One Small Flame
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Avatar: A New Age


Book 1: Chaos



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July 7, 2014

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Long ago, my predecessor Avatar Korra stopped Amon and the Equalists. Amon may have died, but his cause did not. A group of high-ranking Equalists remained and sailed east and found a large land mass where they settled a city for their base of operations. From there, they started a huge rebellion in the 5 nations. Nonbenders demanded their own country. The 5 nations gave them this new land mass and the People's Democracy was founded. A large exodus of nonbenders fled to this new country. Eventually, the days where benders and nonbenders lived together was nothing but a memory.

The people's democracy thrived and isolated themselves from the bending world. Many citizens believe the old tales of bending and the Avatar to be just that, stories.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the original 5 nations. When Avatar Korra was fifty five, she still ruled with an iron fist. She saw two separate tribes of the Northern and Southern Water Tribes come together and formed the Water Empire. Soon the empire settled a colony in the Earth Kingdom and trouble broke out. Korra allowed the Water Empire to keep the colony but could not settle anymore, and all was resolved.

Soon, another problem arose, a group of benders who could bend lighting and only lightning formed in the Fire Nation. This group, known as The Lightning Clan, demanded their territories, which were in the northern Fire Nation, to be independent for them to rule. Korra soon made a compromise for them too, avoiding revolution.

Korra kept peace until she died at age 115. On that day, I, Avatar Suki, was born. Named after my great-great grandmother from a previous Team Avatar, I showed great promise as the new Avatar. I was a failure. I took the side of the Earth Kingdom and didn't remain balanced. Many Water Empire colonies were settled on the northern and southern tips of the Earth Kingdom. Due to my failure to find a compromise, a war broke out between the two nations.

Meanwhile, in the Fire Nation, the rebellion broke out once more because I wasn't paying attention to the problems outside of my home nation. The revolution began sweeping across the Fire Nation because the people were split on whether or not to free the Lightning Clan.

The Air Nomads struggled to survive because it had once relied in help form the other nations who now had more important things to worry about. The URN was falling apart due to the chaos in the other countries. Because of my failure as Avatar, the spirits made a huge decision that would change the Avatar forever.

The spirits divided the Avatar into four different people one for each element. Each Avatar will have connections to each Avatar born to their respective element. This was created to ensure the Avatar would never pick their own nation over another. Now the Team Avatar has a representative from each element.

The spirits also made one more crucial decision. The declared the first Avatar team would be the first benders to be born in the People's Democracy since its founding. So on the day of my death four children were born.

Magunoria is one of these special children and she was born to Chancellor Lin of the People's Democracy. She lived in the capital of Amon City which was founded before the nation itself. Here the tales of benders were extinct and unheard of to all. That is to but a young Magunoria, now going by Nori, who, at age eight, had a dream of an old man.

This old man was in a red robe with a flame on it and had a long white beard. "W-Who are you?" Nori asked quietly due to her fear.

"Greetings young Nori," he said in an ancient voice that still suggested great strength. "I am Avatar Roku and I'm here to tell you that the world needs your help."

"M-My help? The Avatar?" she asked confused and less scared than she was before.


Roku telling Nori she is a firebender.

"There are people in this world that can bend the elements of water, fire, earth, and air. Your people used to live among them but fled from the land of the benders. No benders have been born here until you," He explained showing little to no emoting as he watched the little girl in front of him.

Nori was scared and confused on this new knowledge that she obtained. This was a lot to put on an eight year old child. "Wait, you never said what the Avatar was."

"I will tell you when you're ready. Meet me in the meadows outside of town and keep it a secret," he said simply then vanished.

Nori awoke with a gasp and tears rolling down her face. She sat up and curled into a ball and cried. Saying she was scared was an understatement. Nori had never been so scared in her life. To an eight year old child, having a dream that real was scary.

She didn't sleep that night and when the sun rose into the light blue skies, she put on her white clothes. She decided to meet this man because she was terrified of what might happen if she didn't. She slipped past the guards, which she usually did on sunny days like this one, and found her way to the meadow. Before entering the meadow, she took a deep breath. Her legs were shaking and she slowly walked into the meadow.

Once she was in the meadow, Roku appeared in a burst of fire. He was dressed in the same red robe and his white long beard still hung off his face. He did something Nori never expected him to do, he gave a small smile. "Nori, I am glad you have decided to come."

Nori stood silent as she saw the old man. What is he going to do with me? she thought. Then Roku finally spoke. "Now Nori, I am going to teach you the art of firebending."

Nori gave him a confused look and watched as Roku began to teach her the basics of fire bending.

Seven years later, Nori was practically a master firebender at age fifteen. She was no longer that scared, timid little girl. After learning firebending she gained a whole new personality, a new sense of purpose.

When she met with Roku that day he asked her to sit down. "Now I am going to tell you about the Avatar," he said, and she became very excited. Today was the day she has waited for since day one. All her training led to this. "The Avatar is a bender who can bend all four elements. He is also the bridge between the Spirit World and the mortal world. When an Avatar dies, he is reincarnated into the next nation in the cycle. But after the last Avatar, Suki, failed, the spirits split the Avatar into four people, one from each element. They also had these four Avatars to be born in The People's Democracy," Roku explained as Nori sat in awe of this tale.

"Wait. So I'm the firebending Avatar aren't I?" Nori asked putting the pieces of this puzzle together. Roku smiled and nodded.

"The other three Avatars will meet up with you here. In the meantime, go to your mother and ask her to sail west back to the old world." Nori stood up excitedly bowed to her master and hurried to the Chancellor's estate. This will go down as the happiest moment in Nori's life because this is the day Nori felt she could change the world.

One she reached her home she rushed into her mother's office. "Mother, we need to talk," she said smiling.

Her mother gave a sweet smile. "What is it, dear?"

"You need to send a voyage west to the Old World. The world of the benders," Nori said, practically yelling from her excitement.

"Wait the Old World? Benders? What are you talking about?" her mother asked with a puzzled look on her face.

"Mother, I can't explain, just do it," she said, trying to convince her very stubborn mother.

"Nori, enough with the nonsense. I don't have time for your stories," she replied and waved her hands for the guards to escort Nori out.

"Mother, no!" she yelled as she broke free form the guards' grip and ran towards her mother with the guards chasing her. Nori stomped her foot and flames shot from her fist. Nori, the guards, and the Chancellor all froze when the flames shot from her fist.

"She's been cursed by the spirits! Imprison her now," the Chancellor said, and the guards electrocuted Nori and dragged her body out. Lin, the Chancellor, rushed to the book shelf where the history of the nation was stored. She pulled out the first book and began to read about bending. She saw a threat in her daughter's new abilities. "If anyone else bends, find them and capture them. We need to stop this now. One small flame can grow into a raging fire," she told the guards.

Nori awoke in the dungeon and Roku was sitting across from her. "Roku, what do I do now? I can't escape this prison," she said, pleading for help.

"Worry not Nori. Wait here and your fellow Avatars will come to you," he replied then vanished from her sight.

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