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August 1, 2013

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A week has passed since Team Avatar split up. The new Fire Lord Zuko traveled to the capital of his nation to restore balance in the crumbling Fire Nation since the defeat in the Hundred Year War. Toph had also left the Gaang to find her parents and to join in the Earth Rumble VII and try to win again.

~~The Jasmine Dragon~~

Sunshine spread through the windows, spreading warmth on anything it touched. The Gaang slowly got up out of their beds. Each one put on his clothes, which were in their closets and went downstairs. They slowly, still weary from sleeping stepped on each stair and finally sat down at their table.

"So, I see you've woken up," said Iroh. "This is a very unexpected and fast transformation you went through. It's only been a week," said Iroh, with a smile on his face.

"What do you mean by transformation? We are exactly the same as we were a week ago. We haven't changed at all," said Sokka with his eyes still shut.

"Well, a week ago you were energetic, hard working, you've done everything you could do. And now? You sleep until 8 o'clock in the morning," said Iroh with an even bigger smile on his face, knowing he was teasing them.

"Well, it's just that we're still tired and want to get some rest," said Katara still trying to stay awake.


"What was that? It sounded like someone fell," said Sokka. "I think it came from upstairs. We better check it out." Sokka, Katara and Iroh quickly raced upstairs, not feeling tired and sleepy anymore.

When they came upstairs, the people sitting downstairs and drinking tea heard a loud noise: "HAHAHAHA" They didn't know what happened.

When the Gaang came upstairs they saw Aang sleeping on the floor. He fell out of the top bunk but was so tired that he didn't even wake up. He only woke up when he heard the very loud sounds of laughter of his friends.

"What's wrong, why did you wake me up, and where's the bed?!" said a still sleepy Aang, trying hard not to fall asleep again.

"We heard a noise from downstairs and thought that something had happened. When we came into the bedroom we saw you on the floor and still sleeping," said Katara, while helping Aang get up.

"That's all great and all but I still have one very important question?" said Aang. "Why did you wake me up? I had such an awesome dream."

"Well, what was the dream about," said Katara.

Aang instantly blushed. He didn't want to tell her that he was dreaming about her. "Uhhmm, I dreamt about, hmmm, about a land filled with candy?"

"Wooow, why couldn't I have a dream like that. I dreamt that a large sausage was chasing me," said Sokka.

"Okayey, enough of your dreams Sokka, let's go down and have breakfast," said Katara hoping that this dream conversation, which just gotten really weird, would end soon.

Aang got dressed and the Gaang went downstairs to get something to eat. "This is the life, huh fellows," said Sokka." We can finally sleep in, eat fresh food for breakfast and NOT GET SHOT AT by the Fire Nation soldiers."

"Yeah, this is the life, I don't want it to end in a long while," said Sokka, putting his legs on the table and leaning back.

"Hello Team Avatar, I am Captain Nushi, a communications officer in the Earth Kingdom army. We have received a message from Fire Lord Zuko." The Captain gave them the message and went on his way.

"Oh great, Fire Lord Flamehead needs our help," said Sokka, with an uninviting tone.

"Sokka, Zuko is our ally and close friend! If he needs our help we will come to his help," said Katara, angrily at Sokka for mocking Zuko.

"Guys this is serious. Zuko wants us to get to the Fire Nation Royal Palace as soon as we can, there are problems in the Fire Nation," said a visibly worried Aang after reading Lord Zuko's message.

The Gaang started packing their things and supplies. They asked Iroh, if he wanted to join them. He told them, that he couldn't, because he has a business to run, but if they were in trouble and couldn't solve a problem on their own, they should send a messenger hawk. The team got up on Appa, Aang gave the command and the flying bison flew up into the sky and towards the Fire Nation Capital, a place in which the Gaang didn't feel fond of.

~~The Fire Nation Royal Palace~~

"Attention! Form two lines, I see the Avatar approaching! Salute!" Team Avatar was greeted by the Fire Nation honor guard and was surprised by the warmth from their old enemies greeted them. They landed and were escorted to the Royal War Room, the place, where all the important decisions of the Fire Nation took place.

~~The Royal war room~~

When they came in they saw a visibly worried Zuko looking over maps of the Fire Nation reading report after report, looking ever more worried after each report he read. "Ah, finally, you've come. It's such a relief to see my good friends again," said the depressed Fire Lord.

"What's wrong, why have you summoned us?" said Aang.

"There is a problem. These reports say that a revolt going to happen," said Zuko.

"What do you mean by a revolt?" said Aang, not quite understanding the meaning of the sentence the Fire Lord said.

"Reports say that high ranking Officers of the Fire Nation Army and Navy stationed in the former Fire Nation colonies and occupied territories have joined to form a, what they call "Liberation Army", whose task is to get rid me, the entire monarchy and establish a dictatorship. Almost all ships of the Navy and nearly half of the Army divisions have joined them. Only a few Army divisions and the Domestic Army is on my side and willing to fight for their country," said a evermore depressing Zuko. He continued: "This might just be the greatest crisis in Fire Nation History, even greater than the declaration of the Great War."

Everyone in the room was silent and looked more worried by the second.


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