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The next day Longshot met up with Galleth and Suki in the dining hall where they were enjoying breakfast. He still was questioning that weird kid from last night, but he pushed that aside for now.

"Madame Suki. You say you are an experienced warrior back where you came?"

"That's right, Galleth. I just so happen to be leader of a group called the Kyoshi Warriors, in charge of protecting a whole island from danger."

"I say, that's impressive. Now. Thou are ready to go?"

"Yeah, we are. Thanks for giving us the hand, Sir Galleth. Longshot, you ready to go?" Suki asked. Longshot nodded, but he's still wondering on that kid that came by last night. Who is he? What was he trying to do?...

Speaking of which, BEN himself was pretty busy for right now.

Those monster robot guards were walking on back to their castle, where this black knight was calling them in. They all lined up as the Black Knight got in. The knight was tall, and tough looking.

"Are all guards present? Good. Now, I've got another plan." the Black Knight said, the voice sounding robotic in a way. The Black Knight then started going over the plans. One of the guards, though, was more intrigued in the knight itself then the plans. As if judging the work, and structure of the robot itself instead of listening over the plan to take back the kingdom. The Black Knight seemingly noticed this right away.

"Hey you! Pay attention or you'll be turned to scrap metal," the Black Knight said. The guard had all eyes and ears on the knight...but something in its "unique" software picked up something different...the knight isn't all it seems to be...he swiped at the knight, getting a scratch, just to make sure.

"What was that for?!" the Black Knight asked.


"Sorry isn't gonna work at this point. Come with me." The robot followed the Black Knight to a back room, out of sight...then a huge explosion was heard...and out stepped the knight. Alone, with the robot head thrown in the room.

"Okay knights. Change of plans. There's a duo we have to get."


Mid day. Suki and Longshot were trying to figure out how to get home. They weren't fully out of the kingdom just yet, but they're far from the castle regardless. Longshot stopped at a point, Suki not noticing it.

"Alright Longshot. You have any idea on how to get back?" Suki asked. Longshot, however, didn't even listen, hearing something from one of the houses. Suki walked over as Longshot was looking inside one of the windows. It seemed dark in there, but something made them both go inside. It didn't really fill in the mood any better when they noticed a huge mess of scrap metal of what was the guard. Longshot was looking over the metal with a keen eye, but Suki averted his attention in a different direction. At first it seems that something like a worm or grub was attached to the ceiling by a least it looked that way from the dark. Longshot found another window and opened it up and the light revealed someone wrapped up, bowed, gagged, upside-down, struggling.

"Oh god! Come on!" Suki and Longshot quickly got over and untied her. Odd thing though is that she is actually an anthro mouse! She didn't look very bad given the situation. She looked very much like a human, even having a human-like face. The key differences were her mouse ears, the tail, and long orange hair. She was wearing a full yellow suit too.

"You okay?" Suki asked. The mouse coughed a little first before answering. "Yeah, I'm fine. Who are you? What are you?"

"I'm Suki. That's Longshot. You are?"

"Penelope. Thanks for the help. I really need to fix that-(sees the wrecked guard)...never mind."

"Fix? That mean, you made that thing?"

"Yeah, I did, but obviously someone messed around with its wiring or something." Penelope sighed, looking over the mess of metal.

"Well, isn't this nice." Penelope groaned.

"What happened to you? How'd you get up there all tied?" Suki asked. Penelope looked quite annoyed on that part.

"What happened? I was nearly killed, that's what! Some weird ghost swordsman or something attacked me, took my black knight, and just left me hanging! Literally!"

"Okay, okay, calm down, Penelope. Can you tell us what it looked like?" Before Penelope can answer, she oddly began to hear something lurking around. Then an odd face appeared right behind Longshot...then it attacked!


Meanwhile, the Black Knight marched right over to Galleth's castle to confront him. Galleth alone stepped out while the Black Knight stepped forward.

"Black Knight. Thou has returned for what?"

"Let's not handle any long talk and cut to the chase. I am-"

"Then so be it! Our duel starts now!" Galleth charged forward but the Black Knight simply leaned in and grabbed him by the neck.

"You listen here, Sir Galleth Cooper. I'm on a tight schedule right now and I have no point to go in a duel with some headstrong ring-tailed idiot. So I'll ask you one more time. There were two people named Suki and Longshot. Where are they?" Galleth didn't answer. The knight was about to finish him when...


The knight turned to the entrance to see someone with Suki and Longshot on the ground, along with Penelope, holding the mouse by the was Azula! Of course now she had a deadly scar down the side of her face, worse than Zuko's, claw marks adding to it as well.

"What are you doing here?"

"Come on, BEN. We got this, let go of Galleth." Azula said in her usual tone. The knight let go...and BEN walked out of it, shocking everyone.

"Alright, alright, geez. Now ready to go?"

"Not just yet. Give me a second." Azula took aim at Galleth, whom wanted to get them lightning bolt was all it took to shock him. Suki and Longshot watched as he fell to the floor...not moving.


"Okay BEN, let's go. We got two fish to fry." Azula said.

"What about her?" BEN asked, pointing to Penelope.

"Eh. Use for our mechanic probably. Sorry for messing you up, by the way." Azula said.

"Yeah right! Now let me go!" Penelope said, trying to get free.

"Relax, Rat, we're not gonna bug ya. In fact, we have an opening that'll make you, Penelope, the greatest mind ever!" Now Penelope was surprised, after they let her go.

"You serious?"

"Sure! I'll explain the idea and we'll be off." With that Azula, Penelope and BEN went off to deal with Suki and Longshot...all the while, they had an audience. Right by the castle door... Then it charged at them.

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