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So far, this craziness between these demons and mutants has only been focused on Team Avatar. Aang. Katara. Toph. Sokka. Zuko. And the Freedom Fighters Smellerbee, Longshot, Pipsqueak, and the duke. Ty too was in her trouble...but it's not only their world that's the target...the Titan world too is getting their share.


It starts off at the strange base known as H.I.V.E., back in a place called Jump City. HIVE is some sort of villains academy for those starting off, and this base is home to the group called HIVE Five. It's night time now so the Hive Five were out on a stealing mission, usual hobby.



Hive Five had (Oddly) six members in it, all graduates from the HIVE academy. These members include Jinx, the leading member of HIVE Five. Gizmo, the electronics and hacking expert. Mammoth, the muscle. See-more, the young "cyclops" since he has one large eye he uses as a weapon. Billy Numerous, able to create duplicates of himself. And Kyd Wykkyd, the more mysterious member of the HIVE. Right now the group was doing pretty good for the start, not getting caught.

"Okay. Hive Five, rob them blind." Jinx said, as the rest of her team spread out to do some collecting. Their collecting had gone undisturbed for a good while and they got what they came for.

"Sweet! This must be the first time things didn't mess up." See-more said.

"Okay, okay. But let's not Jinx it, let's go." Jinx said, getting some chuckles from the group seeing the irony.

Meanwhile, the titans. Teen Titans, were still out right now too. Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, Terra, and now Yamato. They had been around and had to deal with the HIVE many times. They had come across Team Avatar once before...but you probably already know that story.

Anyway, the Teen Titans weren't aware of the robbery yet but an alert on Robin's communicator suddenly rang out. Robin quickly read it out.

"What's wrong robin?" Starfire asked.

"There's a robbery just south of here! I bet it's HIVE Five. Titans, Go!!" The Titans went off to go but suddenly Raven got a bad vibe, like something evil was present somewhere. But the team got her to catch up...


Back at the HIVE base, the Hive Five had chilled out from their victory. Their FIRST victory, might I add. The stuff they stolen were pretty cool.

"Well done team! We finally got a score without any trouble!" Jinx congratulated.

"Thanks Jinx. I'm surprised that nothing was set off." Mammoth said.

"HA! Nothing set off because I hacked the security, remember?" Gizmo bragged.

"I know but still. That's pretty strange."

"Good luck, Mammoth. Good luck. Now how's about some dinner eh?" Billy said. Jinx then noticed something with Kyd Wykkyd. He too stolen a few things but what he had in his hands wasn't from the robbery.

"Hey Kyd, what'chu got there?"

What Kyd Wykkyd had exactly actually (bizarrely) was some sort of doll. It was a fox doll, orange in color, with an odd antenna sticking out of its head.

"Where'd you find that thing?" Gizmo asked, grabbing it and checking it out. It was about as big as Gizmo now. Gizmo was starring right into the doll's eyes...when it suddenly grabbed him!

"HEY! LET GO!" Gizmo could pry free. The doll suddenly shot up and flew outside!

"GIZMO! After that doll!"

The HIVE Five charged out after the weird fox doll, which was surprisingly going very fast. Billy numerous quickly surrounded the doll with the help of his clones. The doll stopped for a second or two. It isn't programed to fight in anyway! The rest of the team caught up.

"Okay you. Let him go or-" Before Mammoth can finish, suddenly a sonar ping clicked off from the antenna. It only affected Kyd Wykkyd and Jinx though, as it seemed to agitate them both. The gem attached to the end of the antenna changed from red to blue, as it found out where to go.


Back at the museum, where the robbery took place, the Titans had just arrived to investigate. They kept looking around for clues but nothing showed.

"Dude! This is stupid, we don't have a clue on who did this."

"Calm down, Beast Boy. I still think it's the HIVE Five who went for a score."

"Then why don't we go after them?!"

"Cyborg, we don't have any evidence. Besides, they would still be here if it was them. Now come on and give me a hand." Robin said. As they were discussing, Terra went off to the side, trying to think herself on what to do...then she remembered something Toph had taught her while they were traveling together...the earth-bending sensory! 

"Okay. How'd Toph do it?...oh yeah." Terra took off her shoes and placed her bare feet firmly on the ground. She closed her eyes and stomp of her foot was all it took for her to get a full grid of the entire museum. Seems the HIVE did steal a lot of things from the main room...all but odd artifact at the end of the room, out of plain sight. Terra ran over to the back as the others watched.

"Hey guys! They didn't steal this thing!" Terra said, pulling out an odd robotic object. The titans were seeing a strange looking device, all red and blue in the disk-shaped beak, oval arms, tadpole tail, and in the ring around the chest. It was smooth all over, and its head detached. It also had an indentation at the bottom saying "Porygon-Z"...

Before they can examine it some more, suddenly that doll flew in, now letting go of Gizmo, as HIVE Five charged in!

"There they are! TITANS GO!" Robin shouted. Jinx didn't expect this but she no longer had a choice.

"Oh well. HIVE FIVE, GET 'EM!"

Next thing they knew, HIVE Five and Teen Titans were having a crazy beat down as the doll landed by the odd object, which was knocked aside...suddenly it levitated and put itself upright, and opened its eyes! The doll looked happy to see it and they both decided to just watch the fight. Porygon-Z's eyes started to take in the images and fighting styles of each fighter.

HIVE Five and Teen Titans meanwhile were still trying their luck on beating each other. The fight lasted a very long time. Yamato took a breather for a second and noticed the Tails Doll and Porygon-Z agreeing to something. PZ then opened a compartment in its chest, pulled out an odd whistle and gave it to Tails Doll.

"Oh no." was all Yamato could think before Tails Doll put it to its mouth and BLEW! The high pitched whistle couldn't get anyone's attention but god can Yamato hear it! Beast Boy too (technically getting the same affect like a dog) couldn't stand it! Mammoth was getting a headache as well. PZ simply shrugged as it, knowing that it's a DOG whistle. Then it made a sonar ping of its own. That loud ping caused Raven, Jinx and Kyd Wykkyd to fall to their knees in pain. Porygon-Z quickly got the three trapped in orbs as Tails Doll flew flew back seconds later...but not alone...enter the opposition.

Everyone got a bit surprised by the size of the guy, long and lean, having to bent down just to go through the door. He was in a black tux, red tie included...the scary detail:...NO FACE! It looked right at Raven, Jinx and Kyd.

"So these three are the anti-benders I heard about?" he asked. Tails Doll nodded yes.

"Who are you?! And what do you want with then?!" Terra demanded

"Yeah man, Jinx is our leader!" added See-More. The tall man actually was shocked he wasn't heard of by the teens.

"You never heard of me? Weird. I thought that everyone heard of me at least once. Oh well. My card." the tall man then used his long pointy fingers to get his ID and show it to read right off in bold letters...Slenderman!

"Slenderman? Can you think of a better name?" Mammoth asked, getting a blast of the dog whistle again.

"Now now, Tails Doll. I'll handle this. You and Porygon-Z can go back home...they're not going anywhere." PZ and TD both got puzzled but knew Slender-man can handle such things so they left.

"What do you want?"

"Simple. Some power of anti-benders, that's all."

"Anti-benders? What that?" Jinx asked.

"It's what you, Raven, and Kyd are. Anti-bending is mainly a use of dark energy in some way. In your case you can use it to punish the so-called "bad luck" onto others, which I have to say is more common and predictable than you know. Now I'll give you a choice. You either come back to my foundation and work for me or I'll toss you to some other realm to suffer...and the choice?" before any of them can answer, Billy Numerous quickly surrounded Slenderman. They all said, "NOW WHAT?!"...Slender just sighed, covering his face with one hand. He puts his hands behind his dozens of arms shot out, punching out each decoy! Billy was speechless as Slender walked over and literally flicked him away to the wall. Cyborg tried his luck with some good projectiles along with Starfire, See-More and Gizmo but all that did was either bounce off or go right through him! BB turned into a T-Rex, getting ready to bite into him.

"Okay, kid. I didn't want to do this."

Slenderman then opened up his vest, giving everyone the scare to last a dozen lifetimes! BB turned to normal before he fainted, turning light green.

"Beast Boy! (Robin then aims his staff in Slender's face) okay you! I don't know what you're up to but I'm not having you or Slade hurt my-"

"Slade? Oh come come now. Slade doesn't know me...yet." Slenderman then used his two fingers like scissors and cut the staff in two. Robin felt stupid saying Slade in that demand.

"Now may the three charming gentlemen answer? (looks to the three anti-benders) so what'll it be kids?" Raven and Jinx weren't sure on what to say right now...until Slenderman added "if you join me, you can grant what you please."

"Excuse me?" Jinx asked.

"I am able to grant any power to my team. And I can do the same for you. That Tails Doll couldn't be able to operate if it wasn't for my powers. Just name it." after thinking it over, Raven still said no but Jinx...said yes. She never liked all the bad luck she had and Slenderman is able to change it so she can be good luck (for herself anyway). Slenderman got her out of her trap...but threw Raven into an abandoned portal! Kyd Wykkyd still hadn't answered.

"RAVEN!! (eyes starts to glow) YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR GLORBURG!" Starfire grew into a heated rage as she aimed her eye blasts at him and started firing away. Slenderman simply ignored this as he escorted Jinx through a guided portal...he looked to Kyd Wykkyd.

"What 'bout you, you coming or not?" Slender asked. Oddly Kyd Wykkyd got freaked and moved so fast he seemed to vanish...Slender just shrugged it off and went away. Leaving the Teen Titans and HIVE Five (now with five members) unsure what to do.

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