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Aang kept on running to the castle and threw open the doors to Miss Decibel's office.

"DECIBEL!!" Aang yelled...she wasn't anywhere. What he did see was some of her guards by what seemingly looked like her safe (which Aang doesn't know which one is yet). There were three gorilla guards. One was helping another off the ground as the third tried tending to a surprisingly large bite mark on his leg. Aang froze until another ape saw him.

"You! Why are you back here!?!"

"I'm sorry for trespassing but-"

"It's too dangerous! There's a monster that just made it through here and nearly killed!" Aang froze again. A monster ran through here?...he had to investigate. Before he can ask, he saw an odd set of four-legged dog tracks leading beyond the safe doors. Almost immediately he tried to get at it but the guards held him back.

"You crazy kid?! You can't go back there!"

"I don't care! I'm the Avatar, everyone else is put over myself even if it means going beyond boundaries now let me go!" Aang yelled. The apes didn't know how to respond to this so they let him go as Aang tried opening the door. After a lot of struggle, he got the door open and he ran was breath-taking.

The safe room turned out to be a loading dock for a gigantic blimp! Sure it's still techie, but enough so Aang can recognize it. There were many paths around the blimp, which had a clock attached to it...but the horrifying thing was the trail of blood leading right to Miss Decibel, having a bite mark right at her side.

"DECIBEL!! YOU okay?!" Aang asked, bolting to her side as the Queen Elephant tried getting up...she inhaled deeply and aimed an odd sounding note from her trumpet trunk right at the gate, causing two all too familiar figures to fall.


"Smile Dog? Ghost?! Why'd you attack her!!" Smile Dog, whom for the first time lost his smile (partially), gotten his ears to work again and replied, "What are you talking about?"

"Don't lie to me! You two caused enough havoc!"

"Again. What? Okay, sure we are good hunters but for S's sake, we don't attack those in the franchise unless they help our targets. And Miss Decibel didn't help much at all."

"Wait. do you?"

"Long story Decibel. Now Aang, our original plan was for you to come in here, yes, but a psycho intervened and we had to hide okay?!" Ghost explained.

"Oh really? Then how do you explain this?" Judged Aang, pointing to Decibel's bite marks.

"ARE YOU BLIND BAKA?! Those are shark's bite marks if anything! I got human teeth, look!" Smile Dog then opened his mouth wide and Aang did notice his teeth didn't match the bite in Miss Decibel. Ghost biting her is out of the question.

"A dumb question but...who did attack you?" Aang ask.

"He...he...LOOK OUT!" Miss Decibel said. No sooner as she said that, a dog shape rammed him back to Smile Dog, knocking them both nearly off the platform to the blimp!


"Uh...Aang? I was hit too." Smile Dog said behind him. Next Ghost was attacked...wait. Attacked? But he's a ghost that can't be right...until now.

Aang and Smile Dog both saw Ghost in the gripping jaws of another Canine-like demon. It was about as big as Aang was, over-sizing Smile Dog by a few feet in height, including the curved horns. It wasn't in any mood for any games by the look in its eyes as it grabbed Ghost's tail and swung him around like a ball on chain before slamming him into the wall.

"Okay YOU! Who are you and what do you want? You don't look like anyone from the Cooper World."

"Cooper World?"

"That's the world you're in, Aang."

The canine made an evil smirk that even made Smile Dog kinda shiver (also rare).

"I. Am. HoundDoom."

"HoundDoom? typical. What do you want, Ram?"

"First of all, I'm a demon wolf, not a ram. Second, I'm just having some fun. You really think your foundation is the only group who loves to test out franchises?" HoundDoom laughed. In panic, Ghost wrapped around Aang's ears, telling Aang "You didn't hear nothing!"

"Very cute Ghost, VERY cute. You too, Smile Dog."

"AH! know us?"

"DUH. You two are famous in your own right. One jumps around with his toothy smile while the other kills pokes for a living. And you Aang. The regular so-called Hero back home. The "Avatar" right?"

"What about it HoundDoom?" Aang asked sternly.

"You had a spotless, bloodless record right? Never killed anyone and try to prevent it to happen to anyone else right?"

"Uh...yeah? What about it?"

"Well...looks like your record (throws a nearly dead Salim his way) IS DEAD!!" Aang helped Salim, his neck torn and his body badly beaten.

"I stop him." Salim groaned.

"Salim...I'm so sorry I let this happen to you." Aang said, shedding a tear. Smile Dog and Ghost usually aren't ones for sad scenes.

"Oh boo hoo hoo. Another silly life gone to it's your turn!" HoundDoom said, licking his shark-like teeth.

"Hold on (he and Ghost get in the way). He's going with us!" Smile Dog yelled. With that an argument over who gets Aang. In the meantime, Aang helped Decibel up and they began to sneak off. They just got to the door before HoundDoom saw them.

"HEY! Get back here, Avatar!" HoundDoom bolted after him, getting in the way.

"Stay away HoundDoom."

"Why should I?"

Aang really didn't want any of this...then he got an idea. And a smile of his own got across his face.

"If you go ahead and kill me. Then what are you gonna do? You lose purpose. You lose whatever choice you got in your life."

"Shut up. Who said ANYTHING about killing? That's Pyramid Head's job."

"Pyramid Head?"

"Yes sir. He's my best old killer on the market. (Beginning to see something tall walk slowly behind HoundDoom). He's very durable, and can kill with one swipe of his devil's hatchet. And you know what else?...he's right here!"

Yep. There stood Pyramid Head, his black blade in hand.

"Oh great. Gang's all here." Ghost groaned. Pyramid Head walked right up to Aang, knocked Miss Decibel off, and aimed the blade his direction...Aang froze.

"Oh no...this is it...I'm so sorry." Aang thought. Everyone turned away just as Pyramid Head raised his blade high up...but that's it. The blade landed right next to Aang, not touching him...Pyramid Head leaned forward until his helmet was inches from Aang's face. Aang could have sworn he was saying something but couldn't make out what... When he leaned back, he looked to Smile Dog.

"NO YOU DON'T!!" Smile Dog suddenly lunged at him. Aang, in his panic, made an air punch and blasted them both away...Air punch?

"Wait...what?" Aang tried some other tests and realized he can bend all the elements again! Everyone was spooked as Aang began to fight. Each one who tried hurting him, Salim or Miss Decibel would get hit with a water whip, a fire blast, an air punch or a large rock. Everyone stopped when HoundDoom made a spine-chilling roar.

"THAT'S IT!! I'M THROUGH MESSING AROUND!! SEE YOU LATER TROQ!!!!!" He made a huge roar of fire but as Aang was knocked back, a portal was opened up behind him...and to everyone else, he vanished... Through the portal...back home...

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