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Ty, the Chi-blocker, had just gotten through her portal to her destination after getting tossed in. But oddly during the trip, something had hit her and now she had a companion with her. When they got there, she landed on her feet while her companion tumbled to the floor. Where they landed in was on the edge of a bamboo forest.

"You okay?" Ty asked, rushing to the girl...this other girl was Raven, being tossed in by Slenderman. She came too after a bit to see this oddly smiley girl in her face.

"Uh...can I help you?" Raven asked, getting up.

"No. Do you need any help is what should be asked." Ty said.

"I'm fine thanks. Now if you don't mind I'm going back." Raven was about to fly through the portal but it closed on her, having her fly into a tree right behind.

"Oh boy. You better be more careful." Ty said with a smile as Raven was rubbing her head.

"Yeah sure whatever. Now...where am I?"

"Where are we you mean? I'm not from here either."

"You're not?...hey, what's your name anyway?"

"I'm Ty Lee. You can just call me Ty. And you are?"

"Raven. Now I have to look around, see where we are." Raven went on up and flew up sways but not before Ty fallowed, hopping through the bamboo shoots, impressing Raven with her agility through the trees.

"You part monkey or something?" Raven asked.

"No. Just a lot of fun practice." Ty replied with a smile. Raven can tell from that smile that she too, like Starfire, had that happy personality...she's stuck with another Starfire. Great.


The two kept traveling through the bamboo forest until they stumbled into a village. The village seemed inviting a bit as they walked in. But right now no one's seemingly up. They both weren't sure where they are, and Raven felt they were back in time. Ty though, her world in the same time zone as this, felt like she was just in a different place, not a different world.

The two kept looking around but they couldn't recognize anything. The people were all animals instead, mainly boar guards. They only stopped at a point when Raven began to get that odd suspicion that they're being watched...then it started to rain.

"Oh great. Rain, just the thing to make it worse." Raven groaned. Ty looked around and noticed a dry cave close to the nearby mountains. Raven was gonna protest but Ty was already there so Raven hovered inside. They both can smell the mist of clean flowing water from the cave as they were going inward. It didn't take very long to see what it lead to.

What was at the end of the tunnel is a more opened up cavern. It had a flowing waterfall going through one of the walls into a deep Pool. Raven and Ty were amazed with the place. Raven for the calming feeling the place gave, and Ty for just the shear beauty of it. There was a platform right by the pool, used for meditation most likely. But they also kept quiet, seeing that someone (or something) was meditating on the platform, levitating slightly like Raven does. The two tried to not disturb him but...

"Don't be afraid. I know you're here."

Now they both were caught as the figure suddenly jumped right in their way. Raven got in a fighting stance, a bit alarmed by the sudden movement. Now they got a better look at this guy. He had a blue hooded ninja outfit, and looked like an Anthro red raccoon.

"I'm not here to fight. Start by your names." he said, with a wise calm voice.

"Okay sir. I'm Lee. Ty Lee. And this is Raven. And you are?"

"Rioichi Cooper. Why are you interrupting my meditation?"

"We're sorry. It's just someone ran in here to avoid the rain." Raven said. Rioichi was now walking around them, examining them.

"...You don't seem familiar for the local villagers..."

"You're right. We're not. Don't be alarmed but we...kinda are from...other worlds?" Ty said, adding a nervous smile.

"Don't worry. Ninjas are never alarmed. After everything that has happened lately, I believe you." Rioichi said, calming Raven and Ty down a bit. Rioichi walked back to the platform, instead of meditating he went fishing.

"So...can you tell us where we are Rioichi? We really need to get back." Raven said.

"I'm sorry Raven-chan. You are in my hometown of Japan but I can't help for letting you home. I'm sorry." Rioichi said. Then Ty's stomach started to growl.

"Well...then do you at least have anything to eat? Meat? Soup? An apple even?" Ty said.

"I used to have a sushi shop back at the village...but El Jefe closed it down, and left me with no job." Rioichi sighed. Ty can tell that he wanted his shop back, Raven too.

"...Maybe we can help." Raven said.

"Yeah! We can help you get your shop back!" Ty beamed.

"You will?"

"Sure thing. You want it back don't you? I'm sure it can help everyone." Rioichi got up and looked at the sorceress and ninja.

"Ty-chan. Raven-chan. I'm honored that you agreed to help me gain my shop back."

"No problem. Why did the sushi shop closed anyway?" Ty asked.

"El Jefe framed me for selling poisoned sushi to the village. But I would never do such a thing to my customers, otherwise my shop would of closed before El Jefe presented himself."

"Who's El Jefe anyway?"

"El Jefe is a powerful mercenary of the highest least that's what he keeps bragging about. You'll probably see him when we reach the shop. Let's go." with that Rioichi bolted off to the shop. Ty and Rae went off after him, now having a new mission.

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