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A good hearty feast was celebrated for the victory from the group, held by Risley. They were happy to not only help Groudon from his spell with Umbreon, but also to gain the first of the three TriForce pieces. They all were very happy and especially thanked Raven for her efforts to free Groudon. Raven wasn't always up for this big of celebration, but considering she nearly killed herself to free Groudon from Umbreon's hypnosis, she let them have their fun.

After one point, Raven walked out onto the balcony outside, the sunset was rather nice, turning the sky to a lovely shade of orange. Some of the aerial turtles they saw earlier flew through the sky to the forest. Nice touch. While she was out here, Katara came out to see her still out on the balcony.

"Hi, Raven. Why are you out here?" Katara asked, walking over to her.

"No reason. You?"

"A bit noisy in there I guess. Plus, they kept on tempting my pallet with their offers," Katara said.

"Yeah. They want you to try everything, don't they? I bet the others are gonna end up stuffed after this."

Katara nodded and chuckled at the thought as she looked out to the sunset.

"It is a nice sunset, isn't it?"

"It is. Don't get this very much back in Jump City though."

"I can imagine," Katara looked out with Raven for a while until she turned to her again.

"You were very brave today," Katara said at one point. Raven simply shrugged.

"Just everyday as a hero I guess," Raven said in modesty. She didn't see it as a big deal as everyone else saw it to be. "But really though. Smile Dog did all the heavy lifting for me."

"Smile Dog?"

"He did fight off Umbreon for me. I probably wouldn't have made it if it wasn't for his the way, you're all not still mad at them, are you?"

"Not anymore. Umbreon really was lying after all. Toph cleared it up already."

"Oh yeah. Right..." Raven and Katara continued staring off for the rest of the time.


That following night, they all went back to their rooms, similar to before. For similar reasons to Aang and Terra, Raven and Beast Boy ended up sharing. Raven was already in the room on her bed, ready to sleep when BB walked in, immediately laying down on his bed. His face looked rather sickly as he laid down, an obvious sign he ate WAY too much.

"Shoulda held back," Raven said.

"So...full..." he said, laying down on the bed, both hands on his bloated stomach.

"I thought you were a vegetarian. There was mainly meat at the feast."

"But there was a ton of fruit too...oh my stomach. I feel like I'm gonna blow up," he groaned. Raven just sighed and went to sleep as BB tried to sleep.

After a while, they both did manage to sleep, the moon high up in full crescent. On nights like this, Raven usually had trouble sleeping, mainly because of her being half demon (demons being fond of the dark). She kept tossing and turning in her bed, trying to sleep. At one point, she simply got up all together. Without waking the green kid, she went out. She began floating off back to the balcony when she realized Aang was there too, also unable to sleep.

"Aang? Why are you up?"

"Oh. Hi there, Raven. Just couldn't sleep, that's all," Aang said.

"Me neither," Raven said, walking over to him. This was a total déjà vu to her, going through this with Katara already.

"So why can't you sleep?"

"Me? I just get antsy on a full moon night, I guess. I dunno what it is, but it feels nice out here."

"Oh...well, I like it too. It is nice for a demon," Raven said. She suddenly realized she trailed off and just blabbered out the demon part.

"Demon? What do you mean?"

"Nothing," Raven denied almost immediately when he asked...almost too immediately.

"Come on, Raven. What is it? Something about you?"

"It's nothing important to you. Like you can handle it," Raven said. Aang smiled at her in his usual way.

"Come on, Raven, this is the Avatar you're talking to. I've dealt with all sorts of supernatural ghost stuff. And we both dealt traveled through other worlds, fought Raviente and Slenderman. I'm sure whatever you have to say won't be any more crazy than what we've been though already. Raven looked down to the ground, unsure if she the end, she still didn't want to say it.

"Just forget I ever said anything...good night, Aang." And with that, Raven simply floated off, back to her room.

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