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God of Water PT1

Katara woke up the next day and explained what had happened. She herself had trouble believing it but Starfire did attack her and took off with Umbreon.

"She attacked you?!" Cyborg said in utter surprise.

"Not only that, she flew off with Umbreon. Titans, you knew her for the longest time. Has she done this before?" Unfortunately, she never had. And they all made that painfully clear.

"We have to find her," Robin said after a minute.

"But we need to find those Triforce pieces."

"Doesn't matter, Sokka! Starfire is lost out there and we have to find her. Besides, the Triforce pieces aren't going anywhere. (turns to Katara) Katara, where did you see her fly off to?" Robin asked, urgent in tone. Katara wasn't too sure on exact direction, but gave an overall point with her finger. No sooner after that, Robin began going off to it.

"Where are you going?" Smile Dog asked, jumping to his feet.

"I'm going after her. You going with me or staying here?" It didn't take too long before a decision was made. In the end, some stayed to help Katara out as some followed Robin. Aang, Raven, Toph and Cyborg ended up going with Robin as the rest stayed with Katara to help her out.

With Robin fully at the lead the whole time, they continued off to look for Starfire. It was midday at this point, but it seemed getting more and more gloomy for some reason as they continued on their way.

"What's with the sky?" Aang asked at one point. Cyborg looked at his radar scope to see the weather going on.

"Sensors aren't picking up any rain. But it seems it's only around this area," Cyborg said. Toph and Aang weren't too sure what his sensors were getting, but they understood the part of no rain. Raven began trailing off ahead for a bit, a bit undeterred by the darkness. She stopped by a rise in the path at one point as the others caught up with her. The weather now seemed to fit where they ended up.

What they all were looking out to is a huge graveyard. Mostly made of burnt trees and a few gravestones scattered around the place. The place surely had a death-feeling all over it. As Aang, Cyborg and Robin looked down in a bit of worry, Raven got a smile on her face looking around at the Gothic landscape.

"Oh man. I dunno about this," Aang said, looking around. But however, Robin began to notice something being shot up. He recognized it as Starfire's starbolts, and from the looks of it, it looked like a flare.

"Come on, she's in there," Robin said, running off ahead to get her.


It didn't take too long before they got to the graveyard. The place was rather ominous, gravestones scattered around a scorched forest. There was no tree standing, and the logs completely removed. As they were walking, an odd-looking cross of an owl and crow flew on by them, landing on one of the gravestones.

"This place sure is creepy," Cyborg said.

"Let's just find Starfire and get out. Who knows what's roaming around here," Robin added.

"Maybe we will run into some ghosts," Raven thought out loud.

"Yeah. And maybe some zombies. Rotting and hungry for brains," Toph teased, acting like a zombie for the heck of fun. Aang however wasn't liking this.

"Toph! That's not helping," Aang snapped, getting more spooked by these possibilities. However, it didn't take them much longer before someone nearby saw them. The person dropped a rock on the ground from where she was and got Toph's attention, making the others stopped and they saw her.

"Why hello, friends. So good to see you!" The voice was unmistakable: Starfire was there now, relaxing on one of the bigger gravestones. However, she looked completely different. Instead of her usual two piece costume, she now had a skin tight one piece, similar to Raven's suit. With a Gothic like style, including gloves, high heel boots, and a helmet with a hole in the back for a long pony tail. she also had a belt on with a skull on it. Robin was lost for a minute but snapped back by an urge from Cyborg.

"Starfire! You're back...why are you dressed like that?" Robin asked. Starfire reclined on the gravestone, giving them a smirk she wasn't normally known for.

"You like it? Matches me very well."

"Matches? Now look, just come back with us-"

"I don't think so. And I also believe you have something of mine," she said. They didn't have a clue why she was acting like this, but Raven was sensing something in her...she's not good anymore. Not even close!

"We don't have anything for you, Starfire," Raven said, stepping forward, taking the others by surprise. Starfire stretched out on her gravestone and chuckled at them.

"Oh really? I don't know if you should be difficult, demon," Starfire said in a mocking tone, again not normal for her. Toph and Aang looked at her in surprise, since they weren't told of her being demonic.

"What's going on, Star? You're not yourself." Starfire just laughed at them.

"I wouldn't say that. I think more...improved. Now I think you should hand on over your little triangle trinket."

"We don't have it. And you're not getting it!" Raven growled, seeing what evil really is going on in her.

"That's too bad. Boss Zalgo sure wouldn't be pleased - Oops." The last part was more sarcastic than meaningful.

"Who's that?" Toph asked.

"You'll meet him real soon. First I want to have some fun."

"You and what army?" Starfire then gave one snap of her fingers. At first nothing seemed to happen, but Toph was beginning to sense some strong vibrations coming from all around. The group gathered together as they saw a ring of earth begin to crumble around them...they're beginning to see some people pull themselves out of the dirt. Starfire had called in zombies! It didn't take long before a ton of zombies were surrounding them.

"Cool. I mean, 'Oops'," Raven said.

"Starfire! What are you doing?!" Robin yelled.

"Just having some fun. Okay, boys. Dig in." With another snap of her fingers, the zombies began to close in on them all. Toph didn't find this a big problem. She signaled everyone close together as Toph created a huge wave of earth, spreading in all directions as the zombies were pushed and crushed. Starfire just sighed as she sent a starbolt on the debris, shattering it so the zombies can go back at them again.

"What? They aren't even hurt!" Toph groaned. Starfire just laughed.

"Oh boo hoo hoo. Obviously you don't know anything about zombies," she mocked. Toph kept trying to earthbend them away as the others were trying their best but it wasn't working too well.

"Not working. Any ideas, guys?!" Aang asked. One of the zombies was very close to biting him when Robin swat its head off. The body stopped moving as the others were closing they know what to do.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" Cyborg asked.

"You bet. Everyone down!" Toph, Robin and Cyborg ducked as Aang made a huge ice ring and spread it out at high speed, every zombie decapitated and defeated. Starfire got up to a sitting position, watching this as they turned to her.

"Impressive. Really it is."

"Would you stop trying to kill us?! Whose side are you on anyway?!" Cyborg yelled. Starfire didn't answer as she started to fly down to their level.

"Allow me to answer that in the following way," Starfire laughed as she grabbed something and flew it high up with it. It turned out to be a rope. It was tied to the stone she was laying on. With one easy yank, it dislodged from the ground and listed right up in the air. Starfire tried hitting them first before throwing it miles off away. Cyborg aimed his laser arm at her and fired away, missing Starfire by inches.

"Just give up, Starfire! Your army is in pieces," Toph said. Starfire pointed to the ground where she removed the tombstone. Aang, Robin, Raven and Cyborg looked down into the hole, waiting for something to happen. A roar rang out as something huge jumped out, round in shape and fast! Raven deflected it just before it crushed them and it made a loop around like a car tire before stopping. It looked like a huge, purple caterpillar of sorts, mutated completely.

"You were saying, mole girl?" Starfire mocked. The mutant caterpillar rolled up and charged at them again! Toph tried her earthbending to block it but it blasted through and rammed into her. It quickly made a U-turn and started to the others. Starfire all the while was laughing it up, seeing them try to beat her mutant pet. Starfire was getting bored after a while so she turned, snapped her fingers, and bolted away out of sight. Her mutant caught the snap of her fingers and stopped fighting all together, rolling off after her. After all that, none of them knew what to think of this. Starfire had turned bad...she really has betrayed them...

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