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There he was. The group had wandered around the Kyouga landscape for a while and now they're looking at the very bodily soul that is Groudon...The gigantic reptile stared down at them with a glare that'd stop anyone in their tracks. They didn't know exactly what to do, nor if it can even understand them. The normal people here didn't understand them at first, so how can this animal know? Starfire floated over in front of them.

"Lord Groudon. We traveled far and wide searching for you...we humbly ask for your assistance. Our item, Triforce, has gone missing. Do you know of its location?" She asked. The animal though didn't seem to react from Starfire's words.

"Wait, Starfire. Something doesn't feel right here," Raven warned, sensing something wrong with Groudon. They know what Groudon looks like, to its yellow eyes...but when Starfire saw its eyes, something had changed...its eyes were now black, red dots for pupils. This scared the tamaranian and she flew back to the others...Groudon is in deep anger...and let them know it with a spine chilling roar!

The roar was so loud it threatened the cave to collapse, as tons of stalactites fell from the ceiling! The group scattered, just avoiding them as some shattered on Groudon's back.

"Why is it fighting?!" Terra yelled.

"I don't know, but we can't talk to him! Everyone out!" Ghost yelled. They all couldn't stay but suddenly something began to form on their only exit as they all stopped. Only Ghost can pass through as everyone else can't get out. This anti-bender wall block can't get them out.

"Ghost! Get help, hurry!" Smile Dog yelled from the other side of the wall.

"All right! Hold tight!" Ghost said, flying off as Groudon found them again. They all turned just before Groudon can attack again and dodged its gigantic claws! They all tried numerous ways of attack but all of them were literally useless against its impenetrable hide. When they got their bearings, out of the blue came some disturbing, female demonic laughter.

"Who's there?! Show yourself!" Robin demanded. The figure did exactly that and appeared right in front of Groudon. The demonic Umbreon appeared before them, with an evil smirk on her face. They all were ready to attack but Umbreon didn't flinch in the slightest.

"Oh come come now. You honestly believe you have a chance?" Umbreon mocked.

"Don't even bother, Umbreon!" Toph ordered. Umbreon got interested when she saw Smile Dog standing nearby.

"Well if it isn't my little pen pals. So you did bring them here. You follow orders very well, do you? I plan on rewards for both of you later." Toph can tell she was lying, but before she can say anything, Groudon attacked her, using a sudden powerful beam shot from its mouth!

"What? You planned this?!" Starfire gasped.

"No, we haven't, honest! Ask Toph, she should know!"

"Oh come now, Smiley. You played your part, let Groudon finish the work."


"Me? Lie? You really are a nuisance. Oh Groudon dear?" Groudon suddenly stopped his rampage on Toph and turned to Umbreon, no longer fighting. Now it was painfully clear that Groudon is under her control, connection sealed.

"Good god. Now do me a favor and eliminate these pests," Umbreon said. Groudon followed the command with a slow nod as he charged up another beam, barely missing them by inches. They all again tried to fight but in the end had to run for cover from its deadly blasts.

"Oh man. Groudon's gone berserk! What are we gonna do?!" Sokka asked in panic. None of them knew what to do. Smile Dog and Raven were hiding over in the same place, the three knew the truth behind this (and the fact Smile Dog and Ghost weren't behind this).

"Hey, you work with psychos like this. Any ideas?"

"Just 'cuz I work with them doesn't mean I know what to do," Smile Dog yelled. He took another look at its eyes again as Groudon was waiting for any of them to come out.

"That's Anti-bending hypnosis! How did Umbreon learn that?"

"Any way to stop it?" Raven asked.

"I don't know. We weren't told what to do for that!" Raven looked closely at Groudon and then to Umbreon again. They both were darkened with!

"That's it. Smile Dog. I think I know what to do. Cover me!" Before they can say anything, Raven bolted out. Groudon saw her and tried swatting her like a fly. Umbreon tried getting her but Smile Dog got in her way, fighting her. Raven saw him fighting the anti-bender.

"That's it. Hold on for a while longer," Raven thought. Groudon kept fighting her until she got straight above him, right at the ceiling. The enraged beast got ready another huge hyper beam straight for her. They all can see her ready for the attack but couldn't bear to look at the shot was fired. Raven just barely missed being hit by the blast as it was so powerful it blasted through the ceiling into the sky above!

When the beam was done Groudon looked as the rays went into its eyes. It began to roar in pain, shaking and scratching its eyes until a sudden roar rang out again...then silence. Its head looked to the floor, not moving. The team got out as Umbreon was starting to worry. Raven flew on down to the team again as Smile Dog rested for a minute. Groudon raised its head after a minute and its eyes...its eyes were back to their yellow color. Groudon is back! It turned over to Toph, whom was in front of them at this point. Toph wanted to meet her creation for the longest time since arriving here, and now Groudon, no longer hypnotized, accepted her as a friend.

"Looks like he's no longer angry at us," Cyborg said.

"Yeah...wait a minute." Smile Dog spun around just to catch Umbreon sneaking off. On sight she began to run, removing the barrier she summoned earlier. But while looking back, something big and durable stopped her, knocking her back like a spring. Ghost had finally came back with Risley and her men after going off for help.

"What's going on here?!" Risley demanded. Umbreon found herself surrounded by not only the Groudon tribe guards, but by Team Avatar and Teen Titans as well.

"Isn't this sweet?" Umbreon said. What happened next was too quick for anyone to react. Smile Dog and Ghost charged right for her, but suddenly she leaped up, opened a portal under her, fell through, and closed it all before they even got close!...Umbreon is gone.

Before they can even process this turn of events, Groudon then came back into subject as it made a sigh if relief that the pain had stopped.

"Groudon..." Toph said aloud, walking over to him. She didn't bother moving as Groudon loomed overhead. A low more friendly groan came from Groudon as it lowered its head. It knew why they were here and was willing to lend back what was Triforce piece was in the scales of its head! Toph managed to get it out as Groudon felt much better that the piece was out...the first Tripiece was now obtained.

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