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Both Team Avatar and Teen Titans were in a rather tight spot. Just this morning they were having fun looking in their made world, now they're surrounded by unknown natives. These natives had red paint markings, slightly resembling the Groudon. The thing is though, there weren't supposed to be any humans in this place.

"Uh...can I help you with something?" Ghost asked, sheepishly. The native in front of him aimed his spear dead in his face. They began to talk to them in some odd language they can't understand. Sokka cleaned out his ear and asked, "one more time? Different?" This just got more confusion, as the natives don't understand them either. One of them, having some bird feathers in his head, confronted them, aiming a blade at Aang. A low growl passed his lips, baring some oddly sharp teeth. Aang suddenly saw an odd low flash come from his eyes before he began to talk.

"What do you think you doing?" He asked. This was odd to everyone.

"We're sorry, we don't want to cause any trouble," Aang said. His blade only got even closer to Aang's throat.

"Don't lie to me. You're trespassing on sacred ground!"

"We are?" Smile Dog asked, just as scared. The leading native pointed to the ground under them, and they got it right away.

"OH! We are so sorry. Just let us go and we can forget this whole thing ever happened, okay? So see ya-" Before Smile Dog can run, a spear was touching his back, and he immediately bolted back to the crowd.

"Not so fast. You Rayquaza tribe were forbidden to come here, yet you still think you're better are you? You isn't going anywhere until the Chieftain says otherwise."

"Rayquaza tribe? Chieftain?...ok, we have no idea what you're talking about," Aang said with a worried smile.

"You're terrible at lying. You have the same markings! There's no denying it. Now come quietly," he ordered. Toph whacked the spear away from her friend.

"How about you back off!" Toph ordered, but Aang held her back.

"Toph hold on. Maybe we can just talk outta this with the Chieftain. (Turns to the leading native) let's go." The native was rather intrigued with this odd commitment but didn't hesitate. Although some were annoyed with this choice, they might as well go with it. Maybe they can find a piece of the Triforce this way.


The red-painted natives guided the group off back to their village, making sure none of them get out of line or try to run. Ghost and Smile Dog were oddly behaving well, considering their reputation in the past. They were being led to their main village, and to the chieftain. Their village was made of rock and earth, durable and sturdy. Other villagers were watching them in complete curiosity as they walked by, mostly at the futuristic Titans (especially Cyborg). The main hut looked more like a palace than anything, a couple of flags along the main entrance. It was kind of ironic that a deep blue color was for the flags instead of red, but didn't ask any question on that as they went in. The doors opened up as they were forced inside by the guards. Along the side were two large fountains, facing each other. The statues were of Groudon. Over on the throne in front of them was the female chieftain, enjoying some bio plume fruit when they came in.

"Chiefain. We found a group of the Rayquaza tribe on sacred ground," the guard explained. The main chieftain did look a bit different for a chieftain. She looked rather young, looking just at 20, rather round and plump, thick black hair, and wearing a (rather revealing) two-piece Arabian style deep blue. She took a good look at them all.

"Please Chieftain. We didn't mean any harm," Aang said. The leading guard though aimed his spear at him again.

"You keep quiet! That was sacred ground you're trespassing through!"

"Cut that out will ya?!" Beast Boy snapped. Before this can go any further, the Chieftain already went on saying "They're fine." Her voice sounded young too, like Katara's voice in resemblance.

"What?...But Chieftain! That area is only for Groudon tribesmen!"

"You blind? Take another look at them. OBVIOUSLY they don't belong to any of the tribes. Specially that tall blue fella over there," she said, as she ate another piece of the delicious fruit. The guard, after 5 minutes, face-palmed himself.

"I can't believe I didn't notice," he thought to himself. The chieftain got up after finishing her snack and stood in front of them, hand to her side, giving them a calm look. The duo off in the back tried sneaking away but the Chieftain caught them.

"And where are you two going?" Smile Dog and Ghost stopped and turned around.

"Uh...we uh..." They both were kind of scared but this just made her laugh.

"What's the matter? I look too threatening or something?"

"What? No!" Smile Dog snapped. He hates being called scared by anyone. Or anything for that matter.

"Oh come on, scaredy cat, I can see it on your face."

"Why you little!" Smile Dog didn't waste no time in charging at her, sinking his human teeth in her stomach. Everyone was going to attack him but the chief stopped them, smiling. Smile Dog didn't know where this was going, he can't penetrate her skin at all...he felt his mouth becoming hotter for some reason.

"I think by now you should let go," she said. Smile Dog didn't bother too until after a few more seconds, he ended up screaming, running like mad around the room.

"AAHH!! WATER! WATER! DON'T JUST STAND THERE!" Smile Dog screeched. He saw the fountain and jumped head first in the water. The burning sense in his mouth stopped right away. Beast Boy nudged Sokka.

"He sure is funny for a demon," Beast Boy whispered.

"That's true. Not too bad either," Sokka agreed. The chieftain turned back to them as Ghost helped Smile Dog.

"I see who's the clown in your group," he chuckled.

"Okay okay look. We're sorry we trespassed. We didn't know it was sacred." Aang said, trying to get back to base and clearing it up. She got rather too close for comfort, her larger frame pressing against him.

"Now that depends. Was there anything broken there?" She asked. Aang was worried she'll crush him if he said the wrong answer.

"No ma'am," he said. She simply bumped him off balance with her gut and smiled.

"Then you're fine lad. What's your name anyway?" She asked.

"Me? I'm Aang. And these are most of my friends."

"Most of your friends?"

"Well Smile Dog and Ghost just followed us," Aang explained, pointing over to them. Aang told her the others names as the guards calmed down, knowing they aren't against them now.

"Nice to meet you all. I'm Risley, the chief as you might have guessed," Risley introduced.

"Nice to meet you," Aang said, now that they got well acquainted.

"Sorry to interrupt, but we were looking for something." Beast Boy reminded.

"And for what exactly?" Risley asked. Before he can answer, Ghost quickly wrapped his tail around his mouth to shut him up, as Smile Dog said, "Nothing! Nothing at all!" Beast Boy got himself free (avoiding changing so to not freak Risley out).

"Geesh. You already told us, it wouldn't help if you keep me quiet," BB said. Ghost was swung at Smile Dog and as they were picking themselves up he continued saying "we're looking for a piece of the Triforce. It's a triangle, small, golden."

Risley thought about it for a bit as Smile Dog and Ghost got up. Before she can say anything, suddenly they all heard a low, loud rumbling. The duo jumped on Cyborg's head in worry, as everyone else was worried too.

"What was that?" Robin asked worried. Risley simply laughed and patted her belly.

"That's just me. Getting hungry. Mind if we discuss this over mealtime?" Risley asked. The others looked at her with a shocked look as Risley simply smiled.


Later on, the others did take her food offer and hang around for mealtime. Risley was having a rather large meal of one of their creations (a large looking Cow koala). Obviously they can see the use for this thing. She and Toph, hungry, were gobbling it down as the others were having their food.

"So. Beast Boy right? What were you here for?" Risley asked, mouth full of food.

"Right. That triangle, yellow thing?"

"Triforce," corrected Katara. Risley thought about it, chewing on a bunch of Cow Koala meat.

"Well (swallows her meat) I honestly don't remember seeing anything. You could always ask our great lord though if you're interested."

"Great lord? You mean Groudon?" Ghost asked, swallowing her meat too. Ghost and Smile Dog were off to the side, also taking the free meal.

"That's right. He knows everything in his territory. If anyone knows a thing about this 'Triforce' thingy, it's him. I can take you to him tomorrow."

"No way! You serious?!" Toph said, nearly jumping off her seat.

"Totally. Just be careful with him and DON'T get him mad. Get it?" Risley said, eating her food still. They all got it.

"Thank you Chieftain Risley."

"Please Aang. Just call me Risley. And you're free to stay if you like to. (Looks to Smile Dog and Ghost) This goes for you too."

"Us?...really?" Smile Dog asked.

"Sure. Nothing wrong with it, right? Guards. Take our guests to their rooms if you may," Risley instructed. The guards, more friendly this time, escort them off to their rooms. This is truly going fast, for tomorrow they are going to see the great Groudon...

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