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August 22, 2013

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~~Skies over the Southern Air Temple~~

The Gaang rushed on Appa and Aang gave the command. The giant Flying bison leaped into the sky and started flying towards their destination: Ba Sing Se.

"Only a little longer!" said Aang, thrilled.

"Aang, calm yourself," said Katara. "Did you already forget, what both Hokai and Gyatso said. Don't get your hopes up. I just don't want you getting hurt."

"She is right Aang," replied Hokai. "As I said, there is only a small possibility, that we find people, who still have the spirit of Airbending in them.

"I know, we will. I just feel it," said Aang. "Appa, can't you go a little faster," said the impatient Airbender.

Appa roared in disagreement, being tired, after flying from Ba Sing Se to the Northern Air Temple and them to the Southern one.

"Aang, calm down," said Katara. "We still need a few hours to get to Ba Sing Se. Get some rest and go to sleep. I'll fly Appa until we get there."

Aang nodded in agreement and went to sleep, Toph immediately following him. "So, how come that you're not so impatient as Aang," said Katara.

"Well, I try not to get too thrilled about it, because I'm still not sure if it'll work," replied Hokai. "But, to be honest; inside I'm much more nervous as Aang, but I can hold it in."

"So, Aang told us many things what you and he did together, but he never told me how you two met," said Katara.

"Well, to tell you the truth, Aang and I weren't always friends. When we were young, a year or so, we were put in the same room together. We were the loudest duo in the whole temple. At first we couldn't stand each other. We always wanted to play with the same toys at the same time, so the monks had quite a rough time with us. But, as we grew older we started to like each other.

Then, when we we four we started training together. We were the first in our class, that had the opportunity to choose a Flying Bison. Isn't that right, Appa!.. If you are wondering, my flying bison was killed during the Fire Nation attack. (He stops talking for a minute.)...Well, where was I? Then we trained together each day. I couldn't believe how quick Aang got the hang of the moves. He just learned them in a heart beat. So it kinda wasn't a surprise, when Aang told me, that he was the Avatar. After he told me that, we became even closer. Other kids still talked and played with him, but they were a little scared and afraid of his skills. But I knew, that he was still the same; pleasant and friendly. He's the reason, that I became a master Airbender and got my tattoos. I actually got them one week before the attack by the Fire Nation," said Hokai. "But enough about me, I haven't gotten to know you at all. How is it in the Southern Water Tribe?"

"Well, It's cold, that's for sure," said Katara. "When this ends I promise to take you to my tribe. You haven't traveled as much as Aang, didn't you?"

"No, after Aang found out that he was the Avatar, he started traveling. On the other hand I spend the whole days meditating, training and studying. It wasn't an exciting life, but it was a good life. It was peaceful," replied Hokai.

"Peace is the most important part to a good life," said Katara. "Sure, me and my brother went fishing and hunting together, but we were always nervous about the safety of our tribe. We didn't worry about ourselves, but for the others. They were the ones, that couldn't defend themselves. After the men left, there were only thirty of us left in the tribe. We tried to flee to the Northern Water Tribe but there were just too many Fire Nation ships. And, well. I'm kinda glad that we didn't. If we did, Aang would still be trapped in the Ice berg and the Fire Nation would have won the war."

They kept talking for hours, until they could see the silhouette of the Outer wall of Ba Sing Se. At that point Aang woke up, instantly asking: "Are we there yet?!"

"We're almost there," replied Katara. "I've never seen you so impatient." The Bison, to Aang's impatience, finally landed at the doors of the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace.

~~The Earth Kingdom Royal Palace~~

As they went inside the doors of the Earth King's throne room were already opened as Sokka and King Kuei were already waiting for them. "How come, that the doors are already open?" asked Aang.

"Well, we saw Appa coming here so I ordered my guards to open the door, so that you wouldn't destroy them a third time," said the Earth King.

"So, Sokka how many "Airbenders" did you found." Asked Aang impatient.

"I'm sorry Aang, but not a whole lot. While I was away, the Earth King wrote notes, saying to do the same as in Ba Sing Se and send them to other mayor cities in the Earth Kingdom. We found only thirty people, that COULD be the descendants of Air Nomads," replied Sokka.

"What, ONLY THIRTY!" said Aang. "Well... let's try. Where are they staying now?"

"They are all in one of the finest hotels in the Upper Ring," said the Earth King. "Sokka will show you the way."

The Gaang started walking towards the Hotel, Aang holding the tablet in his arms. "So, were there any people from the Water Tribes?" asked Katara.

"No. First I went to the Northern Water Tribe. They have records of everyone, that came to the tribe in the last two hundred years, but no one fit the description," said Sokka. "It was even harder in our tribe. Because of the Raids all records have been burned and I couldn't find out anything new. I visited several, if not all villages in the south, asked all of the elders, but no one could tell me if there ever were any Airbenders in our tribe."

"So, all the people in the hotel are from the Earth Kingdom?" asked Toph.

"Almost. One is from the former Fire Nation colonies," replied Sokka. "We're here."

~~The Hotel~~

The Gaang went into the Hotel and into the main Ballroom. Aang set up a table in the middle of the Room and placed the tablet on it. One by one the people started coming. They each touched the tablet but nothing happened. Aang was getting furious. No one of the twenty seven, that already touched the tablet were Airbenders. It was the same with the final three.

Aang couldn't believe it. He just sat there, not talking, not moving, just sitting there.

"Aang, It's all right. Maybe I missed a few," said Sokka, to calm Aang. "There is still some hope."

"No, there isn't!" Aang shouted. "There is NO chance, that the Air Nomad society is going to thrive again!"

"Aang. You have to stay positive," said Katara.

"HOW!?" Aang shouted back.

Sokka wanted to lighten the mood in the room and cheer Aang up, so he grabbed the tablet and shouted: "Aang, look I'm the magic tablet and I say who's an Airbender." As the Gaang looked at Sokka, their eyes lit up and they walked a step back.

Oh, come on guys," said Sokka. "I really wasn't possessed by the tablet. It was just me."

"Sokka, look up," Hokai said.

"Why?" Sokka asked. As the lifted his head he saw the tablet glowing.

"Sokka, you're an Airbender!" Aang shouted.


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