Eastern Air Temple
The Eastern Air Temple
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August 22, 2013

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Ch.17: Disclosure

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Ch.19: Spiritual Enlightenment

~~The Hotel~~

"WAIT, WHAT!!!" Sokka shouted in disbelief. "I'M AN AIRBENDER?!"

"It appears you are," replied Hokai.

"But how is this possible?" asked Sokka.

"Well, it appears that one of your ancestors was a airbender," said Hokai. "But, because you didn't realise it until now, it seems, that that was several generations ago. Maybe three of four. Right after the start of the Hundred year war."

"But how come, that I'm not an airbender then?" asked Katara. "I mean, shouldn't we both be the same benders?"

"Well, it might have something to do with your grandparents. It is widely know, that if a bender marries a non bender then the children, that are the same gender as the bender are going to be able to bend," said Hokai. "So, Katara, maybe your mother's mother or her mother was a Waterbender, and Sokka, it is possible, that your father's father or his father was an Airbender."

"But, how could I have not known that I was an Airbender," said Sokka. "I mean, shouldn't there been any signs?"

"As I said, the ability to bend gets weaker with every generation if a person doesn't do it," replied Hokai. "Your ancestors probably didn't bend, because they were afraid of any Fire Nation raids and collaborators."

"THAT'S GREAT!" shouted Aang. "YOU'RE AN AIRBENDER!!!"

"Yeah, but how do I do it?" asked Sokka. "I mean, how can I bend?"

"Well then, I guess it's time for some training!" said Aang thrillingly as he grabbed Sokka's arm and rushed towards a nearby field. As the rest of the Gaang followed Aang and Sokka, Aang grabbed his whistle from his pocket and summoned Appa. The giant Flying bison flew to them and they jumped aboard. Aang gave the command and Appa started to fly.

"Aang! Where are we going!" Katara shouted.

"To the home of the Airbenders that is still inhabited. To the Eastern Air temple." Aang replied.

~~Skies over the Earth Kingdom~~

"AANG!" Hokai shouted. "CALM YOURSELF! Sokka has only discovered, that he's an Airbender. So be calm. The process of training is hard and long and you know it. I'm just saying, that you shouldn't rush.

"I'm sorry," Aang said. "I'm just so excited, I can't help myself."

"It's all right," replied Hokai. "Now, we still have a few hours until we get to the Air temple. So let's get some rest for the training tomorrow."

The Gaang, except for Aang and Hokai went to sleep, as Appa flew towards the Air temple.

~~The Eastern Air Temple~~

"WE'RE HERE!" Aang said. "Wake up sleepy head!"

"What?" replied Sokka. "Where are we?"

"We're in the Eastern Air Temple," replied Aang. And it's time for the beginning of training. Meanwhile, Katara and Toph, you can go search for Guru Pathik. He's an old friend of Gyatso and me."

Sokka, who just woke up started following Aang and Hokai as they went to the central mountain, where the large training hall stood. "So, have you ever been to the Eastern Air Temple?" asked Aang. "Because I was a quite a few times."

"I've been here once," replied Hokai. "I was here, when I studied about the history of the separation of genders to the Air temples. The most exciting thing, that I found out, was, that before the temple was for women only, the ancestors of Monk Gyatso lived here. Over eight hundred years ago."

"Hey, It's nice to chit chat and all of that, but where are we going? Didn't you say, that the training hall was in the central mountain?" replied Sokka.

"Oh, before we start training, you need an outfit," replied Hokai. "I remember, that there was a part of the temple reserved for male visitors and houses several rooms of clothes."

"Oh, great, who doesn't like dressing up?" said Sokka, sarcastically.

~~The Male Nomad section~~

The trio entered the room, where the male clothes were. Sokka unwillingly put on an Air Nomad costume and got dressed. "Hey, what about the tattoos? Don't I get some as well?"

"After and IF you complete your training and master at least thirty-five Airbending moves," said Aang. "Or, until you create your own move."

"You know, I'm getting excited about this," replied Sokka. "So, which way to the training hall?"

"Oh, you're not done yet," said Hokai. "A true Airbender has to watch for his appearance. It's time to shave."

"But I don't have a beard or a mustache," said Sokka.

"We weren't talking about facial hair," said Aang.

"Oh, no, There's NO way, that I'm shaving my hair! FORGET IT!" shouted Sokka.


~~The Courtyard on the central mountain~~

"I can't believe, that you managed to persuade me!" said Sokka.

"Oh, you don't look so bad," said Aang, barely holding his laughter.

Just then, Katara and Toph arrived with a friend; "Hey Aang, we found your friend," said Katara. "He was meditating... HAHAHAHAHAHA, Sokka, what happened to your hair?!"

"It's an Airbender thing," said Sokka, in disgrace.

~~The main training hall~~

The Gaang and Guru Pathik all went to the main training hall. "So, what's the first move that I'm gonna learn? Air Bomb? Air Bullets? Air Tunnel?"

"The first thing you must learn is meditating," said Guru Pathik. "You can't rush into doing a Airbending move. By meditating you mold your chakras to do so."

"So, how long do I have to meditate?" asked Sokka. "You know, we not having enough time, since the Red Revolt is still raging."

"You think too much, young one," replied the Guru. "One can't tell, how much time it takes to achieve spiritual enlightenment, one must be ready to accept it. Release your self from the burdens of our world and you will achieve inner enlightenment. Now, the others leave him alone. I'll stay here with him and train the spiritual part of his transformation."

~~The Courtyard on the central mountain~~

"So, what do we do now?" asked Katara. "How long is it going to take Sokka achieving enlightenment?"

"Well, we might be here for quite a long time," replied Hokai. "If he concentrates really hard and understands the techniques and culture of the Air Nomads it will be over quickly. But, if I know Sokka well enough, we'll be here for quite a long time."

"So, what are we suppose to do until then?" Toph asked.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Aang said.

"AIRBALL TOURNAMENT!" shouted both at the same time.

"Best four out of seven," Hokai replied as the two Airbenders took their gliders and started gliding towards the field.

"Hey, what are we suppose to do? You can't just leave use like this," Toph shouted. Aang and Hokai flew back to the two girls and Aang said. "You know, there was a relaxing day spa on the Western mountain and I think, that it is still working. All of the water there is natural as it flows down..."

"Ye ye ye," Toph said. "All we needed to know, that there is a spa and that it's in the Western mountain. Come on Katara, let's go."

"We'll see you in a couple of hours," Katara replied.

"Okay, have fun," Aang said.

"Well, then," Hokai replied. "Race you to the Airball court!" As Hokai said that he opened his glider and started flying towards the court, with Aang on his tail.


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