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The Cave of Aero
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August 21, 2013

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Ch.15: The Catacombs

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Ch.17: Disclosure

~~Skies above the Earth Kingdom~~

"I can't believe, that the tablet was in the Southern Air Temple all the time," said Aang. "It was under my nose all the time."

"Aang, calm down," said Katara. "Remember what Gyatso said; don't bring your hopes up too high, because you might be disappointed at the end."

"You're right, Katara. But I just can't help myself. I was traveling the world for almost a year, always thinking, that I was the last of my kind, then I found Hokai. And now, I've got the chance to recreate my people!" said Aang.

"Aang, I'm just saying that..." said Katara before she was interrupted by Aang.

"We're here!" said Aang. "Appa, land us on the main terrace."

~~The Southern Air Temple~~

The Flying Bison landed as Aang told him and the Gaang jumped off. "Appa, you stay here," said Aang. "Now, because Hokai and I were raised in the temple it's best that we split. Katara, you can come with me, if you'd like, and Toph you can go with Hokai."

The Gaang split and each due went their separate path. Katara followed Aang as he rushed downstairs towards a small garden. "Aang, why are we rushing?" asked Katara. "I know of a place, only a few Airbenders knew about. It is a small room, under this garden. It was the Avatar sanctuary of the Southern Air Temple. All Avatars, that were raised and lived here left a few of their personal belongings here. Gyatso showed me the room, when I wanted to communicate with Roku for the first time."

Aang used his Airbending to remove some bushes, that had grown where the secret passage stood and opened the hatch. It was dark, very dark, so Aang lit up a small fire, using his Firebending techniques. They descended some stairs and came to a small door. Aang opened the door and went into the room. Katara followed him.

~~The Avatar room~~

"Look, Katara isn't it amazing," said Aang, as Katara entered the room. "These relics all belonged to past Avatars. They're amazing."

"Any sign of the tablet?" asked Katara.

"No, but we have to keep looking," said Aang, while he was looking for any hidden doors. "The tablet must be in this temple. I just know it!"


"So, where are we going, Smarty pants?" asked Toph.

"I see, that you already have a nickname for me," replied Hokai. "And to answer your question, we're going to the library."

"Weren't we just in a library?" asked Toph.

"Yes and no. We were in Wan Shi Tong's library. We're going to the Temple Library, more precisely the forbidden section," said Hokai. "The forbidden section is a part of the massive library, that only the highest monks were allowed in. Normal students like I were not allowed into it... Here it is."

The duo stood in front of a massive door. "If memory serves, there must be a mechanism," said Hokai, as he searched for the mechanism. "Ah, there it is," said Hokai as he found it on the left side of the door. He used his Airbending to unlock the mechanism, making the door open. The duo stepped into the massive library.

~~The temple library~~

"Even though I can't see, I can feel that this library is massive," said Toph.

"Come, the forbidden section is right through here," said Hokai as he led Toph to the outer doors of the section. "Now, I don't know if there's a mechanism here but I'm sure that..." said Hokai, before Toph used her Metalbending to easily remove the door from its hinges.

"Or we could do that," said Hokai as he went in first, this time finding the mechanism of the second door, before Toph could use her Metalbending and used his Airbending to open the doors open. As the duo went into the room Hokai said; "We have to check every part of the library for the tablet", as he and Toph started their search. They searched for almost an hour, but didn't find anything. They met up in a corner of the Library.

"Did you find anything?" asked Toph.

"No, and by the looks of it, you didn't as well," replied Hokai. Just as they were talking the floor underneath them started to crumble and the duo had to time to get away.


"Aang, where are we going now?" asked Katara.

"We're going to the temple sanctuary room. It is one of the places, that no one goes in," replied Aang. As the duo got to the door they heard a strong sound, that came from upstairs.


"What was that?!" Katara shouted.

"I don't know, but we'll better go and check," said Aang as he used his Earthbending to remove a part of the ceiling, and then using his Airbending to lift Katara and him up to the next level. When they got there they saw two people lying on the ground. It was Toph and Hokai. "What happened?"

"We fell down from the library upstairs after the floor crumbled," said Hokai, still having a headache from the drop. "Hey, where are we?"

"I don't know I've never been in this part of the temple," said Aang. "Look, there's a door over there."

The Gaang go closer to the door as Hokai reads the inscription on it. "The place where Aero, the great Air Nomad Avatar created the most sacred of objects.

"This must be it," said Aang as he used his Airbending to unlock the door mechanism and opening the giant doors.

The Gaang entered the room and were shocked by its appearance. It was a cave. "What, I don't understand," said Aang.

~~The Cave~~

"I do." Replied Hokai. "Remember when Aero lived. Several thousand years ago. I bet, that this cave was once a part of the original catacombs of the first Southern Air Temple."

The Gaang start walking slowly towards the end of the cave. Aang, again, used his Firebending to light a fire. The Gaang finally reached the end of the cave, revealing a table, made out of rock. On the table lay a small tablet.

"Aang, If this is it, then when we touch it the tablet will start to glow," said Hokai. "You go first."

Aang slowly touched the tablet and it instantly started to glow. The second he moved his hand from it, it stopped. It was the same with Hokai. The Gaang finally found the lost tablet of Aero, the last relic, that could revive the Air Nomad culture.


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