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August 19, 2013

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Azula's Comeback

Aang tumbled through and landed again on hard ground. But this time though it's ground he knew deep down...home...but why would that Pyramid Head help him home? This is one thing Aang will have to overlook because around the same point everyone else had also came back...well all except Toube.

Everyone was teleported back to Ba Sing Se, and in front of their house so they settled down inside and was telling their part of their story. It seemed strange at first but they all had a similar story. All of them were thrown into the Cooper world and were brought back by notes given to them. Though it isn't clear where Toube is though still. From Toph's story, he was left in another universe where they met their "Teen Titans" friends, which had to take a lot of explaining to the Freedom Fighters and those who weren't involved in the first story on who they are. Speaking of which, The Duke was still not found in ether adventure so their still worried over that. It was Suki and Longshot's story though that intrigued them the most.

"Azula captured you?!" Aang gasped.

"That's right. She came outta nowhere and took us outta there along with her lackey BEN," Suki said. Well, now they know Azula's alive but hasn't changed.

"Oh great. She's probably trying to get back herself," Sokka groaned.

"There is one problem though...well, she looked brutally burned on her face. Like Zuko, but much worse. And...I don't know, it looked like she didn't know us."

"Did she see Longshot before?" Smellerbee asked.

"Well no. But we had crossed paths during the war...yet she acted like we never met."

"How strange...Azula was the Fire Lord she should know you by now-..."

Then they all remembered someone...Zuko! What happened to him?!



At the Fire Nation, their fears were confirmed. Zuko was in pretty bad shape. The attack by that humanoid Smile Dog knocked him out for about a few days and the rest of the time he had to stay in bed to recover. The attack slashed his scar to the point when it showed bone, it was that bad. Now he was bandaged up, second scar mysteriously gone. Iroh and Mai were usually there when he needed anything, but now they've hired a new guard for him. Another old friend of Toube named Hiro.

Sick Zuko

Zuko after the attack

"Zuko. You feeling any better?" Mai asked, walking into Zuko's room. She can tell Zuko was having trouble resting, he has been for a while now since the attack. For Zuko, each time he fell asleep he always sees the same thing...he was stuck in a dream realm...full of fog...seeing this horse. Or pony. Or SOMETHING. Standing in the fog. It was close enough so Zuko can see it but too far away to touch or make out. It became more and more clear and it got closer each time he slept, as if death is drawing to him. He woke up with Mai by his bed.

"Hi Mai. When did you come in?"

"Just now. You okay?"

"Not really...I don't know how far this is gonna go." Zuko said. He looked to Mai, whom was worried over him. Zuko too was worried, this dream spell had the figure very close now. The next time he'll sleep it would be on top of him...he's not waiting for it.

"Mai...I need to be alone right now."

"But Zuko-"

"But nothing. Just go," Zuko said. Mai understood this and walked out...Zuko then laid back down and went to sleep.

Just as he expected, his fog dream realm came back...but this time he can't see it anywhere...and now he's no longer in that fog filled area...instead now a line was made in the dark room... At first it seemed like a reptile eye was opening up, only there was no eye. That fog began to roll back to him as he heard distant galloping of hooves coming to him. It grew louder and louder as Zuko saw that same thing in the fog. It galloped his way then slowed to just a walk. It only stopped when Zuko saw it clearly. It had a similar human face on a pony head attached to a black giraffe body. It's huge white eyes seem to look right through him. But then suddenly the word "Zuko!" kept being called. Each time it did, the figure, along with everything else was being static. It kept doing that until a flash was made and Zuko woke up.

"Zuko! You're up now?!"

Zuko looked and saw his new guard, Hiro. He was a large canine, about Toube's size but with yellow fur and eye sliced out.

"What was that for?" Zuko groaned.

"Zuko come quick! Something running around in the palace yards! Come on!"

Hiro ran down again but Zuko had gotten to his feet just to look out the didn't take long to see what was there.

Just down in the yard was his group of guards on the ground. He saw his last two guards being thrown aside by some giant animal before he saw it place a foot on the wall...and exploded it! In the sun, he could clearly see who it was...the animal from the dream was responsible for this! It turned and stared right at Zuko. And said in a ghostly voice "...Thank you..." it jumped through the hole in the wall and galloped away far beyond the castle. He saw Hiro come out here and couldn't find anything but injured guards and a blown up wall...he had just missed an important character.

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