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Spirit Council

Some time had passed since Slenderman's defeat, and things are pretty much returning to normal for the most part. Team Avatar had settled down in Ba Sing Se, a well earned rest from all the craziness that had happened. A bit odd at first but Azula was behaving much better than she used to be, but they managed to get used to it.

Zuko, as before, had to go back to the Fire Nation, him being Fire Lord and all. Recently it was found about his engagement to Mai, and there was a good celebration over that. Not as big as the wedding day for Katara and Aang though, but that's beside the point.

One day though, Zuko decided to call Azula in. He wanted to talk to her about a few things right now. Azula arrived in his palace mid day.

"You called for me Zuko?" Azula asked as she walked in. She got on her knees, bowing to him. Zuko looked over to Azula from his throne. He walked over to her.

"You don't have to bow Azula," Zuko said, and Azula got up to her feet as Zuko gave her a warming smile.

"Azula. We've worked together for a while now. And I have to say, your compassion and understanding have really improved a ton since you were out," Zuko stated. Azula smiled to her brother, knowing that she isn't seen as a monster anymore. Her view on life has really changed up from her "release" at the start of the whole Slenderman event.

"You've worked rather well among the Fire Palace, and your services are excellent as well... I have an offer for you."

"An offer brother?"

"Yes. I've been thinking over the time since I first left this universe. I won't always be around the palace to keep an eye on everything. I was lucky the palace didn't fall apart while I'm away... Azula. I ask. Do you want your role of princess back?" Azula was surprised. She was princess a while back but by herself made her insane in the first place, banishing everyone whom had questioned her. Especially since the voices made her mad, but those voices had ceased since her return and she is no longer afraid to look in the mirror anymore.

"I don't know. Isn't that what made me insane?"

"You've became insane from neglect, not royalty. I've heard from the veteran guards of your actions of banishment during the war, and that made you insane, unable to talk to anyone else... this time's different."

"How will it be different?"

"... I'll be here to help you. While we both were here before, you still kept your sanity. None of these acts happened until I left, so I'll be around to help you. Okay?" Zuko assured. Azula thought about it for a while, and realized he was right. She isolated herself due to her banishing everyone, and lost touch with reality.

"... Zuko... thank you." Azula hugged her brother. She felt loved. But a question came up in her mind.

"Hey Zuko? shouldn't we tell Team Avatar about this?" Azula asked.

"That sounds like a good idea. I'll handle that," Zuko said, walking out. Azula was happy over it and couldn't wait to get started. Now the bad mind had been replace with a compassionate one, she knew that things will be different... a better life.


Off in Ba Sing Se, Aang was off in a secluded area, meditating to relax. It had been too long since he last did this, and he was joined by Katara. Things were going well, however, Aang's meditation was stopped by Momo's playing, as he jumped on his head, chasing a bug. Katara chuckled as Momo jumped off his head.

"Hello Momo," Aang said, petting him. Momo happily accepted the petting but the bug got his attention again and he went off running.

"Okay. Relax... calm... find your inner peace," Katara said, getting back in peace and meditation. Katara and Aang liked doing this, because it takes away the stress of past events. Sometimes it was so much so that they seemingly are apart from the world during meditation. They kept doing this for a good hour, the sun high in the sky until...

"Hey guys!"

They both jumped when they saw Sokka coming to see them. Katara, being right next to Sokka when he showed up, got the worst of his yell.

"Yes Sokka?"

"You coming back soon? almost lunch time and I'm cookin' up somethin' good today," Sokka said.

"Yes. We'll be back in a bit," Aang said. Sokka went back as they went back to their meditation for a while. After a while though, Katara was showing discomfort on her face. Aang was doing fine but something wrong was going on with Katara. Suddenly she saw something.

A vision. All it showed was Xerneus, the deer god they met last year, staring at her. Her eyes shot open in surprise as Aang got concern.

"You okay Katara?" Aang asked. Katara chuckled despite her shock.

"I think we've been gone for too long. I just saw Xerneus in my head," Katara laughed. Aang laughed with her.

"Well we've been gone for a while now. After all, we have been through some crazy stuff."

"That's true. Come on, let's have lunch," Katara decided, getting up. They both then head off.


That night after that, they were getting ready for bed. Katara and Toph in one room, Aang and Sokka in another. Toph was starring off out the window, although blind completely, she often would picture something up there in the sky somehow.

"Something wrong Toph?"

"Huh? Oh nothing... nothing." Toph looked back, thinking to herself as Katara walked to her.

"You've been doing this for 2 weeks now. You sure nothing is wrong?"

"I'm fine, really."

"I don't know. You don't usually do this."

"What's wrong with something new?"

They kept debating for a while until Toph just gave up on the stupid argument. She groaned and looked back outside.

"I'm just thinking about what we did. And our friends from another universe."

"You mean the Titans? I'm sure they're fine," Katara assured her.

"I know that. But I do miss them... a little."

"I miss them too Toph. But how about you get some sleep. Maybe a dream will see them." Toph thought that was really dumb but she didn't know how to go back and see them again so there's no point on that. Before she can bother to go to bed though, she began to sense movement outside. She usually didn't bother with this but the movement felt oddly familiar to her. Katara wanted to get some sleep and she can't do that with Toph still up.

"Come on Toph. Go to sleep please," Katara said. Toph though was more focused on the footsteps.

"I think Aang's moving around outside."

"That's ridiculous," Katara said, going to the window to check for her. Toph was felling someone else too, more footsteps. Katara was extremely shocked to see who it was as Toph got up. Katara and Toph went over to the door and got outside.

"Katara. Toph. So good to see you."

They both could hardly believe it. The members of old were here, the first members they've seen... Cobalion. Virizion. Terrakion. The three were there, and even more so was who was with them... Mirage.

"What are you guys doing here?" Katara asked.

"And so late?" added Toph.

"Sorry. It's our safest time to come here. We have an offer for you. You wouldn't mind waking your friends do you?" Virizion asked nicely. Katara was already on that as Toph walked to Mirage.

"Been a while hasn't it?" Mirage said, still Aang's voice. Toph felt his robe to make sure he's not Aang.

"Yeah... it has," Toph said, awe struck. It didn't take long before Aang and Sokka were up and outside, getting the same shock as the other two got.

"I know this is sudden, and unexpected, but we would like to talk to you for a bit." They did come out to see them. The moonlight gave them all a perfect view of everything.

"What is it guys? Another problem with the other worlds we have to fix?" Aang asked.

"Not this time. It's more of an offer to you guys, a reward if you will, for all you've done. interested?" the team had to talk for a while on it.

"Well is there gonna be any trouble if we go?"

"Don't worry about that. If there were trouble we wouldn't disguise it as a reward now would we? It'll just be a visit back with us. We'll explain when we get there," Cobalion explained. Team Avatar spoke for a while longer until a conclusion was made. Aang was the one who spoke the answer.

"All right guys. We'll come along."

"That's great. Just give us a sec." Mirage turned away and used his given magic to summon a portal for them. The three leaders and Mirage invited them inside. Unlike before, they happily agreed and started going in. They don't know what was going to happen but something told them, it's going to be fun.

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