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That night, both teams went off to their rooms in the Groudon Palace. Thanks to Risley, not only are they no longer in trouble, but they are now honored guests of the palace, and that's a pretty good thing to have here. They all shared rooms, two per room at least, and as such Terra and Aang shared (out of default honestly). Terra sat down on her bed as Aang was looking out the window. Terra had been thinking on about these tribes they were told about. This Groudon Tribe seemingly wasn't anyone of their creations, and was rather surprising that they are in at all.

"Hey Aang? Isn't this rather strange to you?"

"Strange? What do you mean? Risley is no longer mad at us."

"That's just it. We were only given permission on a creature world, we didn't make any humans for this place."

"Yeah...about that..." Aang sat down next to her and explained in his own way how come there are even tribes here. Terra jumped to her feet saying "You made humans for kyouga?!"

"Yeah, I did. I didn't count on this much though. I only made one type in particular, not all of them."

"But why?" Terra asked. Aang looked back out the window again.

"You see, I just felt...felt...well... Alone," Aang sighed. Terra got confused, she saw he had plenty of friends. Why should he feel lonely?

"You see. Back at home, I'm an airbender...the last airbender left. I feel alone, knowing there aren't any more airbenders left. So when we were given the gift of making our new world, I thought of giving my race another chance...and I made more airbenders. Like me..." Terra looked away from him.

"I never knew that..."

"I know. I never liked talking about it..." Aang felt some tears going down his face, remembering those 100 years back when his race was wiped out by the Fire Nation. Terra tried to comfort him, though she felt kinda bad that she started this anyway.

"How about we get some sleep? Who knows, maybe well find some airbenders by tomorrow," Terra said. Aang smiled, but hardly felt much better. Taking the subject aside, he went right off to sleep.

Meanwhile, Smile Dog and Ghost were getting comfortable in their room. They did feel rather odd for this kind of treatment, but didn't question it as much.

"Sure is nice for Risley to let us stay, eh?" Ghost said, hovering over to him.

"Yeah, that is nice of her. Beats the old cold floors. These beds are very nice," Smile Dog sighed, happily laying down on the bed with his usual smile. Then a thought crossed both of their minds. They tried saying it almost at once but stopped each other.

"You first," Smile Dog said.

"All right. Well, I've been thinking. We have been treated more fairly than when we were with the SCP I think that we should..well...stay with the others," Smile Dog nudged him happily.

"You really are my best friend. That's what I was thinking," Smile Dog said. Ghost wrapped his tail around one of the legs of the bed.

"Then it's decided. We'll ask tomorrow morning. G'night pal," Ghost said and went to sleep. Smile Dog hopped into bed and went off to sleep too, waiting for tomorrow.


The next following morning, Risley remained true to her word and brought both teams out to lead them off to Groudon.

"Okay, everyone, ready to go?"

"Whenever you are, Risley. Lead the way," Aang said. Risley was about to go, but noticed Smile Dog and Ghost aren't there.

"Where is that clown duo of yours?" Risley asked. They weren't sure what she was talking about until they turned and saw Smile Dog and Ghost catching up to them.

"There you are. Slept in?"

"Yeah, I guess. Hey guys? There something we would like to ask... I just don't know how to say it..." They didn't know where Smile Dog was going with this and listened.

"We...we...well..." Smile Dog was having a lot of trouble getting it out. However, Starfire walked over with a smile and oddly nodded happily saying "of course" before he could ask.

"Huh? What?"

"Of course you can come with us," Starfire said, shocking everyone else. Smile Dog and Ghost jumped back with the sudden response.

"How did you know?!"

"I couldn't sleep. So I was going get a drink when I overheard you two talking. If you're willing to change and join us, then well be happy to have you come," Starfire decided.

"Uh, Star? You sure that's a good idea?" Robin asked. Starfire was sure on it and was confident that they wouldn't cause any trouble. After some talk, in the end they all decided on it.

"All right you two, you can come with us. But if you do anything to mess up -"

"I know, I know, and were out. We promise not to backstab you," Ghost said. Toph confirmed that they were telling the truth on that.

"All right, everybody! Let's get going. Hope you can keep up," Risley said. With a wink, she took off, surprising everyone with her sudden burst of speed.

It didn't take very long for the run to go through. Risley kept the lead, but it was rather hard for the rest to catch up. Smile Dog closed his eyes and ran as fast as he could, Ghost hitching a ride on him, as Beast Boy turned into a cheetah to keep up. However, suddenly Risley stopped almost on a dime as Beast Boy and Smile Dog ran past, running through the upcoming foliage. The others just caught up when they heard the two running into something hard. After walking through, they saw them both running smack into the side of a mountain cliff, falling on the ground.

"Shoulda slowed down," Risley chuckled.

"Look who's talking, Speedster," Smile Dog groaned, rubbing his head. Beast Boy was looking straight up and then noticed something sticking out from the wall, looking like a gold switch of some sort.

"What's that up there?" Beast Boy asked, pointing up.

"That's the magical switch. Just activate it, plain and simple," Risley said.

"Really? Okay, give me a sec," Aang said. He began using his airbending to climb up the side of the mountain until he reached the switch. He tried to pull it and push it as hard as he could, but nothing happened. Starfire flew up to him.

"Let me try," she said. She is a lot stronger in physical strength than any of the others, but not even she could budge it. Risley was laughing down below.

"It won't move for strength you two! It'll only move to natural weight. Forcing it won't work!" Risley instructed. The others were impressed she ain't freaking out from seeing these odd powers. They both got down safely after hearing that.

"Let me try then. Stand clear." Beast Boy then flew on up as a fast moving hummingbird. They all thought Risley would ask, but she took it rather easily. When he got above it, he turned to a heavy hippo and landed on the switch, shocked that it still didn't budge. He tried an elephant, then a whale, and still nothing.

"It's still not working!"

"It's a magic switch. Morphing yourself to something larger won't change anything!" BB got back down and turned back to normal as Risley walked up.

"Well, if you're doing it, let us get you up there," Robin suggested.

"No need."

"But how are you gonna get up there?" Toph asked. Risley gave a confident smirk.

"Watch and learn." Risley concentrated on to the wall in front of her and place her foot onto it. A flash of cyan blue came from her eyes before she suddenly was running up the wall! This wasn't agility, she was moving straight up the wall instead jumping from rock to rock. When Risley past the switch, she jumped and landed base on the switch. The switch sensed the right amount of weight and it was pushed down. Risley got down as the activation caused the wall to crumble down into the earth, revealing a gigantic cave!

"What the?! How'd you do that?" Smile Dog asked, mouth a gape.

"I call it 'gravity change'. A little ability I have. I'm able to run on walls and ceilings with it! Cool eh?" Risley said, full of pride.

"Oh. So you can do that, and it was your weight that activated the switch? Didn't see that coming." Ghost gave him a quick hit to the face, knowing he pretty much called her fat and unable. Risley just smiled at the comment though.

"Just cuz someone's fat doesn't mean they're useless." Risley said. They all didn't expect that to come out of her mouth, but didn't want to get her mad if she can change gravity.

"You really are different, you know that?" Toph said.

"You bet! Now Groudon should be just inside. Any trouble, just call," Risley said.

"Sure. Thank you Risley." With that, they went on inside.

The cave did last a bit, but a short walk through the gigantic cave began to show some special spiritual activity inside. Example, the ruins and paintings on the walls. Next was the odd red flames that lit up the room, kind of like the tunnels to Ozai's palace during the Hundred Year War. They all looked around, Toph taking more of the lead as she stopped at one point, beginning to sense something...something huge. They all stopped when something huge showed up from aside of them from what they thought was a bottomless pit...they are about to meet the great Groudon.

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