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It only took about a few minutes, but Rioichi, Raven and Ty had made it. Rioichi's sushi shop. It indeed had a good advertising, being a rather large building with a large fake fish at the top.

"Nice shop, Rioichi."

"Thank you."

"But what about the guards down there?" Raven then pointed to the boar guards down at the entrance. Ty Lee didn't see this as a problem, as she jumped down to them! Rioichi and Raven were about to grab her but then they saw how quickly she managed to chi-block the two guards, knocking them out instantly. With a big smile she opened the door and "invited" Rioichi and Raven inside.

"Okay Rioichi, now what?" Raven asked.

"There's the furnace in the back of the shop that is the power source here. If we can start that, that will prove to El Jefe that the shop can not be closed."

Meanwhile outside, the guards had just come to where this "El Jefe" came to check. El Jefe is a large Anthro Tiger, smoking a cigar. He had two samurai blades with him. He looked at the two disgusted.

"You Baka's. Sleeping on the job!" El Jefe growled as the guards got scared. They tried getting up but Chi-blocking lasts a lot longer than that. El Jefe can see that they weren't getting up so he literally threw them aside and was about to go in when...

"El Jefe, wait!" one of the knocked down guards said, "Don't go in after them! They'll beat you up!"

"I highly doubt that. You two -when you get feeling back- get out. I'll get that Cooper."

As he did, Rioichi, Raven and Ty were close to the back. But the traps were getting tougher to pass. When they got through the next door, the hallway was rigged with floor lasers!

"Well...this is new." Ty said walking to them.

"Don't touch those! Those lasers will disintegrate you!" Raven said.

"...What's a laser?"

"Is what's gonna kill you If you touch those green rays." as Raven was saying that, Rioichi was looking around the room at the many potted bonsai trees around... Then he saw a lever on the other-side.

"Wait here." Rioichi gathered up his focus...and started jumping. Each leap was from the tip of each bonsai tree as, in only a few seconds, got to the other-side with ease. And one hit of the switch turned off the power to the laser beams.

"Awesome job, Rioichi!" Ty said.

"Ty-chan. I am a ninja master."

" bad. Anyway, are we near the furnace?"

"Almost. Just through here." Rioichi opened up the last door and got inside...there's the giant furnace. Raven and Ty just stared off at the giant furnace in front of them as Rioichi brought it to life with the switch. The shop literally sprung to life, getting the fire back. It affected outside when the guards got spooked when the shop lit up again. El Jefe noticed this and decided to go...getting an idea in his head.

"We did it, Rioichi! The shops up again!" Ty beamed.

"Yeah it is. I humbly thank you for your help."

"No problem, Rioichi. (Raven's stomach started growling) How about something to eat huh?"

"It would by my pleasure. And since you helped me bring the shop back, your money is no object."

"Cool." Raven said. With that, they followed him on back to the front...right on top though. Something else is getting its moves ready.


Waterfall sushi

Rioichi's waterfall sushi being made

Rioichi was plenty proud to get back his shop back. As celebration, he made his famous waterfall sushi just for Raven and Ty Lee. He put on a good show too as he slice and diced up the sushi for them. Ty lee applauded him like a little kid.

"Thank you, Rioichi."

"No Raven. It is you I should thank. If it wasn't for you and Ty-chan's help, I wouldn't be making sushi anymore." Rioichi said. Ty took one good bite of the sushi. Almost immediately the taste was almost unreal! 

"That's the best sushi I've ever tasted!" Ty said. Rioichi simply smiled. Raven got the same reaction from the taste.

"Wow, this is great. How do you make such good sushi?"

"Just takes the right spice for right sushi. And it's different between different fish used. Just find the perfect spice for a type of fish and it can make perfect sushi." Rioichi explained.

Just outside the door though...Rioichi was expecting company. For suddenly the doors were knocked wide open! The three were taken off guard when the doors flung open. What's was next is who came first it seemed no one was around...until a fast blur bolted in and charged at Rioichi! Rioichi himself missed but it grabbed his cane and bolted out, just like that!

"My cane!"

Ty raced outside to see that figure stop by the tall tiger, El Jefe! the moonlight, she knew who it was...Smile Dog! El Jefe took the cane from Smile Dog's teeth and left for his base while Smile Dog was still standing there.

"GOOD LUCK TRYING TO GET HOME NOW!!" Smile Dog yelled, laughing before vanishing.

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