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Aang tumbled around in the tunnel until he was finally at the end of it. Since he couldn't air-bend for the moment he simply fell right at the floor, which was sand completely. Aang landed head first in it and rolled for a good while before stopping. He spat out the sand in his mouth before looking around. He seemed to be stuck in, once again, a desert type of place. But lucky for him he landed nearby an Arabian town so at least he can figure out where he is from here.

"Oh great. Back to deserts. WHY is it always deserts?" Aang groaned, remembering the Altonian desert and the Desert of the Dead where he met Phalanx. But at least those two times he was either with someone or knew what to do...this time though, he's completely alone and has no clue on how to get back at this point. Since he's here, he might as well go look around.

Aang kept looking around, but he just couldn't get any good bearings here. Nothing looked familiar from home in anyway. No shop, no person, not even the plants looked any familiar from back home. Of course the people didn't help him much either. All of them would rather run him out then help him. At one point though he then heard something big going on by the palace.

"What the? That's right! Maybe the princess can help." Aang thought, so he ran like mad to the crowd and then noticed someone tossing money around. Aang tried getting a look but the crowd wouldn't give him a chance. His only way to even look at all is on the roof. And with some rope for help, he managed...this queen wasn't what he thought it would be.

This queen was actually a queen elephant. She looked pretty royal, especially since she tossed a ton of golden pieces around to the townsfolk from her palace chair, like the ones the royal use back home. Aang alone couldn't make out the idea but the queen then noticed him hanging onto the rope. She winked in his direction and threw some money in his direction. He only got one coin out of the mess as she was carried inside her palace. Aang was intrigued by her generosity.


Later on, this elephant queen was busy in her office, writing down a few things when her gorilla guards came.

"Hello gentlemen," she said in a cheery British voice.

"Miss Decibel, ma'am? There's someone here to see you."

"And who might I ask would it be? Cyrille perhaps? The delivery boy?"

"Well...a boy yes, but no delivery. He wishes for some help."

"Oh very well. Send him in." Decibel said. After that her visitor walked in upon the apes permission...Aang...

"Hello, Miss Decibel." Aang started. Miss Decibel didn't recognize him at first until her memory got to work.

"Ah. Your that little boy hanging from the rope, aren't you? Sorry, but I'm not making anymore offerings, I like to keep some for myself."

"It's not about the money ma'am...I actually need some help."

"Help? Well ask away."

"Well it's kind of hard to explain..."

"Then explain the best you can," she encouraged. Aang still isn't sure but her encouragement made him go on.

"Well you see. I'm uh...kinda lost from my home. Taken away. I don't know where I am or how to get back you know anywhere by the name of Ba Sing Se?" Aang asked. This made Decibel actually chuckle a little.

"Well for a lad who couldn't explain himself, you did a pretty good job. But as for this "Ba Sing Se" place, I'm sorry but I don't know of such a place. I'm kinda new here myself."

"Excuse me?"

"Yes, yes. I'm more of a, how you say...a roaming queen? is there more?" Aang felt more alone then ever now.

"...No...there isn't...thanks anyway." Aang sighed. Miss decibel then noticed the sadness in his voice and the tear going down his face.

"I guess I'll be going..." Aang said, turning to the door sadly as Miss Decibel continued writing down her work.

Poor Aang could only imagine what is going on to his fellow team. With Toph and Katara's bending pretty much dead, he was worried with them the most. The two only knew how to fight by bending and if that's removed their helpless. Who knows what this deadly duo had in store for them. He sure doesn't, that's guaranteed. If Smile Dog and Ghost can pick a fight with Toph, the greatest earth-bender in the world, and Toph and Katara are in a whole heap of trouble.

It's not like he's not worried over his other friends. Sokka, Suki, the Freedom Fighters, Ty, seems they might be off on the wrong foot too. Even though they can fight without bending, Smile Dog and Ghost are much more deadly then Aang was about to find out.

Aang walked a bit from the palace before he felt that "you're being watched" feeling get at him. He kept looking around and started feeling more nervous each time that he could of sworn he saw someone nearby. He stopped by the shore where he first arrived when, who would have guessed, 'you know who' showed up behind him. Aang looking behind him and saw the dog and ghost duo there.

"Okay Aang. Ready?" Smile Dog asked. Smile Dog expected a no shoot out but Aang paused at first.

"For what?"

"To go, that's what. It's been a week of portal jumping to land you here so let's just go."


Smile Dog and Ghost paused for a bit.

"Okay?...really? Just like that? No threats, or escapes or anything?"

"No. What's the point? After all, you probably killed the rest of my friends anyway. What choice do I have now that I'm powerless?" Honestly, the duo didn't expect this.

"What? But- okay look, I'm not doing this just to kill you! The boss-"

"Who is your boss anyway? Why can't he just get me instead of you guys?"

"Our boss is a busy man, he doesn't have time to do this. Now as I was saying, we need you alive for experimental reasons."

"Experimental reasons?"

"I'll explain everything later so just come with me will you? Honestly it's hard enough to do this." Smile Dog walked to his side, rather cautious expecting an attack...but no. Aang had fully given up. With his bending and friends gone, he can't do anything to stop him. Smile Dog tried making him get to his feet but Aang was too depressed.

"Can you get up at least? I can't be your carrier unless you're almost dead."

"Does being deeply depressed count?"

" wait...ok fine, climb on."

Aang was about to pull himself up onto Smile Dog's back but one glance into the city made him froze...a few black figures, sorta small, with soulless eyes, watching him from afar. Ghost was the only one to notice but ignored first until they suddenly started appearing around them! The trio turned around but more showed up, making a circle around them.

"What... The...out of the way." Ghost said. The figures didn't even budge. Oddly then a snap of the fingers was heard and suddenly the odd figures stretched and bended around them. Aang was grabbed by one of them as the others kept Smile Dog back.

"I KNEW IT! EVERY TIME!" Smile Dog screeched in anger as Aang was carried off. Ghost slipped out and tried getting him, but suddenly Aang was thrown to the ground so hard, he was knocked out almost immediately. The only sign of pain was a small head wound as blood just barely seeped out onto the ground...Aang couldn't have known what happened from there.

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