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Ch.2: The City

Its been 100 years since Korra, the previous Avatar, had exposed Amon and stopped the Equalists and their rebellion. From each reincarnation. There falls one particular pattern with all Avatars...there's only one. An only child, chosen by the spirits. But now something happens that completely turns the Avatar reincarnation scale on its head!

It begins over in the woodlands of the Earth Kingdom. A temporary fireplace was made along a river bend as they need a good supply of water from their walking...a pair of brothers. One, a friendly yet adventurous fire bender. While the other, out going and charismatic. During a new rebellion, a strange new rule says that a firebender and earth bender can't go into any serious relation...but their parents broke that rule and had them executed, leaving them homeless.

At the river, one of them, named Leo, was busy trying to catch fish with a blade. "Come on...come on...GOTCHA!" Leo shouted, jumping in the water...but all he got was his head and shoulders full of water weeds. His twin brother, Alex, just chuckled as he laid by an old tree. "Good job Leo! How's that taste?" Alex joked as Leo spat out some of the weeds in his mouth.

"A bit bitter. Why don't you try it Alex? Your not doing anything." Leo grumbled, walking out of the river and ringing out his cloths.

"Now Leo, you know I can't swim. I try that and your out of a guide."

Leo knew he was right. Alex, although technically younger time wise, is still better at traveling then Leo is. But that still didn't mean that he shouldn't do anything the whole time. "You!!....Gah, fine. Lucky for you I'm gotten some more berries here." Leo said, giving some blue berries to Alex. They both gobbled them down as they discussed on where to go next. Leo was looking over the map as Alex looked alongside.

"Okay let's see... We've just traveled through the mountains here yesterday." Leo started.

"Yea. And by the way it took us a few extra days when you sat on that pork-u-pine." Alex reminded.

"I know...still sore." Leo said. Alex just chuckled.

"...By the looks of it, I think there's a village over just west of here, see?" Alex pointed out. Leo fallowed his finger to a small village on the map.

"Looks pleasant enough. Well be able to get there by tomorrow if we wake up early." Leo assured, rolling up the map into a cylinder.

"Yep! Good night bro." Alex said. He made up a small earth blanket around himself and went right to sleep.

"Good night. *yawn*" Leo replied, and with that, the two went right off to sleep.

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