchblade surely showed, having scars much worse than Zuko did. On the same side of her face, but it reached all the way down to her arm. The claw marks showed too, one above and below her now missing eye, and an x above her chest.

"Azula! You're alive!...but how?" Zuko said to her. This gave Azula an oddly annoyed look.

"First of all, that's not my name. My name is Harlem. Second, I had survived from that little plan of yours to murder me," she growled.

"What the heck are you talking about?"

"You know what I'm talking about! Don't lie to me like you always do." Iroh got worried, Azula either really lost her mind or her memory.

"Okay then, Harlem. What has Zuko done?" Iroh asked.

"You should know you old has been! You were there!"

"Maybe. But I'm getting too old to remember so far back. You mind telling what happened?"

"Why should I?! You devils don't need to be retold of that horror tale!" Azula now began to rain terror down on them in lightning. Everyone tried fighting, but her style had completely changed from normal bending. In fact, her bending didn't seem normal ether, her lightning having a more purple color instead of the usual white. Zuko bolted in and pinned her back so she couldn't bend.

"Stop it! None of us know what you're talking about!"

"Let go of me you assassin! I can't be beaten!" Azula shrieked, trying to move.

"Calm down Azula. I won't hurt my own sister."

"WHAT?! (Throws Zuko off) I don't have a brother! I'm a only child! And even if I had a brother, why would it be the one who planned to kill me?!"

"Would you quit lying already?!" Zuko yelled...but Toph was seeing something different.

"...she's not lying."

"Toph, you kidding?"

"No. She is telling the truth - which is a first. She really thinks that happened."

"IT DID HAPPEN! Look at me. My scars were all thanks to you!" Azula yelled, getting ready to shoot, but Iroh jumped in and redirected her lightning outta the way. Everyone thought that was done but Azula focused on the lightning bolt...and it began to turn back! It landed straight on Zuko, exactly on his scar, paralyzing him instantly.


Everyone raced to Zuko's side but Azula was getting ready for another one. But right before she could...

"Hold it Harlem! (on a rooftop they all saw a odd figure of two horse-like creatures standing there) We need them alive and you know it."

"WHO'S UP THERE?!" Suki yelled.

"Name's Glaze Baka. You think you're lucky for the first time all of ya were jumping in those other worlds but trust me (jumps off the roof onto the ground, walking to them) your luck just ran out."

"What the heck are you talking about? How'd you know we were here anyway?"

Glaze gave a quick whistle and they all heard distant galloping. After hearing a ghostly whinny, jumping through the wall was that ghostly giraffe they saw days before!

"Team Avatar? Meet Endermare."

"Slendermare?" Smellerbee asked. Glaze got in her face.

"No. Endermare! He was toting with Zuko for a while while you Uh...8. 9. 10 clowns were running around in that other raccoon Anthro world. You guys just gotta stick around for awhile before-" Before Glaze could finish, the other pony gave him a hit on the snout.

"What the heck was that for?"

"Glaze sir. It's not exactly a good time. Look. Just let then at least know what their dealing with. After all, they can't really do anything. We can at least give them a chance on who's behind this."

"H8, just-...but I-...ARGH! Fine. Endermare, keep an eye on them. Let's go." Glaze groaned, walking away. It was rather odd given their situation. Azula (or Harlem) was gonna fire when Glaze snapped "No zapping! Let's get a go on until these idiots figure it out."

"But Glaze-"

"Harlem...come on. (turns to the two teams) as for you guys, this is far from over. You have no idea what you're against." Glaze and Harlem walked out as Endermare disappeared. H8 waited until they were outta sight, until Team Avatar went inside Zuko's palace to check on him. Only he and Suki were out. H8 just stared at first until

"H8_Seed! Let's go!" Azula called. The pony turned and followed...

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