Wan Shi Tong's Library
Wan Shi Tong's Library
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Avatar: The Legend of Aang: The Red Revolt





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August 19, 2013

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Ch.13: The Lost Tablet

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Ch.15: The Catacombs

~~The Agricultural district of Ba Sing Se~~

Aang, Katara, Toph and Hokai were riding the Ba Sing Se monorail, towards the outer wall of the city. "Oh, I can't wait!" Said Aang excitedly.

"What Aang?" Asked Katara. "Didn't you forget, that we still have to get the scroll from Wan Shi Tong. And if memories serve,.. HE HATES US!"

"Oh, don't worry, I bet we'll be fine. Besides, he WAS angry at us for gathering information for military actions. This time, we'll gather the data, that could save an entire people!" Replied Aang. "When we explain everything to him, he'll understand.

"I hope you're right Twinkle toes. I don't want to be AGAIN the one that has to save your butts," said Toph, with a smile on her face.

The monorail stopped at the last train station, located on the outer wall itself. The Gaang went of the train and started walking towards the harbour, where Appa was staying. "So, why does Wan Shi Tong hate you?" Asked Hokai.

"Well, it's all my brothers fault. He was so obsessed about finding information that could benefit the war that he didn't listen to the spirit's warning. Am I right Aang?" Said Katara, knowing that Aang was involved.

"Yup, you're completely right. It was all Sokka's fault," said Aang, not wanting to blame himself.

"Just that you know, Twinkle toes, you're a terrible liar." Replied Toph. "Now, as I was saying... Because... 'some' people didn't listen to the spirit's advice, Wan Shi Tong got really mad and buried the library under the sand of the Desert."

"I've already got a plan for that," said Aang. "But I'll need your help, Hokai."

"Me, why me?" Asked Hokai.

"Well, we'll use our Airbending to literary blow the sand away. The we'll have a clear passage through to the library," said Aang, confident that his plan will work.

"If you say so." Replied Hokai, not knowing what to think about his plan.

After two hours of walking the Gaang got to the harbour. "How'd you been, buddy?" Asked Aang Appa. Appa roared as he saw his friend after so many days. "Yip Yip!" Said Aang, and as the command was given the giant Flying bison lifted of into the air and started flying. Towards the desert.

The Gaang flew for hours until they reached the Dessert. "Now, genius, how are we going to find the library?" Said Toph. If you don't remember, it's under the SAND!" Just then, Aang shouted; "I found a way!" And pointed his finger towards a wolf, running in the dessert.

"What's so special about a wolf?" Asked Hokai.

"Look, what has it got in his snout," said Aang. "It's a scroll, and that means that it's one of the Knowledge seekers. It's gonna lead us directly to the Library."

"You got so lucky right now," said Katara.

"Look, the Seeker is digging something. The Library must be there." Said Aang. "Let's wait a few minutes and then go after it."

The Gaang started to go behind the footsteps of the Knowledge seeker. Aang and Toph used their Earthbending to create a stable tunnel, so that they could get through. Suddenly, a wall appeared before them. "That must be the top of the main tower," said Toph.

"Okay guys, this is it," said Aang as they started to descend towards the dome of the massive building. All of the members just got to the floor of the library as they heard a booming sound.

~~Wan Shi Tong's library~~

"How dare you decimate my holy sanctuary of knowledge," said Wan Shi Tong, who flew several tens of feet from them. "If you don't leave, you'll be destroyed."

"We're not leaving," said Aang, defiantly.

"Then be destroyed," said the spirit, as he started to fly towards them. Katara, Toph and Hokai prepared themselves for the upcoming battle. But Aang simply sat down and started meditating. The spirit slowly stopped only a few feet from Aang. "What are you doing?"

"I'm surrendering. I don't want to fight you. I need your help." Aang said. "You're the only one that can help my people survive. If you don't want to, I'm your's." The spirit, not being evil by heart asked Aang; "What is it, that you want? I have the greatest collection of knowledge and artifacts the world has ever known."

"Hokai, you explain," said Aang.

"We need a map or a painting of some sort, that could lead us to a tablet. A sacred tablet," said Hokai. "The sacred tablet is the most important artifact of the Air Nomads. It was made by the first Avatar, to be an Air Nomad and it can tell.."

"If someone is an Airbender or not." Replied the spirit. "Fine, but if you use my knowledge for war again, I will destroy you. Now, come with me (all of them start walking) There is a painting, of the tablet, but it is on the lowest level. It is in fact one of the most valuable texts in the whole library. Now, It is going to take us forever to get there by foot, so you two, climb on." As Katara and Toph climbed on the spirit, it started to fly down towards the bottom of the library. Aang and Hokai were right behind them, flying on their gliders. "We are here." The spirit opened a massive door. Aang and Hokai were back home.

~~The lower rooms of the library~~

The entire room was decorated in Air Nomad style.

"All of these artifacts in the room are the most important ones in Air Nomad History," said the spirit. "For example; This is the very same staff used by Funji, the only Air Nomad general in history."

"But the Air Nomads are a peaceful people," said Katara.

"Yes, they are, but two thousand years ago it was different. The Air Nomads and all other nations were at war with the so called Energybenders. The Energybenders wanted to rule the world, and so, for the very first time all of the nations went together to defeat a common foe. After three hundred years of war the Energybenders were defeated and wanted to surrender. But the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom refused. They wanted to wipe them all out, and so they did. Funji and General Khane, the commander of the Water Tribes refused and decided to stop the involvement of their two peoples in the war. In desperation the two asked the then Avatar, Avatar Hanjuing for help. He managed to summon all of the spirits and together they moved the earth. You see, the Air Nomad islands and Water Tribe territories were once a part of the Earth Kingdom continent. But the spirits broke them apart, leaving the two nations to live in peace. General Funji was considered one of the greatest Airbenders that ever lived. Not because of any military victories, but because he managed to secure peace and tranquility to his people for almost two thousand years," said the spirit.

"But what happened to the Energybenders?" Asked Aang.

"Their fate was the same as the fate of your people." Replied the spirit. "You see, the avatar once mastered five elements, but because the Energybenders were all extinct, even the Avatar couldn't learn Energybending and it became forgotten."

"What's through this door?" Asked Hokai as he pointed to a giant golden door, with the symbols of all nations.

"This is the most sacred room on Earth. Come on, I'll show you," said the spirit, as he opened the massive door. In the room was a single tomb.

"What's in there?" Asked Aang.

"It is you, Aang," said the spirit. "The original you. The very first Avatar, a man called Wan. He lived over ten thousand years ago."

Aang couldn't believe it. In the tomb lied he. His original form. The very first Avatar. "So, I'm in there?" Asked Aang.

"No, you're still here," said the spirit. "Even if he was the original, the first Avatar, each Avatar is different and has his own life. He can choose good or bad, right or wrong. It's all up to the Avatar to decide. So don't think that you are inferior. You are like all of us. One of a kind. Come now, I still need to give you what you need."

~~The Air Nomad room~~

The Gaang started following the spirit back to the Air Nomad room. They went to the centre of the room, where they found a massive, wooden table, covered by a dome of glass. "There it is." The spirit said. "Take it, it's your's."

"But, what if it gets destroyed?" Asked Aang. "How are we going to manage to preserve it?"

"Aang, you must know that what you are doing is more important than any scroll. You've got the task of saving your people and preserving a way of live. More knowledge can come from that than from any scroll or book," said the spirit.

"Thank you, wise one," said Aang as a single tear of happiness started to go down his cheek. Katara and Toph boarded the spirit once more and together they started flying up to the main dome with Aang and Hokai right behind them.

~~Wan Shi Tong's library~~

As they reached the top and started saying their goodbyes and telling the spirit how thankful they were a Knowledge Seeker came into the dome and gave them a canister. "It's empty." Aang said.

"The canister is for the scroll. To keep it safe," said the spirit.

As that was said Aang put the painting into the canister and the Gaang went out of the library.

"Well, I guess there's no other way than to check all of the temples for the tablet," said Hokai as Appa started to fly to their first destination, the Northern Air Temple.


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