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The History of the Air Nomads
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August 29, 2013

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~~The main terrace~~

As usual Aang, Hokai and Sokka woke up early to start Sokka's Airbending training. The three went to the main terrace and begun their early morning meditation.

"Sokka, an Airbender needs to meditate to become one with the element," explained Hokai. "Each time you do so your body becomes open to foreign ideas and wisdom."

The three meditated for over an hour. Aang and Hokai easily meditated, controversy from Sokka, who had trouble staying awake and doze to sleep every few minutes. As Sokka couldn't stand sitting any longer, he finally asked; "So, what are we going to do today? A few new airbending moves?"

"Well, Hokai and I decided that you learned quite a few moves, but you still don't realize what being an Air Nomad really means," replied Aang. "So, today Hokai will be your Airbending teacher. You'll go with him to the Temple Library."

"But why? Isn't the point of bending being able to fight and protect?" asked Sokka.

"No, that kind of thinking is present in the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation," said Hokai. "We Air Nomads believe that Airbending is a way of life. It is our history, culture, philosophy."

"So, while you two go to the Library, I'll help the Club members to settle here. They've asked me If I'd give them a tour of the Temple. So I said yes," replied Aang.

"Come Sokka, we've got many thing to work on," said Hokai as he started walking towards the Temple Library. The duo entered through the massive doors of the Library, but didn't stop walking. The reached the end of the Library where a small bookcase stood.

~~The Temple Library~~

"Hey, these are cooking books! Didn't you tell me that we were going to learn about Air Nomad history...? Though I would like to learn how to make these sweet Lemon cookies," said Sokka, pointing to a drawing in one of the books.

"Watch and learn," said Hokai, as he easily moved the bookcase, revealing a small passageway. "Come, in here lies the real history of the Air Nomads."

The duo started walking until they reached a door. It was locked by an Airbending mechanism. Hokai and Sokka both had to use their bending abilities to open the door. When they entered the room Sokka couldn't believe what he saw. A giant hall appeared, with hundreds of bookcases filled with various books.

"What is this place?" Sokka asked.

"This is the original Library. In fact it is the second oldest library in the world. It's been hidden from outsiders for millenia. We are the first to enter this room in over a hundred years," replied Hokai. "No one, not even the Fire Nation, has ever found out about this place."

"So, what are we looking for?" Sokka asked.

"Follow me," Hokai replied, as the two started walking towards the end of the Library. They found a bookcase with the word 'history' written on it. Hokai used his airbending to get to the top shelf and grabbed a large and heavy book. Hokai came down and placed the book gently on a table. "This is the very first history book written by the Air Nomads. It tells the history of our people when the Nations were founded."

"But why do I need to know this?" Sokka asked.

"Because, in order to become an Airbending master you must become an Air Nomad first. Only then, when you realize the history of our people will you realize what Airbending really is," replied Hokai. "Now, let's start from the beginning. Like all other nations, the Air Nomads started to become a nation ten thousand years ago. When the first Avatar, Wan, was born, all other people got the ability to bend one element. We Air Nomads realized, that with great power comes great responsibility. So we decided to live a peaceful life, with no materialistic distractions. We settled at the Eastern, Western, Northern and Southern corners of the Earth Kingdom. And so, the Air Nomad Nation was formed. At first we had Kings in each of the Early temples. The system worked for almost a thousand years. Until the year 9010 BG. That year is known as the Year of Four Kings. In the same year the old kings died and were succeeded by their sons. The sons were corrupt and wanted to expand the Air Nomad Nation by invading the Earth Kingdom. Our people couldn't believe what was happening. So we made a revolution and transformed our four Kingdoms into one nation. A republic. The republic always faced great obstacles, but it managed to overcome them. There were always riots, because we wanted to have several parties. There were two fundamental parties. The so-called Equalists and the Royals. The Equalists wanted that everybody had the same rights. The Royals wanted all the power to them selves. A two hundred year war started, which didn't end until the year 8810 BG. Then a figure emerged and formed a completely new state. It was called the Air Nomad Empire. The Air Nomads, under the influence of the new leader, successfully invaded the territory, that is now the Southern Water Tribe. The people couldn't believe that they were tricked and forced to attack a peaceful people. They exiled the so-called Emperor and founded a new state. It was simply known as the Air Nomads. We decided to give all land conquered back to the Southern Water Tribe. We abandoned our capital called Abydos, destroyed it and moved back to our original Temples. From then on we decided to live a peaceful life. We created the High Monk councils in each temple, thereby eliminating the possibility of one being the dominant," said Hokai.

"But, what about the military?" asked Sokka.

"Immediately after the war we decided to disband the military. And so, with that done the Air Nomads came to be. We lived a peaceful life until the war with the Energybenders, afterwards the Air Nomad territories were moved from the Earth Kingdom, with the help of the spirits," replied Hokai. "Do you understand now, why the Air Nomads live like this? After the war with the Energybenders the Air Nomads live in peace for several millenia. While we lived a life of peace and tranquility the other nations fought against each other and against them selves. Did you ever realize why there are two Water Tribes?"

"No, I never thought about that," replied Sokka.

"Almost two thousand years ago the Water Tribes lived together, in harmony. Because of some minor differences the two sided went into civil war, which lasted for several years. The two sides decided to split. One half moved to the South Pole, the other stayed where they were," explained Hokai.

"So my people were the cause for the state, that the Water Tribe is now?" asked Sokka.

"I'm sorry, but yes. It was the same with the other nations. In the past thousands of years there have been countless wars. Because we Air Nomads knew, that war doesn't bring anything other that pain and suffering we decided to live as we do now," said Hokai.

"So, you wanted to show me...?" asked Sokka.

"That Air Nomads, even though a small and weak nation, were the only ones that managed to live in peace for several thousand years. And that if you open your mind and heart to knew ideas you will understand what being an Air Nomad really means," said Hokai. "Now, sit down, and again open your mind and heart."

Sokka quietly sat down and did as Hokai instructed. This time, he didn't just achieve spiritual enlightenment, but he also figured out, what being an Airbender truly meant.


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