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The Pranking Masters
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Avatar: The Legend of Aang: The Red Revolt





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August 28, 2013

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Ch.20: The First Lesson

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Ch.22:The History of the Air Nomads

~~The Air Temple Library~~

"Katara, could you please dust these books over there," said Hokai. "The club members are arriving any day now."

"Hokai, calm down," replied Katara. "The club members still need a few days to get here. We have plenty of time."

"But, if everything isn't perfect when the club members come they'll think that the Air Nomads are lazy!" replied Hokai, nervously.

"Now, why would they think that? They study Air Nomad history, philosophy and culture, for crying out loud," said Katara. "It's going to be fine, trust me. You've been working all day long and a little rest wouldn't kill you."

"Perhaps you're right," replied Hokai. "I'll go watch Aang and Sokka train a little."

"Good, while you do that, Toph and I'll clean the rest of the Library. It's the only thing we need to do. We've cleaned or refurbished the whole temple, except for these parts in the Central mountain."

~~The main terrace~~

Hokai decided to follow Katara's advice and went to rest a little. He went to the main terrace, which was already refurbished and sat down next to a tree and started to meditate. He closed his eyes and stopped thinking about the things that were happening around him. He slowly faded to sleep. Aang and Sokka saw him, as they were training on the other side of the large terrace.

"Now, I'll teach you another training method, with which Gyatso trained me. Come, let's go there (points to a balcony a few stories up)." The two picked up their Gliders and glided towards the balcony and land on it. "See, vertical lift isn't that difficult," said Aang.

~~The Air Temple Bakery~~

"What is this place?" asked Sokka. "It looks like a bakery. What does baking sweets have to do with Airbending?"

"You'll see," said Aang, as he flew back to Appa, grabbed some supplies and came back to the balcony.

"Okay, you've got to teach me how to do that without a glider," said Sokka.

"First, a lesson for accuracy," replied Aang. "Now, let's start baking." Aang used Airbening to mix several ingredients together and pour them into molds. "Now, while these bake, we have to make the fruity filling." Aang threw several different fruits into a bowl and pounded them with a tool into a chewy mess. He took the dough away from the fire and used Airbending to put the chewy filling into the middle of the dough. He put them back into the furnace and after a few minuted took them out again. He used his Airbending to expand the fruity filling, making it more light. "Now, choose one of these pies."

"But, there are four. Why can't I choose two?" Aaked the now starving Sokka.

"You'll see. Just trust me," said Aang. Sokka and Aang chose their pies and put them away. He placed the other two onto the wall of the balcony and said to Sokka "Now, take a few steps back. Concentrate on your breathing and form. Look at where Hokai's sleeping. I'll go first." Aang created a ball of air in his hands, aimed at where Hokai was sleeping and said to Sokka; "Now, you do the same." Sokka did as Aang told him. He aimed at Hokai and waited until Aang said; "FIRE!"

The two Fruit pies were thrown into the air, flying straight towards Hokai. But they hit the ground. Hokai just vanished. "Wait, shouldn't the pies have hit him?"

"More importantly, where did Hokai go?" asked Aang, confused.

Suddenly a pair of Fruit pies flew and hit Aang and Sokka. The two were surprised, at what happened and looked behind them. It was Hokai, laughing as loud as he could.

"You thought, that you could fool a master prankster," said Hokai, still laughing. "Well, thanks for making the cakes. They were, and I mean it, really fun," said the winner, as he slowly started to walk away, towards the library, now rested.

"We should have tried this on Katara," replied Sokka.

"Or on Toph. Come, let's go clean up," said Aang as they started walking towards their rooms, where they could wash and clean up.

~~The Air Temple Library~~

Hokai entered the Library rested and happy. "My my, you sure look better than before," said Katara.

"Well, I found a way to relax," replied Hokai. "I just have one advice. Watch out for flying Fruit pies."

Katara looked at Hokai, not understanding what he meant. "So, we finished cleaning the library," she replied, desperate to end this conversation.

"That's great!" said Hokai, full of joy.

"Oh, and while you were resting a letter came from Ba Sing Se. The club members are coming and will be here in a day. I've sent a letter back, saying, that they should stay at the bottom of the central mountain and the we'll pick them up, with Appa."

"Well, that's great... I've been thinking. The club members have to be divided. I've decided, after asking Aang, of course, that the male club members should inhabit the Western mountain and the female ones the Eastern mountain. I've already looked, and there is plenty of room to house the both," said Hokai.

"What about the middle mountain?" asked Toph.

"First off, it's called the Central mountain. Aang and I've decided, that the Central mountain would be used for other functions. The Library, training grounds, the hall of elders, bakeries and several other public buildings are here. It'll be the cultural part of the temple. So, I suggest, that we get some rest. We still have a long day ahead of us."


~~The main terrace~~

The Gaang woke up early that day, as they prepared for the arrival. Aang went ahead and rode Appa to the bottom of the mountain. Sokka went with him, to supervise. "So, what do we do now?" asked Katara.

"You can escort the female groups to the Eastern mountain, I'll escort the male groups to the Western one, and Toph can stay here and divide them into groups," replied Hokai.

After an hour of waiting, the first 'Air Nomads' arrived. The first group to arrive were the senior men. They were all wearing Air Nomad clothes and their hair was shaven. "Greetings fellow Air Nomads!" shouted Hokai, thrillingly.

"We are honored to be here," said one older man. "I'm Gaico. I'm the head of the male monk council."

"Welcome, my name is Hokai. I'll be showing you to your rooms," said Hokai, as he started to guide the group to the Western mountain. "You'll be living here, in the Western mountain. As is in Air Nomad tradition the males and females have to be separated."

"Don't worry yourself," said Gaico friendly. "All of the monk elders were once professors at the Ba Sing Se university. We know everything that is to know about the Air Nomad way of life."

"Well then, that's great... Here are your rooms," said Hokai. "Now, I have to get back to the main terrace, new groups are arriving." Hokai went back, thrilled at seeing the Air Temple full of live once more.


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