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Wedding Day
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July 5, 2013

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A long time has past since the Avatar Gaang and Teen Titans had last seen each other. The memories from both sides stuck around for a long time on both teams. There's one difference though among the Avatar team though...the team had shrunk.

That's right. Their canine friends, Weed, Mel, Kyoushiro and now Lycaeon, had now left them. It wasn't a sad-filled good bye, since the team understood that the canines belong in the wild. The only one whom stayed though was Toube, still keeping his promise to Toph.

Speaking of which, the story starts off at Toph's metal-bending school. Her usual bending students were doing pretty good and she had just finished her working day and the students went home, leaving her and Toube to go home too.

"That's pretty impressive Toph, with the teaching and all." Toube said. Toph simply laughed.

"Yeah. I'm perfect for a teacher! I give good lessons, push my students ahead-"

"And yell a lot, I've noticed."

"YEAH!! I LOVE TO TELL PEOPLE WHAT TO DO!!" Toph beamed. Toube chuckled with Toph's happiness, seeing her love for being in charge.

"Yeah I see that. You are a good teacher."

"You bet! My mind is like a steel trap!" now Toube given Toph those "you-sure-about-that?" smirks.

"'re saying you remember everything?"


" already know about the big wedding tonight." An alarm suddenly went off in Toph's head when he said. The shocked look made Toube add in "Yep. I knew it. You flat out forgot didn't you?"

"That was tonight?! Crud! Crud! I didn't plan anything! I-"

"Calm down jitterbug, it's okay if it slipped your mind, you done a lot of teaching. Besides, Ba Sing Se is only a few miles away from here. Well make it in no time flat."

"'re right Toube! Let's go!"

With that, Toph and Toube raced off on their way to Ba Sing Se where the Weddings gonna take place.


This wedding was a big celebration going on in Ba Sing Se. The Gaang all had the preparations for it. All of their friends had been invited to it, with all festivities to guarantee a night to remember...and for Aang and Katara, the guarantee to remember is sealed.

This wedding is for them, and they want something great for it. Something unique from so many others. They were getting the final surprises for the party when Toph and Toube showed up. Toube was impressed with all the preparation.

"Well I see the two lovebirds are making a pretty good nest." Toube said.

"Yeah. We're making this wedding a night to remember. Right sweetheart?" Aang said.

"Right." Katara said, and they both gave a quick kiss. Toph kinda got abit of a childish sick look on her face after hearing the kiss.

"I'm lucky I can't see." Toph thought. Toube simply chuckled

"Come on Toph. You might as well get used to it. Everyone falls into that great love circle at least once. Even someone as strong-headed as you."


"Okay, okay forgot the last part."

"Well ether way, good thing you showed up Toph. We need some help with your earthbending." Aang said.

"Sure." Toph and Aang went off as Toube nudged Katara.

"You chose a good kid Katara. He's a great bender of good will. Not to mention a child of heart."

"Yeah he is. A very lovely Air Nomad."

"And sounding from his stories, he's been through a ton. Especially being over 100 years experience for a young teenager."

"Right. Me and Sokka never would come this far if it weren't for him."

" the way, where is Sokka anyway? He around right now?"

"Sure. He went off to help Zuko with the fireworks."

"Fireworks?! Alright! I always wanted to see those fireworks!" Toube said, intrigued right away. But suddenly they both heard a large explosion from not too far away, and a loud "DARN IT!" rang out. Immediately Toube and Katara raced down to the explosion.

"What happened?! You okay?!" Katara asked. Turns out that explosion was made by an accidental launch. The culprit coughed out the smoke as three others tried to help her out.

"Hey! What's going on here?!" Toube demanded. Of course, not meeting before, the four got a bit surprised seeing a talking tosa dog. As for Toube, the four seemed a bit different themselves. A tomboy, a small kid, a tall heavyweight, and a silent straw-hat.

"You know these four Katara?" Toube asked.

"Of course I do. Guys, this is our new friend we've met on our long trip. The strongest dog in the world, Toube. And Toube, these four are the Freedom Fighters of the Earth Kingdom. This is Smellerbee, The Duke, Pipsqueak, and Longshot." at first Toube was confused himself with the odd names, but who is he to judge someone over that.

"Nice to meet you. But what happened over here? Looked like a bomb went off or something."

"That's kinda what happened. Sorry." The Duke said.

"It's okay Pipsqueak." Toube said. The Duke got a bit annoyed hearing that.

"I'm not Pipsqueak. He's Pipsqueak, I'm The Duke." He said, pointing to the largest of the group.

"Well...he looks nothing like a Pipsqueak...well anyway, you still have some explaining to do."

"Right, right. I just, sorta accidentally set a firework off and it blew up in my face. Literally." Smellerbee groaned.

"Well it's only one. You good. Now let's get this wedding started!"


As the afternoon went on by, the party was going on great for everyone. All their friends were having a great time at the wedding, along with the Gaang. The actual wedding itself went right as planned, and Katara and Aang are now officially a couple. A very sweet wedding for the two indeed. It was surely the sweetest time of the Gaang ever.

It was right after is when the festivities started up. The main event was an awesome fireworks display. With each aligned up in sync for the start of the night. the fire works are set to go off exactly when "the sun disappears behind the earth". In the meantime, the party was going great with everyone, they all having their fun. As the time went on, it soon became time to start the fireworks!

"Okay everybody! The fireworks are about to start, so keep your eyes to the sky!" Sokka announced to everyone. They all were very excited and looked over in the clearing, in front of the palace. Zuko, waiting by the fireworks, saw Aang give the signal and Zuko lit up the fuse...just a few seconds began.


The fireworks display

The fire works shot right on up and exploded into a variety of colors, and sizes. Each one showing off what their made of, as if trying to out due one another. Everyone especially liked it when the fire works started showing them up there. The Kyoshi Warriors, the Freedom Fighters, the White Lotus, and lastly the Avatar Gaang. The party was a great success for all of them.

"Best. day. ever." Aang said, sitting next to his newly wed.

"Yes it is." Katara replied. Snuggling up to her sweet heart. Yep. Life is good for everyone...

As the Duke was watching the great fireworks show. One glance over to the left...suddenly he saw something...this sudden lack of interest in the fireworks caught Pipsqueak's attention.

"You okay The Duke?"

"Yeah. I'm fine. Sorry Pipsqueak."

The Duke acted like he was still enjoying himself...but truly his eyes kept glancing back at the odd set of eyes watching from afar. He just can't take his eyes truly off it...until they both disappeared from his sight. He didn't know it yet...but he actually was off lucky...very lucky.

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