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Ty, Raven and Rioichi all raced right after El Jefe as he was heading back to his palace. Ty was a bit concerned of that weird Smile Dog character. Sure, she met Smile Dog before, but how did he follow her here is still scary and unknown to her. Especially given the fact that Smile Dog can kill her at any time without warning. Rioichi too was concerned over what happened, but not of Smile Dog but of El Jefe. That was his family possession, and if El Jefe gets away, it'll never be passed down.

They followed El Jefe when he raced through the gates to his palace, slamming it shut. Raven, however, made it crumble easily with her dark magic. On the other side, they were lead to a bridge leading to a giant statue. And El Jefe...where is El Jefe? El Jefe was gone when they charged through.

"Where did he go?" Raven thought...but suddenly another wave of evil splashed at her...then he appeared.

Before anyone can react, Ty turned and suddenly Smile Dog jumped off the arch of the gate and tackled her to the floor! His teeth were at her head, and Ty couldn't move now! Ghost suddenly showed up later and wrapped around Rioichi, nearly choking him! Raven was about to attack when Smile Dog yelled "One move and off goes their heads!" Raven was stunned at first but...


Ghost suddenly was aimed and hit by a fire-blast! Smile Dog looked up and saw El Jefe up there, looking like he aimed something at them.

"WHAT THE HECK?! I THOUGHT WE'RE ON THE LEVEL!!" Smile Dog snapped. El Jefe just blew his cigar smoke at him.

"Hey. I got that cooper cane. That's all there is to it." El Jefe said with a smirk.

"But what about YOUR side of the deal?! You're supposed to tell us where Le Paradox is!" Smile Dog growled.

"Sorry mutt, but I've got my own plans. You can go ahead and do what you want now." El Jefe then, to make sure they don't try anything, ignited his two swords and set the bridge on fire! El Jefe managed to get away. Rioichi managed to get free and knock Smile Dog off of Ty.


After a quick run, they managed to find El Jefe again at the top of his huge statue. The statue alone is very gigantic, about statue of liberty sized. Ty and Rioichi got to the platforms surrounding it and El Jefe looked down to them.

"Hey kid! How do you like my statue?!"

"Reflects off your overinflated ego!" Ty snapped (which she wasn't used to).

"Take a good look kid! I want you to remember the one WHO CRUSHED YOU!!!" El Jefe then landed on another platform and started blasting at them both with fire balls! Ty and Rioichi raced as fast as they could to reach him but the blasts are proving hard to dodge. When they got close though, El Jefe was running again! He reached a large fan, grabbed it, and swung to another platform 20 feet away as the fan fell, making a bridge for them. Ty wasted no time in rushing after him.

Meanwhile, Raven was having trouble too. Smile Dog and Ghost were on her tail as she was flying around trying to avoid them. One lunge from Smile Dog knocked her down to another platform, a paw deep into her throat.

"Now I don't know who you think you are, but I promise you your death will be horrifying." Smile Dog said, pushing down on her throat.

"Not happening!" Raven said, knocking Smile Dog off. She charged back at him stronger than ever!

Meanwhile, El Jefe was still keeping distance with Ty and Rioichi.

"ESTUPIDO RATTA!!!" El Jefe yelled, slicing a pole next to him. That pole was attached to two large cargo plates, and one of them nearly hit the duo before collapsing! El Jefe was starting to tire as he got to the top, and Ty and Rioichi were now on his tail, now face to face.

"You know something kid?...your actually starting to annoy me."

"Look, El Jefe. All we both want is the cane. Now hand it over." Ty said.

"What? This stick?" El Jefe he threw it off the statue! El Jefe had the two ninjas shocked. He started wielding his swords again, ready to strike when...

"Thank you, Jefe. Didn't know you cared." El Jefe bolted around to see Raven floating right behind him, with the cane in her hands! Rioichi grabbed it when she threw it to them, and El Jefe had enough.

"AARRGGHH!! I'LL BURN THAT STICK OUTTA YOUR HANDS!!!" El Jefe suddenly made a leap in the air and shot a final fireball right to them. Raven, however, quickly reflected it right back at him...knocking him right off his statue to the bottomless mist below. Raven stood there, watching the whole thing go El Jefe is out of the way there's still one are they going to get home?...the answer oddly floated on a piece of paper and landed at Ty's feet. She picked up the note and she read it out.


ha-mu wan-in Fu-to she-ti -

As soon as those words are said, suddenly another portal had opened up in front of them.

"Well Rioichi. Looks like we have to head back now." Raven said.

"I understand. It has been an honor meeting both of you." That goodbye said, Raven and Ty turned, and started heading back home to their own worlds.

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