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August 11, 2013

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Aang woke up rather woozy but fine. He can't really comprehend what happened, but however when he woke up, he then noticed that same odd figure looking right at him. The only way it showed a face alone is two white eyes. Aang remained still until it went away when someone got into his room. He appeared to be some sort of raccoon, Egyptian clothes, cane in hand.

"Hey there kid. You okay?" He asked.

"I think so...where am I?" 

"You're out of that Dog's teeth to start. The name's Salim el Kupar. And you are?" 

"Aang. Was that you who saved me?"

"Well, in a way." Salim said, as three of those weird figures appeared around Aang. Aang of course got spooked but Salim added in "don't worry Aang. They're friendly."

After a bit, Aang realized he was right. The figures helped him a bit, gave him something to eat, and helped in his injuries he gained from the portal tumbling. For ghostly and infamous figures, they sure are friendly. Salim was happy that Aang accepted his new friends as well as he did.

"So, who are they?"

"Beats me. I think they're called Sky Trees because it's the only word they'll react to." Salim said.

"Sky Trees?...but they don't look like any tree I've seen." Aang said, looking at one of them.

"Me neither, but it's their names, really." Salim shrugged.

"I guess so. But what did they do to Smile Dog and Ghost?"

"So that's their names eh? Well, the two had their main play time and were taken care of." Salim joked. Aang went along with him, but still, this didn't help him with home. He didn't know how to get back and the rescue didn't help in anyway.

"You okay?"

"Huh?...well sorta...I'm lost from home."

"Lost eh? Heck, we're all lost in our own mind." Salim said.

"No. I'm literally lost, and don't know how to get back."

"You tried Decibel?"

"Yeah, I did, but she didn't help at all."

"Oh...well sorry kid, but I got nothing. You know where you live?"

"Well...Ba Sing Se."

"Uh...nope. Sorry. Don't know a Ba, Sing or Se."

"That's okay...I'll figure something out. Thanks anyway." Aang got up and just stepped out of the tent when suddenly he heard a scream coming from the castle.

"Decibel!" Aang thought, suddenly beginning to run to the castle. Salim tried going after him but something suddenly made him stop...a pair of fangs into his neck...

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