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Suki and Longshot followed Galleth back to his home by the castle. Galleth had his place well mended and the two were welcomed pretty good. In fact, the other fellow knights and guards were having a victory party over a win in a war they had.

Galleth explained that his army had to deal with a very deadly warrior and rival army under the Order of the Black Knight, as he calls it. They had been going at it for a while now, but in the end, Galleth beat the Black Knight at its own game the day before Suki and Longshot showed up. From the sound of Galleth's story, this war was very tough to deal with, but Galleth made it kind of confusing when he added in how the enemy had "flying bombs" and "metallic monsters" on their side...or something like that. Whatever the case is though, they had won and the Black Knight had fallen.

"You mean you took on the Black Knight yourself Galleth?" Suki asked.

"That's right, Madame Suki. The Black Knight put up a good battle none the less, but one slay through the heart was all it took." Galleth said.

"Did he have reinforcements?"

"Of course. All the great knights you see helped in the victory of conquest. Well done men!" Galleth said, the other soldiers giving a great HAZAA afterwards.

"So, Madame Suki. You and Sir Longshot were found alone in the thickest of woods. Why is that?"

"...Well, I don't think you'll believe us if I told you." Suki sighed.

"Don't fret. I get it if you don't wanna talk." Galleth said. Suki and Longshot were glad that they didn't need to, since they hardly understand it themselves...but outside, on a rooftop, Smile Dog and Ghost had figured out where they were...but someone else was with them...what appeared to be some sort of kid, pointed ears, green cloths, blue eyes and grey skin. The kid looked pretty young, but that was set aside.

"Okay, BEN. Just make sure Suki and Longshot come back and we'll be fine."

"You sure? I mean you NEVER let me go with you before." BEN said, obviously confused.

"A first time for everything, now is there? You can be that swordsman you want to here." Smile Dog persisted. BEN thought about it and agreed, as he went soon as he was out of sight, Ghost tapped Smile Dog's shoulder.

"Again. You know what you're doing? BEN isn't the best here, and you don't like him to top it off."

"I know, but at least this way that Pyramid Head guy won't try to kill us, going after BEN instead. Get it?"

"Yeah, I dig it dog...though BEN is a nice kid, despite his digital brain."

"Yeah...let's ditch him."

"Right behind you."


Suki and Longshot later on that night were given a room to rest in. The night was getting oddly rough on Longshot in more ways. As Suki was sleeping calmly, Longshot found himself sitting at the foot of his bed, unable to sleep. He had no idea why, but something just didn't feel right...his suspicions were proven when he heard someone at the window. He quickly looked around and found his bow and arrow, and immediately aimed it at whoever it was...the light revealed it to be BEN. BEN aimed his sword at his's a stand-off.

"Okay you. I'm taking you in right now. And there's nothing you can do about it." BEN said, looking like he's ready to stab him. Longshot gave a warning shot by shooting his hat, it hitting the wall.

"HEY! That's a one-of-a-kind! Don't wreck it." BEN said, getting the arrow out of his green hat the best he could as Longshot got ready to shoot again. Angry, BEN charged right for him...just to get his head stepped on by Longshot. BEN managed to sworn himself free, his hat stuck under Longshot's foot.

"Ha Ha, very funny Longshot. (Gets his hat back) Now let's get this over with." BEN said, obviously insulted by Longshot's lack of fear towards him.

"THAT'S IT." BEN tried five other times to get him, but Longshot literally either just pushed him back nonchalantly, until he just had enough with this kid's nonsense. So he got the kid by the collar...And dropped him outside the window. Longshot went right back to sleep. Annoyed, BEN got up from his state...and suddenly was found off guard by a strange guard! This was one of those "mechanical monsters" Galleth told Suki and Longshot earlier.

"Intruder. You have five seconds to surrender," it said, a strong robotic voice...the robotic voice gave BEN an idea as the robotic monster started the countdown.

"Five. (BEN got up with no fear) Four. (BEN starts to crack his knuckles) Three. (BEN takes off his hat and sets it on the monsters head) Two. (BEN oddly began to show electric current through his head and hands) One..."


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