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The Catacombs
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August 20, 2013

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Ch.16: The Cave of Aero

~~Skies above the Earth Kingdom~~

The Gaang, especially Aang, impatiently rode on Appa, as they couldn't wait to get to the Northern Air Temple. "We're soo close, I can feel it," said Aang thrillingly.

"Wow there Twinkle toes. It's bad enough that we have to FLY but, could you fly a little nicer. The turbulence is killing me!" said Toph.

"Aang, Toph's right. You need to relax. We've got four temples to search and who knows, which one is the right one," said Katara. "Besides, the Northern Air Temple is inhabited and the villagers are going to help us."

"Wait, I forgot all about the villagers. What if the mechanic destroyed the tablet, not knowing what it was!" said Aang nervously.

"Aang, the tablet is in some secret place," said Hokai. "If the Air Nomads couldn't find it, that means that it's very well hidden. So don't worry, the tablet didn't get destroyed."

As the Gaang talked they arrived to the temple. Crowds of people cheered them as they arrived. "The saviours are here!" One man from the crowd shouted.

~~The Northern Air Temple~~

"Greetings, Team Avatar. What brings you to our village," said the mechanic, as he just barely got to the front of the crowd.

"We're searching for a tablet," said Aang. "I've got a picture of it." He takes the painting from the canister and hands it over to the mechanist.

"Well," The mechanist says. "I've haven't seen such a tablet. But, there are some unopened catacombs on the lowest level of the temple. I'll show you."

As they start walking Aang looks around the temple, realizing, that somethings have changed. "Hey," Aang said. "What did you do? The last time I was here, the temple was being renovated. Miles of wire and pipes were here, and now, it's all the same as one hundred years ago."

"Well, you were right. After you paid our new home a visit, we realized that our actions were destroying a way of life. We've decided to rebuild the temple in such a way, that suits us, but that the temple would still be the same. We dismounted all pipes and put them under ground, away from plain site. Now, that that's done, we've started to rebuild the temples. We are using as much original material as we can... Well, here we are, the doors leading to the catacombs. I must go now, we are just ready to put the roof back on the Flying Bison stables."

"This is it," said Aang slowly as he and Hokai both had to use their Airbending to open the complicated mechanism of the door. They succeeded and the door opened slowly, behind it laid several hundred feet long tunnels.

~~The catacombs~~

"What is this place?" Katara asked.

"The beginnings of the Northern Air Temple. I've read about these catacombs. These are the first rooms constructed here, more than a thousand years ago. But, after the war with the Energybenders the temples started to grow and became more elaborate. I suggest, that we split up in pairs and search for the tablet," said Hokai.

"Okay, me and Toph and you and Aang. We'll go left, you go right," said Katara as the two duos split and each went their separate ways.

"Look at this Aang," said Hokai as he pointed to a painting on the wall. "It is written in a very old dialect but I think I can translate at least some of the words. It says: Only the one with wind in his lungs, fire in his heart, water in his arms and earth in his legs has the right to enter through the gate... Look, there are four small holes on each part of the painting. And above each hole is a symbol of an element. Place yourself so, that you'll be able to bend all four elements at the same time. You'll be able to open the gate."

Aang did as Hokai said and simultaneously bent all four elements and the painted gate slowly started to open. As the gate opened Aang and Hokai slowly went into the small room. It was really dark, but Aang quickly found a torch on the floor. He used his Fire Bending and lit the torch and the room was engulfed with light. In the centre of the room lied a tomb. When Aang got closer to it he could read the old writing on the tomb. Here lies Aero, the first Air Nomad Avatar.

As Aang touched the tomb, he unwillingly went into the Avatar State and to the Spirit World.

~~The Spirit World~~

Aang found himself in the Southern Air Temple, where he saw all of his friends and monks. The children were playing and meditating, the monks were teaching. Aang couldn't believe it. He was back home. A figure came to Aang. It was Monk Gyatso. Aang couldn't believe it. He started running towards Gyatso to hug him, but he just flew past him. He couldn't understand.

"Aang, I know that you're a little confused right now. You're in the Spirit World. Here, all Air Nomads can live in harmony. But there is a glitch. We are in the forms of spirits, ghosts if you wish. We can't eat or sleep or die. Now, tell me, why is it, that you're here."

"I was in the Northern Air Temple," said Aang. "Hokai and I were looking for the tablet of Aero. As we came into a room, we discovered, that it was the resting place of Aero, the first Air Bender Avatar. As I touched the tomb I was instantly here."

"Yes, the spirits brought you here, so that I can explain something. You are a little too optimistic, Aang. I have to tell you, that there is a minimal chance of you finding new Airbenders. I'm not saying, that's it is impossible, I just don't want you to get hurt. Now, listen, I can't tell you where the tablet is, but I can tell you that it isn't in the Northern Air Temple. I must go now, Aang. Stay safe and please say hello to Hokai from me." As Gyatso said that he started to disappear. In fact all of the Air Nomads disappeared and Aang was back in the real world.

~~The physical world~~

"Aang, what happened!" shouted Hokai, as Aang came to himself and collapsing to the ground. "Are you all right?!"

"I'm fine... Gyatso said hi," said Aang, with a smile on his face.

"Gyatso, you saw Gyatso! Were you in the Spirit World?" asked Hokai.

"Yup, and..." said Aang before he was interrupted by Katara.

"We'we searched every room in here and found nothing," said Katara. "Are you all right, you seem to be a little tired."

"I was just having a conversation with Gyatso," said Aang. "I think that I know now, where the tablet is."

Aang started to run out of the catacombs, and the rest of the Gaang followed him. As soon as they got out of the catacombs Aang used his Flying Bison whistle to summon Appa. The Gaang jumped on Appa and gave the command, "Yip, Yip!" and the flying bison took off.

"Aang, what's the matter?" asked Katara. "Why are we rushing?"

~~Skies above the Earth Kingdom~~

"As I was talking with Gyatso I noticed, that we were in the Southern Air Temple," said Aang.

"And what does that have to do with any of this?" asked Toph.

"Gyatso wasn't allowed to tell me where the tablet is, I don't know why, but I think he wanted to show me," said Aang. "I know our next destination: The Southern Air Temple."


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