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July 24, 2013

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Longshot and Suki kept on tumbling down their portal until they crash landed in a tree. Not exactly the best place to land. The two tumbled down the tree until they hit rock bottom (literally). Suki got up slowly after a bit, followed by Longshot.

"You okay, Longshot?" Suki asked. Longshot merely nodded as he tried to find his feet. Suki had managed for a second or so but when she opened her eyes...


Suki fell back to see Smile Dog standing right there! This time alone.

"You again?!"

"You were expecting maybe The Terminator? Now look, I usually wait for a bit but that got me into trouble before, so just go through the portal with me and we'll go from there." Smile Dog grabbed Suki but she yanked her hand out of Smile Dog's mouth.

"Why should I go again?! Wasn't the first time to get rid of us? I mean it only went for one night!" Suki snapped, getting in Smile Dog's face.

"Bull-shirk! You two were bouncing around in that dumb portal for a week! Takes time to get from point A-point B you know. Now do yourself a favor and just follow me."

"I'm not going anywhere but home, understand? You've caused enough trouble you-"


"Not if I kill you first!" Suki said, suddenly gripping Smile Dog by the neck. One swift kick though knocked her right at the tree. Longshot was the next target, as he was pinned down fast. Suki tried to get him but she was pinned down fast when suddenly Ghost appeared and wrapped her up in his tail.

"That's easy. Let's get this over with." Ghost said. They were about to go but suddenly Smile Dog got a tough feeling that they weren't the only ones here.

"Hey Ghost. Take a look around will ya? I'll keep these two still." Smile Dog said. Ghost made sure Suki was pinned too before he let go. Then he flew off as Suki and Longshot was stuck with this mutt.

"What do you want from us? You at least owe us that much."

"I don't owe you anything, Suki. Classified." Smile Dog. But then Suki made an odd smile herself.

"Would it matter? I mean, if it's so secret, and if we're going there, then why keep it a secret if we're gonna figure it out anyway?"

"Good point, but if I'm bringing you there, then why should I tell you now if you're gonna figure it out later? And-wait...What am I doing?! This isn't some game of 20 Questions! Just shut up until Ghost comes back will ya?!" Smile Dog snapped, losing his smile (which is rare).

"You have 18 questions left."

"SHUT UP!!!"

Before the annoyance can go any further, they all began hearing some odd, non-forest sounds not too far away. First it sounded like Ghost...but then a scream was heard, loud and clear...then silence...well, except footsteps coming their way...Smile Dog then got a horrifying thought. For the last two times, he was attacked by a huge giant with a killer blade. Is he back again? Being the dog he is, he isn't waiting around to find out.

"Okay okay YOU CAN HAVE THEM!" Smile Dog said. He chucked Suki and Longshot in the direction of the noise, as Smile Dog suddenly saw Ghost bolt out of the forest again, wrapping around Smile Dog's neck.

"Smile Dog! He's back! Over there!" Ghost said, shuddering as a giant shadow appeared. It didn't take long before Smile Dog and Ghost bolted out of sight. Suki and Longshot both turned to the thing standing there. Anything that can scare Smile Dog and Ghost is sure dangerous...but who came out isn't the same guy.

"You alright?"

Suki and Longshot both looked to see a gilded knight standing there. A raccoon knight, with a caned sword.

"I guess...who are you?"

"I'm Sir Galleth Cooper, Madame. And who be ye?"

"Who be we?...I am Suki. And this is Longshot. We didn't mean to bother you it's just-"

"Calm down. Thou hasn't bothered me one bit. I'm grateful to be of aid. I'm of the highest order for my kingdom."


"Right. Just north of here is the castle. If you need a place to stay for now, I can be of assistance."

"Thanks Galleth, but we need to find out how to get back now. Come on Longshot, let's go." Suki was gonna go on...but then she remembered Smile Dog and Ghost.

" far is it from here?"

Suki and Longshot followed Galleth on back...Smile Dog and Ghost know now they were tricked. Smile Dog was banging his head against a tree.

"DANG IT! Tricked by ANOTHER Cooper! This is stupid!" Smile Dog groaned, adding in "and I need an Aspirin."

"Take it easy, Smile Dog. Now I know we have to do this, and I know about your freak out over ol' triangle head. Let's just grab them and go."

"...fine...but if he comes back here-...wait. I got a better idea."

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