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The following morning, everyone was ready to go off to find the second Triforce piece. Aang was still thinking on that night with Raven, with her denial of the demon. He can only assume it was a touchy subject and didn't bother to bring it up.

"Thank you for letting us stay, Risley," Katara said.

"No problem. After all, you helped Groudon when he needed it. I'm grateful you saved him from this demon you call Umbreon."

"It's nothing, really. So, is there anywhere you know where we can find the other parts to this?" Aang asked, holding up the Triforce piece. Risley gave it some thought.

"Let's see...well, if you found the first piece from Groudon, I can guess you can find them from the other two. The closest one is Kyogre."

"Kyogre? Where's it at?"

"Just go west from here. Might take a day or two, but it's the quickest route to the Kyogre Clan. Once you find the clan, you find Kyogre, understand?"

"Understood. Thank you, Risley," Aang said. They all turned and began off their way...unaware they're being watched.


Back in his same room, looking into the same orb, Zalgo watched the whole thing. He saw Groudon free from Umbreon's hypnosis (whom was in the room with him), and then gaining the first Triforce piece. Umbreon bowed worryingly.

"I'm so sorry, my lord. I didn't plan on this to happen."

"Of course you didn't...I would NEVER believe you would plan for them to gain the Triforce..." Zalgo growled, in his usual demonic tone.

"Should I try for Kyogre, Lord Zalgo?" Zalgo sighed, smoke going out his mouth. He looked through his orb, it focused on Starfire this time. He had been seeing her strength for a while now, and had been ailing.

"No...I have another mission for you...Evilize this Titan." Umbreon saw Starfire in there and wasn't sure what he's going on about.

"Can't I evilize them all?" Zalgo growled at her, whom timidly back away.

"You're defying me?"

"No, Lord Zalo! Never!"

" go." Umbreon ran off to begin and Zalgo glanced over through the orb, as it changed to a different scene...Slenderman trapped in the distortion world. Zalgo sighed, again smoke steaming out.

"You had it coming, Slenderman..."


For the day that followed, the group kept going west, like Risley said, going through the Kyouga forests and beginning to see more open spaces. Starfire was happily flying around for a while, going a bit far off ahead.

"Starfire sure is active today," Sokka said.

"This is nothing man, believe me. (Turns to Starfire) Wait up, Starfire!" Beast Boy called, turning to a falcon to fallow her. Ghost flew up and was having fun too, Unaware to them at the moment though, they had a spy in the form of Umbreon, just out of sight from the group.

"Take it easy you three, we don't want a crash up there!" Smile Dog joked. But suddenly his dog smell caught the scent of something nearby.

"You okay, Smile Dog?" Katara asked. Toph began to sense up something nearby as well an began getting defensive.

"Umbreon's nearby. Get ready!" Toph ordered. Umbreon, pointless to hide anymore, rocketed out at them. Starfire, Ghost and BB only noticed after nearly being hit by a shadow ball during the fight. This fight though was rather short as Umbreon suddenly threw something in the air. Starfire flew towards her but Umbreon jumped up and kicked the object right for her. It was very small but Starfire felt the sting as it got in her hand. Starfire's yelp got their attention just long enough for Umbreon to escape. The tamaranian landed on the ground, seeing the odd sharp needle in her hand turn white from its normal black color before yanking it out.

"You okay, Star?" Robin asked.

"I...I think so..."

"Here, Starfire. Let me see." Katara then got out her special healing water and looked at where she was hit. It took only a minute before something came up.

"It doesn't appear to be anything serious. I don't see any injection or anything. You'll be fine, Starfire," Katara concluded. Now feeling better nothing was serious, they continued.


The day turned to night and the group decided to stop and make camp in the opened up forest. As before, Zuko made the fire, with some help from Aang. It was really strange though, Starfire began to feel more and more withdrawn from Umbreon's attack. Everyone kept an eye on her since the attack, it felt a bit too soon the battle ended. The strange thing, Starfire acted like she didn't want any of the attention.

"Is something wrong, Starfire?" Robin asked. Starfire simply turned away. Smile Dog was sensing something odd growing in her, something he's too familiar with.

"You sure you're feeling alright? You don't look too good," Smile Dog said, slightly worried...then came the shock. Starfire glared at him with a death stare, freaking him out. After a second of looking. Her eyes glowed green and she screamed "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT, DOG-FACE?!" This yell was full of anger and insult as Smile Dog jumped back. Everyone stared at her in complete shock as Starfire got up.

"I wish to be alone now," she simply said. She turned and began to walk away. Robin got up to follow, but she shoved him away as she flew off.

"What's her problem?" BB asked. No one seemed to know. Katara then got up.

"I'll go check on her. Maybe I can help." she said, and went off to follow her.

Someway ahead, Starfire stopped flying when she found another small clearing in the forest. It was very quiet for the night in Kyouga. One of the animals, began to fly around her. She knew it as her own creation; a small bioluminescent bird, like a hummingbird, with a glowing mix of green and blue. She calls them light birds. Starfire hardly noticed those birds though as her eyes focused on the now half moon. She began feeling something wrong, as if something bad was about to happen. Nearby in a tree, Umbreon managed to track her down since the attack.

"Man. Isn't that stuff effecting her?" She wondered. Starfire laid down, thinking over her reaction to Smile felt oddly good to her now, which made it more odd. She never enjoyed mockery or insult before now. Before Umbreon can do anything, she saw Katara not too far away, coming towards her.

"No you don't!" Umbreon quickly jumped out of the tree, getting in her way.

"Umbreon! You again."

"It's me. And I for one think you've gone far enough."

"What have you done with Starfire?!" Katara demanded.

"Oh, nothing much. Just some recreational work."

"Some what?"

"Like I need to explain to you." Umbreon and Katara suddenly began a duel against each other. Starfire oddly didn't bother with it, although she can hear them all. Umbreon's Anti-bending and Katara's waterbending can be seen from far off, back to the others. After seeing that, the rest of the team started going over as the duel continued. It went on for a good while though until Umbreon released her 5th shadow ball at her. While Katara dodged it the first time, she was suddenly hit in the back by something else, knocking her to the ground. Katara knew it wasn't Umbreon, her being in front of her rather than behind. The blast was extremely hard, nearly knocking her out almost immediately. Katara can barely move her eyes as she saw who attacked her...she was just stunned by who it was...Starfire.

"What?" Starfire just gave her a smirk and flew off away. Umbreon followed her as Katara just laid there, watching her fly off...

"...Starfire...Starfire..." Katara can hardly talk as the name echoed in her mind. She can barely hear the others coming to her aid as she passed out...

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